List of Cheam Paupers Receiving Out-Relief in the half year to September 1850

The following information was transcribed from records held by Sutton Libraries e.& o.e.

Last Name First Name Parish or Residence Cause of requiring Relief
ALTREE William Cheam Illness
ARTHUR Susan Cheam Infirmity
BAKER John Cheam Illness
BECKETT Henry Cheam Illness
BRADFIELD Elizabeth Cheam Leaving the House
BRAITHWAITE George Cheam Illness
BRAITHWAITE John Cheam Illness
CHANDLER Ann Cheam Inability to support Child
COX John Cheam Illness
COX John Cheam Illness
COX William Cheam Disability
DEARLOVE John Cheam Illness
EDWARDS James Cheam Infirmity
ELLIS Henry Cheam Infirmity
GATTON Jane Cheam Infirmity
GIBSON Sarah Cheam Inability to support Children
GIBSON Thomas Cheam Illness
HARRIS James Cheam Leaving the House
HASLETT Ann Cheam Infirmity
HATCH Elizabeth Cheam Inability to support Children
HICKSON Lydia Cheam Illness
HOUSE Martha Cheam Infirmity
HOUSE Martha (the Younger) Cheam Infirmity
HOWES John Cheam Infirmity
JONES Edward Cheam Illness
JONES Mary Cheam Infirmity
JOYCE Elizabeth Cheam Infirmity
JOYCE John Cheam Leaving the House
JOYCE Richard Cheam Illness
LAWFORD Salome Cheam Infirmity
LONGHURST Stephen Cheam Illness
LOVEJOY Mary Cheam Infirmity
NEWPORT Elizabeth Cheam Infirmity
NYE William Cheam Illness
PENFOLD Phyllis Cheam Infirmity
PIKE William Cheam Illness
ROBERTS Elizabeth Cheam Illness
ROWLEY George Cheam Infirmity
SIMMONDS Charlotte Cheam Infirmity
SIMMONDS John Clapham Infirmity
SIMMONDS Sarah Cheam Infirmity
SMITH William Cheam Leaving the House
SNELL George Cheam Infirmity
TATCLIFFE Edward Cheam Illness
TERRY Mary Cheam Inability to support Children
TRIGG James Cheam Infirmity
TRIGG Sarah Cheam Infirmity
WARD Lucy Cheam Inability to support Children
WATTS William Cheam Infirmity
WOOD George Cheam Illness

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