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Record your memories of the 1950s

The world has undergone tremendous change in the last 50 years, so during 2011 the Epsom and Ewell Local & Family History Centre will be creating five separate displays each recalling different aspects of life in the 1950s. Once a display has been shown in the History Centre they plan to move it to other locations in the Borough to give everybody a chance to see them. The topics for the displays will be:
  • Fifties Fashion (March 2011)
  • Living in the Fifties (May 2011)
  • Children in the Fifties (July 2011)
  • The Media in the Fifties (September 2011)
  • Epsom and Ewell in the Fifties (November 2011)
(They will also be running their usual Family History Day during October on a date still to be decided).

They hope that the displays will encourage people to give them their own memories of the Fifties so leaving a valuable record for future generations. So download one of the special forms or pick a form up from the History Centre, and start putting 'pen to paper' and record your memories. Alternatively you can email your memories to the webmaster using the link on the left.

Download the Fifties Form in either Word format or .pdf format

Some of the accounts will be added to this website (see below) and/or will be displayed in the History Centre.

There are no restrictions on what you can write about providing that it is relevant to the 1950s, but remember they want your memories - not fiction. As for length anything from a paragraph to about 2000 words will be fine, and you can send in as many different accounts as you like. Please ensure that you include your name, address and if possible a telephone number, so that they can get back to you should they need to.

They would also like any relevant photographs, documents or other items, that would help illustrate your account so please attach a copy for them to keep. For any original photos etc. that you want back please let them know the details and they will contact you about scanning them into a computer.

During the November display the History Centre will also be having some sessions when their volunteers will be on hand to take down your Fifties stories.

Some of the 1950's Memories we have received.

Click on the name to jump to the relevant entry
  1. National Service with The Royal Air Force: Per Ardua ad Astra - Brian Bouchard
  2. A visit to Coppens in the 1950s - Patricia Reed
  3. Growing up in Stoneleigh in the 1950s - Patricia and Peter Reed (New 04/01/2011)
  4. Her Majesty's Forces 1954 - 1957 - Eric Brown (New 05/01/2011)
  5. Working in a post war factory - Alice Hoblyn (New 07/01/2011)
  6. My memories of a 1950's childhood - Clive Gilbert and the related
  7. Prefabs (New 21/01/2011)
  8. Diane from South London Remembers the 1950s - Diane Brown (New 23/01/2011)
  9. Living In A Prefab In Gatley Ave - Vera Widdowfield (New 10/03/2011)
  10. Prefabs - Ruth Jemmett (New 10/03/2011)
  11. Death of A King - Wendy White (New 10/03/2011)
  12. My Memories of Living in a Prefab - Mary Beadle (New 21/03/2011)
  13. Schooldays in the 50s - Clare Charlton (New 21/03/2011)
  14. Memories of 55 Gatley Avenue, West Ewell - Brian Piket (New 21/03/2011)
  15. West Ewell's Prefabs (1948 - 1960) - Eric Tayor (New 21/03/2011)
  16. The Austerity of Post War Years & The Coronation - Gill Bassett (New 28/03/2011)
  17. Prefabs - Memories from Canada - Alex Willox (New 06/04/2011)
  18. Prefabs - South Coast Memories - Veronica Tyler (New 06/04/2011)
  19. Experiences of a National Service Man in the 1950's - David Hall (New 14/04/2011)
  20. My Time at Long Grove Hospital - Sybil Johnson (New 18/04/2011)
  21. In the DAZE of National Service - Bert Barnhurst (New 21/05/2011)
  22. "Fares Please" - London Transport Route 93 in Ewell in the 1950's - Peter Lemon (New 22/05/2011)
  23. Epsom and Ewell Caledonian and Other Associations - Christina Kitchen (New 24/05/2011)
  24. Entertainment in the 1950's - David Hall (New 24/07/2011)
  25. Cold - John Carter (New 28/07/2011)
  26. Life in the 1950s - Hilda Bristow (New 31/07/2011)
  27. 1950s Memories - Robert Hough (New 06/09/2011)
  28. Work Love And Sport - Colin Tong (New 13/09/2011)
  29. The Printing Industry In The 1950's - David Hall (New 13/09/2011)
  30. My Memories in the Fifties - Mary Wood (New 19/09/2011)
  31. Halcyon Days, 1950-60 - Mary Boekman (New 25/10/2011)
  32. The Newspaper Trade In The 1950's - David Hall (New 02/12/2011)
  33. A 1950s Childhood In Worcester Park - Gillian Alford(New 02/12/2011)
  34. Epsom, A Prosperous Town - John Michael Sheene (New 02/12/2011)
  35. The Queen's Coronation - Freda Elbourne (New 02/12/2011)
  36. The Mid-fifties in Epsom - Doreen Jones (New 06/12/2011)
  37. My First Job - Ann Engeham (New 06/12/2011)
  38. Climb Down - Peter Griggs (New 06/12/2011)
  39. Way Back When - Linda Garman (New 06/12/2011)
  40. My Boss's Invention - Enrica Hiles (New 06/12/2011)
  41. My Memories Of The 1950s - Michael Rogerson (New 06/12/2011)

Slide show of images of an Epsom Derby during the 1950s
Images courtesy of Colin Forbes © 2011

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