Epsom Common Cottages in 1896

Over the centuries the building development on Epsom Common occured in a very haphazard way. Some of roads covering the Common have short spurs branching off them making navigation difficult and even today some cottages still are 'off road' and can only be accessed by footpaths. Before the early 1900s few local roads had street numbers and the moden day numbering is very difficult to follow.

So it is not unusual for the volunteers at the Epsom and Ewell Local and Family History Centre to be asked the exact location of a cottage. These requests result in much ploughing through census returns, and local directories and even more scratching of heads. So we asked local resident and Common historian Terry Friday to mark up an Ordnance Survey Map. After much thought Terry decided that the 1896 map was the best one to use as much of the building development had occured by then and many cottage names had been established.

The following table lists, in name order, the name of the cottage as in 1896, and the name of the (nearest) road together with a key to the map. It must be stressed that the map and the cottage names show just a moment time. Some cottages were not named by 1896, some names had already been changed, some were changed after 1896, and within a few years more cottages would be built and others knocked down. The road names are those used in the 20th century.

Click on the image to open the map
Click on the image to open the map

Key Name Road
25 Ardy Cottage Church Side
43a Ash Cottage & Charman Cottage Stamford Green Road
16 Avonview Cottages Bracken Path
11 Ayling Cottage Bracken Path
42 Bailey Cottage Wheelers Lane
43 Bailey Cottages Wheelers Lane
62 Barton Cottages Lewins Road
40 Batchworth Cottages Lewins Road
55 Beaumont Cottage Willow Path
6 Blackburn Cottages Bracken Path
22 Boyne Cottages Church Side
5 Briscoe Cottages Bracken Path
77 Bristow Cottages Woodlands Road
81 Bristow Cottages Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
64 Chapman Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
53 Claremont Cottage Willow Path
76 Clark Cottages Woodlands Road
24 Collyer Cottage Church Side
7 Cook Cottages Bracken Path
12 Crimea Cottages Bracken Path
72 Cunningham Cottages Woodlands Road
73 Cunningham Cottages Woodlands Road
30 Edes Cottages Bramble Walk
30a Edes Cottages Bramble Walk
27 Elizabeth Cottages Stamford Green Road
13 Elsey Cottage Bracken Path
2 Epsom Common Working Mans Club Stamford Green
32 Everson Cottage Bramble Walk
28 Farm Cottage Bramble Walk
29 Faulkner Cottages Bramble Walk
1 Flint Cottage Stamford Green
84 Furze View Cottage Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
18 Griffith Cottage Church Side
15 Griffith Cottages Bracken Path
17 Griffith Cottages Bracken Path
37 Harris Cottage Bramble Walk
58 Harwood House Castle View
23 Heath Cottages Church Side
21 High Field Cottages Church Side
44 Home Cottage Stamford Green Road
60 Isabella Cottages Lewins Road
51 Isabella Villa Lewins Road
85 James Stuart Strange Lord of the Manor Wells House
35 Katterns Cottage Bramble Walk
36 Katterns Cottages Bramble Walk
69 Laburnam Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
52 Lewins Laundry Lewins Road
66 Lidles Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
46 Margaret Cottages Stamford Green Road
38 Maria Cottages Bramble Walk
47 Melbourne Cottage Stamford Green Road
71 Myrtle Cottages Woodlands Road
79 Newton Cottages Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
80 Newton Cottages Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
59 Oak House Castle View
41 Oakshott House Brickfield
8 Orchard Cottage Stamford Green
63 Pantile Row Lewins Road
82 Park Cottages Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
67 Pfiel Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
74 Railway Cottages Woodlands Road
39 Ratcliffe Cottages Bramble Walk
1a Retreat Cottage Stamford Green
26 Robinson Cottage Stamford Green
19 Rose Cottage Bracken Path
20 Rose Cottage Church Side
61 Rose Cottage Lewins Road
56 Rose Cottages Castle View
57 Rose Cottages Castle View
10 Sanders/Saunders Cottage Bracken Path
9 Sanders/Saunders Cottages Bracken Path
34 Skinner Cottage Bramble Walk
14 Smith Cottage Bracken Path
50 Stamford Green Cottages Stamford Green Road
45 Stamford Place Cottages Stamford Green Road
48 Stone Cottage Stamford Green Road
65 Stone Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
70 Stones Cottage Mill Road/Wells Road
4 Strange Cottages Stamford Green
75 Sullivan Cottage Woodlands Road
33 Suttons Cottage Bramble Walk
68 Thornton Cottages Mill Road/Wells Road
3 Vernon Cottages Stamford Green
83 Westland Cottage Woodlands Road/Occupational Road
54 Willoughby and Mildred Cottage Willow Path
31 Wings Cottages Bramble Walk
78 Woodland Cottages Woodlands Road
49 Yew Tree Cottages Stamford Green Road

Click on the image to open the map
Click on the image to open the map

With many thanks to Terry Friday © 2013

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