The Chalk Lane Hotel

Woodcote End House
(to be distinguished from Rev. Madan's house on Woodcote Road given the same name)

The Chalk Lane Hotel
The Chalk Lane Hotel
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Grade II listed as 'Originally an early 18th century two storey five bay house with a dentil eaves cornice and a peg tiled roof at the junction of Chalk Lane with the way leading past Durdans', to Upper Woodcote Green/World's End, Epsom.

First mentioned in the 1755 Survey of Epsom: -
'- Nightingale of Cheapside Linnen draper claims to hold by free deed a messuage or tenement stable and garden containing in the whole about half an acre abutting on the chalk lane leading to Walton on the east part on the estate of Wm. Bury Esqr. on the west part on land of Wm. Belchier Esqr'

Ownership by Clerke, Sanxay, & Harvey/Occupation by Pate, de Roll, Pownall & Sanxay

Dr. John Clerke, M. D. settled at Epsom in 1763 and rented the Stone House on Woodcote Green at £ 50 per annum until the property was sold to John Lewis Jaquet of Epsom, Gentleman, for £ 270 on 15 May 1765. He subsequently moved to Nightingale's former house at Woodcote End to be shown as owner/occupier in the 1780 land tax return (Lehmann 13C9). His daughter Matilda Clerke married William Sanxay, lawyer, of Middle Temple, baptised Sutton on 3 February 1757, at St Martin's, Epsom, 19 January 1786 - one of the witnesses was Mary Pate.

Edwards' Companion from London to Brighthelmston, surveyed 1789, includes under a Description of Woodcote Green: -
'On the right is a genteel lodging house, belonging to Mr Jackett (sic). The next and last house on the same, is a neat building, part brick and part stone, agreeably situated near the middle of the green on the north side, in the possession of John Clark, MD'.
This indicates that Dr Clerke had previously returned from Woodcote End to live in Woodcote Lodge.

William Pate had married the widowed Christian Hyett at St Clement Danes on 18 July 1754 and. died in January 1776. Edwards' Companion from London to Brighthelmston, 1789, further records: -
'Mr. Pate, Opposite [Mount Diston, or Garlands, now Woodcote Grove] is situated, at the other angle formed by the roads, a genteel house, in the possession of Mr. Pate' [at Woodcote End].
At that time presumed to be William's son Robert Pate, brother of Mary mentioned earlier as a witness to the Sanxay marriage.

The widowed Mrs Christian Pate passed away on 23 February 1790 and was interred in the tomb at St Martin of Tours with her first husband, John Hyett. Robert Pate of Epsom died in Boulton Street, London, and was buried in St Martin's churchyard on 7 May 1796. His Will executed 30 April 1796, proved 6 July 1796, made his sister, Mary Pate spinster, sole Executrix and the only beneficiary of his estate.

On 24 May 1810, by Special Licence at St. Marylebone, Baron de Roll, colonel of a Swiss regiment in the British service, married Miss Mary Pate, daughter of the late William Pate of Epsom. Before 1813 Baron & Baroness de Roll had moved to Great Bounds, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

John Clerke's death was recorded to have taken place on 14 December 1790 at [presumably Woodcote Lodge] Epsom, 'one of the oldest members of the college of physicians'.

Whilst it had been thought that the Pates remained at Woodcote End until the de Roll departure, Dr Lehmann at 13C9 records that the 1793 land tax return declared that house to be in the possession and occupation of Sanxay Esq., and in1801 'of William Sanxay'. William Sanxay died 15 October 1813 and was buried in Sutton, described as from Woodcot Green, Epsom. His widow, Mrs Matilda Sanxay died in 1816, aged 59, and was interred at Sutton. Her Will as 'Widow of Epsom' was proved 6 June 1816 [PROB 11/1581/45] : beneficiaries included a nephew William Clerke and spinster sisters of her late husband, Katherine and Caroline Sanxay. She devised her residence which was then the Stone House with Upper and Lower Blakes, Woodcote Green, held 'in fee simple', to a niece Matilda Newbolt, nee Clerke, wife of Rev William Hill Newbolt, DD. The 'Genteel Household Furniture and Effects' of the late Mrs Sanxay deceased was sold by auction over 30/31 March 1819 on the premises at Woodcote Green.

Henry Pownall can be placed at Woodcote End in 1821 and 1824 by St Martin's christening records for two of his children. About 1830, however, he moved to Isleworth, Middlesex.

In Some particulars relating to the history of Epsom, published 1825, Henry Pownall mentioed that:-
'On the opposite side of the Green [to Woodcote House] is the residence [Woodcote Lodge] of Richard Harvey, Esq., an elegant residence replete with comfort'.
The 1831 land tax for the Woodcote End house, also reportedly in the occupation of Richard Harvey, was chargeable on the late William Sanxay. In the 1832 electors register it was shown as belonging to Richard Harvey of Woodcote, Epsom.[Lehmann 13C9]

Mr Harvey died on 17 August 1836 [Will proved 1 October 1836 PROB 11/1868]. He left his Messuage and 10 acres at Epsom, with fixtures and brewing utensils for sale and proceeds to be applied as residuary estate.

Although the foregoing evidence can be confusing and even appear contradictory, it may be inferred that the actual ownership of the Woodcote End house passed from John Clerke to William Sanxay and after the latter's death was acquired by Richard Harvey.

Caroline Sanxay (a daughter of Rev. James and Catherine, nee Firmin from Epsom, of Sutton), one of two spinster sisters of William, made her Will on 28 June 1830. This was witnessed by Richard, Alice and Mary Harvey of Woodcote Green and referred specifically to her freehold messuage or tenement, with land etc., in Epsom, apparently at Woodcote End. She may also be found in the Epsom Land Tax Assessment for 1831. In the Epsom Tithe Award, 1843, Miss Sanxay was named owner/occupier of plot 1513. Her death was registered at Epsom for the March Quarter, 1850: by the Will proved 25 February 1850, her assets were to be sold for the benefit of 7 nieces.

Extract from the Epsom Tithe Map
Extract from the Epsom Tithe Map

Pagden family

Robert Pagden appears in Street Directories at Woodcote from 1875. Children were baptised at Christ Church, Epsom in 1877 & 1879 from Woodcote. He was buried in Epsom Cemetery from Woodcote in 1893 followed by his widow, Catherine, during 1895.

In the Epsom Rate Book for 1900, Robert's son, Cecil Robert Pagden is recorded to be the owner/occupier of Woodcote End House. In the 1901 Census he came to be enumerated as a brewer at Woodcote End, together with three of his sisters, and remained there until 1909. Subsequently Cecil Pagden resided on West Hill, Epsom.

Cumming family

Charles Edward Durant Cumming, who had married Alice Julia Simpson in 1864, died in Epsom during 1909 and his widow moved from Haling, Ashley Road to Woodcote End. Her presence there by 1915 was confirmed on enlistment of her son Harry Allan Cumming. Mrs Alice Julia Cumming, aged 74, was brought from Woodcote End for burial in Epsom Cemetery on 18 July 1919.

Subsequently Kellys Directories up to 1930 show 'Misses [Alice M. & Emily C.] Cumming' at Woodcote End. Alice expired in Cuckfield during 1934.

Miss Cummings, 31 Mar 1915
Miss Cummings, 31 Mar 1915
Image courtesy of Sutton Archives

An image of 'Miss Cumming', dated to 31 March 1915, appears in the Knights-Whittome collection of photographs. Although her forename was not recorded it is likely to have been either Alice or Emily, then resident at Woodcote End, Epsom.

Chalk Lane Hotel

The premises are reported to have become the Chalk Lane Hotel before the outbreak of World War II.

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