Horton Cemetery Burials 1902 to 1955 - Surnames V

The following information was transcribed from microfilmed records by the volunteers of
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Please note: that the cemetery was designed for just 900 plots but we have details for about 8450 burials! We are not aware of any additional land being used for the graveyard and no plan survives so we believe most plots will have been reused on several occasions. The grave numbering is both complicated and unclear. There are just over 3500 grave numbers in the register so some of the original 900 plots probably have been renumbered several times. We also know that some numbers have been used several times, usually identified with a suffix. There are about 3800 grave numbers with an 'a' suffix and nearly the same number with a 'b' suffix, but only 170 with a 'c' suffix and nearly the same number with a 'd' suffix. An example of the problem, taken at random, is grave number 1614 which was used twice on 15 January 1915 (with suffixes a and b), twenty five years later it was used on 19 March 1940 (suffix a) and the following day 20 March 1940 (not with suffix b but with suffix d), the following year it was used again 26 September 1941 (suffix c) and lastly on 03 October 1941 (not with a d suffix but with suffix b). It has been suggested that the suffix may indicate the orientation of the bodies in the plots with body 'a' laid with the head at one end of the grave and the head of body 'b' at the opposite end. (i.e. heads to toes), but we have found no evidence to confirm this.

To add to the above, many the entries in the original burial registers are not in any obvious order, and some of the handwriting is particularly difficult to decipher. Every effort has been taken to ensure that this alphabetical list is as accurate as possible but some errors are inevitable. If you think that an error has occurred then you can inspect the microfilm copies of the original documents at both the Epsom and Ewell Local and Family History Centre and at the Surrey History Centre in Woking but expect to spend many hours searching through the images. If you want someone to carry out this research on your behalf contact the relevant Centre but you may have to pay for the time it takes.

Other Hospital Records

In addition to the burial registers the Surrey History Centre (Opens in a new window) holds the Long Grove Hospital Post Mortem Examination Book (part of Collection ref: 6275) which only covers one of the five hospitals in the cluster and that only for a brief period
Other hospital records are widely dispersed - use this link to find out where Hospital Records Database (Opens in a new window)

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Grave No. Grave No. Suffix Hospital Last Name First Name(s) Age at Death Day Month Year Comments
1789 b Manor Vahid Henrietta 40 28 May 1915  
1735 b Manor Valentine Edith Marie Louisa 47 28 February 1941  
1122 b Long Grove Valentine May, otherwise Mrs Shervey 36 09 November 1917  
2829 b Long Grove Vallance Francis William 27 28 August 1947  
1375 b Long Grove Van der Meersch Caroline Annie 53 04 April 1912  
2595 a Long Grove Vanderpoint (blank) 48 09 March 1944  
104 a West Park Vanderpol Hendricus Petreus - 05 February 1926  
1600 b Long Grove Vango Kathleen 28 11 January 1940  
2320 b West Park Vanstone Lizzie - 27 May 1941  
1174 a Long Grove Vardell Robert 26 05 April 1917  
603 b West Park Varder Mary Elizabeth Violet - 06 October 1928  
1950 b Long Grove Varley James Edwin 65 01 August 1931  
3060 a West Park Vasilion Demitrios 63 31 January 1952  
666 b Colony Vaughan Elizabeth 77 19 February 1929  
1924 b West Park Vaughan Leonard 31 09 September 1932  
782 b Horton Vaughan Sydney 66 09 May 1929  
2923 b Long Grove Veale Charles Henry 57 15 January 1949  
1389 b Long Grove Veer Walter 62 22 April 1912  
352 b Long Grove Venables Margaret Jane 42 29 November 1918  
969   Horton Venman Charlotte 67 07 February 1907 Ch of E
29   Horton Venn William 59 18 July 1902 Ch of E
908 b Ewell Colony Vennell Martha 32 22 January 1918  
827   Horton Verlin George 46 12 April 1906 Ch of E
356 a Long Grove Vernon Eliza 57 28 November 1918  
1017 a Horton Vickers Arthur Herbert 36 16 April 1914  
968   Horton Vickers James 68 07 February 1907 Ch of E
37 b Horton Vickery John 40 14 November 1907  
2392 a St Ebba's Vickery Percival Frank 19 27 February 1942  
615 b Horton Vidler James 65 02 September 1913  
3000 b Horton Villers properly Cartwright Gertrude 61 09 June 1950  
2915 a Long Grove Vincent George 74 26 February 1949  
997 b Long Grove Vincent Kathleen Juanita 45 21 January 1931  
49 b Horton Vincent Samuel 42 19 December 1907  
461 a Long Grove Vindon Kate 57 20 July 1909  
54 b West Park Vine Albert Edward 82 02 September 1925  
1234 a Horton Vine Charles 72 19 August 1934  
2338 b Long Grove Vine Reginald John 49 16 July 1941  
2903 b West Park Virgo Edward Herbert 67 01 November 1949  
2736 b Long Grove Virtue Kate 66 25 May 1946  
1528 a Manor Vittoria Gaggiotti 45 20 July 1911  
3028 a West Park Vogt George 71 17 March 1951  
3020 a Horton Vokes Elizabeth 88 24 April 1951  
1374 b Long Grove Volckman Henry 44 11 May 1917  
1707 a West Park Von Dziegielewski Ferdinand 56 05 August 1938  
1542 d Long Grove Von Klok Joseph 67 22 March 1948  
1489 c Horton Von Pust Vera 50 10 December 1952  
653 b Horton Vowles Thomas Milton 57 30 December 1909  
1795 a Manor Voy or Foy Florence 40 03 June 1915  

If you are looking for someone whose name starts with a different letter please try:



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