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Please note: Epsom Union Workhouse was recorded in many official documents as Middle House or 49, Dorking Road, Epsom. This probably stems from the 1904 guidance issued by the Registrar General that workhouse births should be disguised by the use of non-committal addresses. Similar guidance relating to deaths was only issued in 1919. After the workhouse was closed the buildings became Epsom Hospital.
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Last Name First Name(s) Description Age at Death Place of Death Date of Burial Grave No. Register No. / Comments
Yalden Edward Gentleman 70 Epsom 16 October 1880 B48A 877
Yalden Ellen - 74 44 Clarence Rd, Wimbledon 3 April 1918 B43A 5836
Yalden Florence Ellen daughter of Jas? Yalden 6 wks Epsom 24 August 1876 B43A 458
Yalden James Retired Draper 72 44 Clarence Rd, Wimbledon 6 July 1911 B43A 4817
Yalden Sarah widow of Edward Yalden 86 Laburnum Rd, Epsom 8 January 1892 B48A 2187
Yates Joseph Painter 58 Epsom County Hospital 22 May 1942 O267 11377
Yates Maggie widow 64 South London Hospital, Clapham 9 May 1936 F332A 9197
Yeates Edwin George son of Edwin George Yeates 2 8 Horton Hill, Epsom 22 April 1916 D510 5479
Yeates Emma Spinster 45 The Workhouse Infirmary, Epsom 6 July 1912 D510 4954
Yendell Bessie Augusta widow 73 1 Mayfield Terrace, Rosebery Rd, Epsom 21 June 1934 F462 8709
Yendoll Frank Retired 73 27 Belmont Rise, Cheam 13 September 1949 P456 -
Yeoman Henry Daniel Retired 66 22 Green Lanes, Ewell 25 February 1947 P215 -
York Charles Carriage Painter 53 The Union Infirmary, Epsom 23 December 1908 F237 4442
York George son of Charles York 12 Garden Cottages, Epsom 22 July 1893 F237 2386
York Lily Maria daughter of Charles York 4 mths Church St, Epsom 22 Febuary 1892 F236 2221
York Louisa Polly wife of Charles York 35 Cottage Hospital, Epsom 6 December 1892 F236 2312
York Rose Inmate of Union 26 The Union Infirmary, Epsom 19 Febuary 1908 K528 4300
York Thomas David son of Charles York 5 Church St, Epsom 18 January 1892 F236 2192
York William son of Charles York 11 wks Pikes Hill, Epsom 19 Febuary 1883 F236 1110
Yorke Josephine Maria Infant 1 mth Ardquin, Hazel Grove, Hindhead 26 July 1950 H42 -
Youmans John Thomas Retired plumber 76 Sutton and Cheam General Hospital 23 December 1941 M516 11137
Young Alfred David Carpenter 56 Cottage Hospital, Epsom 11 May 1922 D377 6510
Young Annie Fulness? Spinster 20 Sutton 27 June 1874 F101 238
Young Charles Turf Correspondent 31 College Rd, Epsom 21 May 1886 D90A 1522
Young Charles Retired Grocer 78 Ashley Rd, Epsom 14 July 1903 F122A 3675
Young Charlotte Widow 79 Pellett Rd, Sutton 14 November 1901 F102 3442
Young Edith Louisa Alicia Married woman 57 10 Warren Rd, Guildford 5 Febuary 1943 A251A 11642
Young Eliza Spinster 46 Epsom 13 May 1875 F18A 331
Young Eliza Louisa widow 80 Sydsia, Elsia? Rd, High Wycombe 28 Febuary 1940 A450 10320
Young Ellen Fanny Married woman 85 7 Eastway, Epsom 30 March 1949 P423 -
Young Frank Stockbroker 69 Moorgarth, Ashley Rd, Epsom 9 Febuary 1937 F465A 9408
Young Georgina Married woman 60 49 Dorking Rd, Epsom 9 March 1945 O482 12535
Young Harriet Widow 89 Epsom County Hospital 12 January 1937 A760 9381
Young Henry Commercial Traveller 63 late of 24 College Rd, Epsom 15 July 1935 K54 B.G.S. 8977
Young Mary Jane Widow 71 Epsom County Hospital 2 October 1937 D377 9566
Young Matilda Jane Dorothy widow 75 2 Ashley Rd, Epsom 16 August 1906 F122A 4071
Young Norma child 3 wks Epsom County Hospital 8 Febuary 1937 E565 9406
Young Penelope Married woman 65 Blendon, Garretts Lane, Banstead 21 March 1936 L140 9162
Young Robert Henry Retired 72 1 Ebbas Way, Epsom 12 February 1949 O482 -
Young Sidney Maclean Retired traveller 76 49 Miles Rd, Epsom 5 November 1909 B173A 4572
Young William Labourer 67 East St, Epsom 15 January 1887 B146 1584
Young William Engineer 53 The Cottage Hospital, Epsom 25 Febuary 1914 A450 5169
Young - stillborn child of Wallace Ing...? & Dorothy Edith Young - Filey Lodge Nursing Home, Worple Rd, Epsom 14 October 1938 F485 9845
Young (otherwise McAllister) Margaret Shaw Spinster 69 South London Hospital, Clapham 3 December 1932 K153 8325
Young? Kay Leonard - 7 mths Middle House, Dorking Rd, Epsom 28 October 1927 E525 7254
Younger Mary wife of William Younger 45 Epsom 4 January 1875 C14 283
Younger William Railway guard 75 Victoria Place, Epsom 1 Febuary 1902 C14 3476
Yull - stillborn child of Percival Charles & Cecilia Yull - 49 Dorking Rd, Epsom 1 September 1943 F489 11869

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