Epsom Union Workhouse in the 1861 census

The following information was transcribed from census records by the volunteers of
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Last name First Name(s) Relationship Status Age Occupation Birthplace Comments
CUMMINGS Nicholas Head Mar 50 Master Epsom Union Devonshire, Aveton Gifford  
CUMMINGS Elizabeth B Wife Mar 44 Matron Middlesex, Blackfriars  
CUMMINGS Sophia M Daur   12 Scholar Berkshire, East Hampstead  
CUMMINGS George T Son   10 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
CUMMINGS John Son   9 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
CUMMINGS Richard W Son   8 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
CUMMINGS Nicholas Son   7   Surrey, Epsom  
CUMMINGS Charles E Son   5   Surrey, Epsom  
CUMMINGS Henry N Son   4   Surrey, Epsom  
HORSMAN Mary A Schoolmistress Un 37 Schoolmistress Surrey, Ham  
PINNION Jessie M.A. Neice of School mistress   9 Scholar Middlesex, Bow Relationship - Neice of Mary A Horsman
PROUT Catherine Nurse Widow 57 Nurse Devonshire, Aveton Gifford  
SMITH Thomas S Tailor Un 27 Tailor Sussex, St Anns  
THOROGOOD John Porter Mar 46 Porter Hertfordshire, Much Hadham  
THOROGOOD Deridh Wife of Porter Mar 47   Middlesex, Hoxton Old Town  
ANSELL James Pauper Un 65 Labourer Sussex, Billingshurst  
APTED Lucy Pauper Un 54   Surrey, Epsom  
ARTHUR Harriet Pauper Un 54 Servant Surrey, Epsom  
ARTHUR Sarah Pauper Un 57   Surrey, Ashtead  
AUSTEN Thomas Pauper   16 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
AUSTIN Hannah Pauper   4 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
BAILEY Abraham Pauper Un 68 Labourer Essex, Burnham  
BAILEY John Pauper Un 16 Labourer Servant Surrey, Ewell  
BAILEY Mary A Pauper   12 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
BALDWIN William Pauper Un 66 G Lab Berkshire, Childrey  
BEAGIN Emma Pauper Daur 11 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
BEAGIN Harriet Pauper Widow 52 Servant Surrey, Esher  
BORER*** Susan Pauper Un 78 Servant Surrey, Horne Death Register - Boorer
BROCKWELL Sarah Pauper Mar 57 Servant Ireland  
BROWN Ann Pauper Mar 28 Servant Not Known, Not Known  
BROWN Eleanor Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Carshalton  
BROWN Emily E Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Carshalton  
BROWN Ernest Pauper   6 Scholar Surrey, Carshalton  
BROWN Esther A Pauper   5 Scholar Middlesex, Hackney  
BROWN James Pauper   13 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
BROWN John Pauper Un 81 Gardener Scotland  
BROWN Sidney Pauper Son 0   Surrey, Great Bookham 4weeks old - Name - Sydney
BULLEN Thomas Pauper Un 57 Labourer Surrey, Chessington  
CHADLAND Harriet Pauper Un 57 Needlewoman Surrey, Ewell  
CHANNEL Edward Pauper   0   Surrey, Epsom 10months old
CHANNEL Eliza Pauper Un 19 Servant Surrey, Leatherhead  
CHATFIELD John Pauper Mar 44 Labourer Surrey, Cheam  
CHATFIELD Kate Pauper Mar 34 Nurse Kent, Woolwich  
CHATFIELD Katy Pauper   2   Surrey, Battersea  
CHITTY George Pauper Widower 49 Labourer Surrey, Ashtead  
CLARK George Pauper Un 26   Surrey, Carshalton  
CLARK Mary Pauper   10 Scholar Middlesex, Holloway  
COLEY James Pauper   2   Surrey, Epsom  
COLLINS Joseph Pauper Mar 61 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
COOK Elizabeth Pauper Un 40   Surrey, Epsom  
COOPER Benjn Pauper Widower 90 Labourer Surrey, Buckland  
CORBET Henry Pauper Mar 74 Labourer Surrey, Malden  
CRACKFORD George Son   9 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
CRACKFORD Jane Pauper Widow 44 Servant Surrey, Leatherhead  
CRACKFORD Rhoda Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
DANIELS Ann Pauper Daur 6 Scholar Lancashire, West Derby  
DANIELS Frederick Pauper Son 0   Lancashire, West Derby 11months old
DANIELS Jane Pauper Daur 9 Scholar Lancashire, West Derby  
DANIELS Mary A Pauper Widow 35 Servant Lancashire, Upholland  
DERBYSHIRE Caroline Pauper Single 18 Servant Surrey, Epsom  
DERBYSHIRE Richd Pauper   12 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
DERBYSHIRE Susan Pauper   8 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
DERBYSHIRE Thomas Pauper   5 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
DOWNER Esther Pauper Widow 73 Sick Nurse Kent, Queenborough  
DWELLY John Pauper Un 31 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
ELSON Willm Pauper Un 49   Surrey, Ewell  
GIBBONS John Pauper Un 76 Labourer Sussex, Slindon  
GOODTUCK Charles Pauper Widower 80 Labourer Middlesex, Staines  
GOODWRIGHT Emily Pauper   4 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
GOODWRIGHT Maria Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
GOODWRIGHT Willm Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
GREENFIELD George Pauper Mar 57 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
GRIFFIN Catherine Pauper Un 72 Inn Keeper Surrey, Ewell  
HALL James Pauper Widower 74 Labourer Surrey, Cobham  
HARDING George Pauper Widower 75 Labourer Surrey, Carshalton  
HAZELL Caroline Pauper Daur 8 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
HAZELL Sarah Pauper Un 41 Servant Surrey, Carshalton  
HEASMAN Edward Pauper Widower 64 Stone Sawyer Surrey, Ewell  
HENN John Pauper Widower 80 Gardener Not Known, Not Known  
HERBERT Eliza Pauper Daur 12 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
HERBERT Thomas Pauper Widower 57 Labourer Surrey, Banstead  
HERBERT Thomas Pauper Son 11 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
HERBERT William Pauper Son 8 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
HICKS Edward Pauper Un 63 Post Boy Berkshire, Watchfield  
HICKSON Clara Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
HICKSON Thomas Pauper Un 75 Labourer Surrey, Cheam  
HINES Ann Pauper Un 30   Surrey, Lambeth  
HOLT Jane Pauper Un 67   Surrey, Epsom  
HOLT William Pauper Un 62 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
HOWARD Alfred Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
HUGHES Mary A Pauper   10 Scholar Not Known, Not Known  
JEFFERIES Mary Pauper Widow 60 Dressmaker Surrey, Capel  
JELL William Pauper Un 18   Not Known, Not Known  
JOLLIFFE Elizabeth Pauper Un 65 Servant Surrey, Epsom  
JONES Edward Pauper Mar 77 Labourer Surrey, Abinger  
KELSEY Emma Pauper   7 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
KELSEY Mary A Pauper   13 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
KELSEY Thomas Pauper   5 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
KEMBLER William Pauper   13 Scholar Surrey, Carshalton  
LATHAM Eliza Pauper   14 Scholar Surrey, Mickleham  
LATHAM James Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
LATHAM Mary A Pauper   13 Scholar Surrey, Leatherhead  
LEANEY Mary Pauper Widow 52 Servant Surrey, Cobham  
LINNETT John Pauper Widower 84 Servant Oxfordshire, Church Hendon  
LIPSCOMBE George Pauper   9 Scholar Not Known, Not Known  
MARSHALL Ann Pauper Un 67 Servant Middlesex,  
MILES Emma Pauper Un 19   Surrey, Epsom  
MILES Richard Pauper Widower 75 Labourer Surrey, Cobham  
MILLER James Pauper Un 47   Surrey, Wandsworth  
MILLS Henry Pauper Un 40 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
MOORE Thomas Pauper Widower 78 Labourer Surrey, Mickleham  
MULLINS Hannah Pauper Un 33 Laundress Ireland  
MULLINS Thomas Pauper Son 3 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
NEWLAND Catherine Pauper Widow 42 Washerwoman Surrey, Cobham  
NEWLAND Jamima Pauper   12 Scholar Surrey, Ham  
NEWLAND Mary A Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Ham  
NICHOLAS Lucy Pauper Widow 75 Servant Surrey, Merstham  
NICHOLLS John Pauper Widower 76 Cooper Surrey, Dorking  
NIGHTINGALE Mary Pauper Widow 73 Servant Lincolnshire, Pickworth  
OSMAN John Pauper Widower 87 Labourer Berkshire, Brickfield Town - 1851 Census - Shinfield
PACEY William Pauper Un 50   Surrey, Epsom  
PALMER Eliza Pauper Un 39 Servant Surrey, Fetcham  
PALMER George Pauper Son 9 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
PARRY James Pauper Widower 34 Stable Man Herefordshire, Aston Ingham  
PATE? William Pauper Un 44 Labourer Surrey, Great Bookham  
PERDUCIE Ann Pauper Widow 82   Surrey, Epsom Surname - Death Register - Parduche
PERKINS John Pauper Widower 55 Labourer Surrey, Croydon  
PONNICOTT Elizth Pauper Un 67 Servant Surrey, Little Bookham Surname - Pennicutt
PORT Eliza Pauper Un 44   Surrey, Great Bookham  
POYER James Pauper   10 Scholar Surrey, Sutton  
PRATT Mary A Pauper   14 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
PROSSER Charlotte Pauper Mar 59 Laundress Middlesex, Brentford  
REID Sarah Pauper Un 70   Surrey, Cheam  
RISBRIDGER James Pauper Un 79 Labourer Surrey, Wanish  
ROBERTS Mary Pauper Widow 71 Needlewoman Hereford, Cheshunt Cheshunt - Hertfordshire
ROSE Thomas Pauper Mar 63 Labourer Surrey, Banstead  
ROWLEY James Pauper Son 12 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
ROWLEY John Pauper Son 6 Scholar Surrey, Morden  
ROWLEY Martha Pauper Mar 37 Monthly Nurse Surrey, Ewell  
ROWLEY Richard Pauper Son 9 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
ROWLEY Sarah Pauper Daur 7 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
ROWLEY Thomas Pauper Son 0   Surrey, Epsom 5weeks old
ROWLEY William Pauper Son 2 Scholar Surrey, Morden  
RUMSEY Charles Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
RUMSEY Henry Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Fetcham  
RUMSEY Mary A Pauper   13 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
SADLER Thomas Pauper Widower 79 Labourer Surrey, Fetcham  
SHIP Ann Pauper Daur 10 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
SHIP Edward Pauper Widower 46 Shoemaker Suffolk, Gislingham  
SHIP Fanny Pauper Daur 6 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
SHIP James Pauper Son 8 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
SHIP Robert Pauper Son 9 Scholar Surrey, Banstead  
SIMMONDS James Pauper Un 30 Servant Surrey, Ewell  
SIMMONDS Lydia Pauper Daur 3 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
SIMMONDS William Pauper Son 7 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
SIMMONDS William Pauper Widower 74 Labourer Surrey, Ewell  
SIMMS Joseph Pauper Widower 80 Labourer Surrey, Walton on Thames  
SINK Charles Pauper Un 31   Surrey, Thames Ditton  
SINK Robert Pauper Widower 86 Labourer Surrey, Cobham  
SMITH Richard Pauper   14 Scholar Surrey, Oxshot  
SPARROW Charles Pauper Un 67 Labourer Surrey, Ewell  
STAMMERS Charles Pauper Un 84 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
STEADMAN Hannah Pauper Un 50 Servant Surrey, Leatherhead  
STENT Susan Pauper Un 53   Surrey, Ewell  
STEVENS William Pauper Un 76 Shoemaker Surrey, Banstead  
STONESTREET Edward Pauper   11 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
STONESTREET William Pauper   13 Scholar Middlesex,  
STURT Mary Pauper Un 57 Servant Surrey, Carshalton  
SWAN Mary A Pauper Un 50   Surrey, Stoke D'Abernon  
TEEL Henry Pauper Widower 87 Paper Maker Berkshire, Newbury  
TERRY Charlotte Pauper Un 40   Surrey, Epsom  
TERRY James Pauper   9 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
TERRY Sarah Pauper Daur 11 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
TOMLINSON Harriet Pauper   10 Scholar Middlesex, Pimlico  
TOMLINSON Mary Pauper Mar 55 Servant Surrey, Shere  
TYRELL Henry Pauper Un 42 Labourer Surrey, East Clandon  
WAGHORN Ann Pauper   14 Scholar Surrey, Ewell  
WATERS Ann Pauper Un 63   Surrey, Chessington  
WATERS Robert Pauper Un 52   Surrey, Chessington  
WICKETT Henry Pauper   7 Scholar Not Known, Not Known  
WICKETT William Pauper   11 Scholar Not Known, Not Known  
WILLCATT Charles Pauper   7 Scholar Surrey, Epsom  
WILLIAMS Thomas Pauper Un 75 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
WINTER William Pauper Widower 67 Labourer Surrey, Hambleton  
WONHAM Elizabeth Pauper Widow 55 Charwoman Surrey, Sutton  
WOOD Elizabeth Pauper Un 41 Servant Surrey, Carshalton  
WOOD George Pauper   1   Middx, Barnett 16 months old
WOOTTON Martha Pauper Widow 67 Lace Maker Buckinghamshire, Hitcham  
YALDEN John Pauper Un 70 Labourer Surrey, Epsom  
YOUNG James Pauper Un 65 Carpenter Surrey, Leatherhead  
YOUNG William Pauper Widower 68 Carpenter Surrey, Leatherhead  

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