1926 & 1976 Histories of Christ Church, Epsom Common

To mark the 50th anniversary and then the Centenary of its Consecration in 1876, Christ Church, Epsom Common published short histories of events up to those dates. Drawing on these (together with subsequent research) and reflecting some significant developments since 1976, an up to date history is available by clicking here.

But those earlier histories contain much additional detail, and their texts (which are searchable transcriptions) may be viewed by clicking the link beneath the relevant cover below.

1926 & 1976 Histories
Click here for the 1926 text                                              Click here for the 1976 text

To help cover the printing costs of the 1926 history, 10 of its 40 pages were filled with advertisements for 39 local businesses. Those pages provide an interesting snapshot of 1926 life in Epsom - and scanned copies may be viewed by clicking here.

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