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Mynne Crest
Mynne Crest

A short history of the sub-manor of Horton within Epsom may be found on this site under Manor. As shown by the following genealogical tree, derived from Manning and Bray's History of Surrey, it descended by inheritance to Joan Merston or Marston and she married Nicholas Mynne or Mynde who, according to the Visitation of Surrey in 1530 was "of Norfolk".

Mynn Pedigree - Click to enlarge
Mynn Pedigree - Click to enlarge
Source Manning & Bray

As may be seen from the first part of the Pedigree above, Nicholas Mynn came to the Manor of Horton on his marriage (about 1519) with Joan Merston. His background is obscure but he may have been a member*[see below] of a well-connected family from Fransham Parva, Norfolk. He died in 1528 and his widow remarried to become the first wife of William Saunder, and chatelaine of Bataille manor, Ewell. Mrs Joan Saunder, nee Merston, died 31 October 31 Henry VIII [1540] still "seised of" Horton manor which then passed to her heir, a son, by Nicholas Mynne, John. John Mynne had been born during 1520, continued to hold Horton in 1564, but died in 1595. The Visitation of Surrey 1572 suggests that the latter had five children; namely William, John (junior), Nicholas, Frances and Elizabeth.

Mynn Pedigree - Click to enlarge
Mynn Pedigree - Click to enlarge
Source: The Visitations of Surrey

Although William Mynne inherited the Horton estate he was described when knighted in the Royal Garden at Whitehall, on 23 July 1603, as "of Rutlandshire". The Visitation of Rutland 1618/1619 is found to mention John Mynne "of Woodcote" and two of his sons, apparently the brothers of Sir William, John [junior], also "of Woodcoate", and Nicholas Mynne "of Walsingham, Norfolk". [The latter had married Elizabeth, nee Drury, child bride and widow of Thomas de Grey of Merton, Norfolk on 28 March 1567.] An explanation for the absence of Sir William Mynne's name is that he had died in 1618, survived by nine children (John, born circa 1598, William the elder, Thomas, Nicholas, William the younger, Elizabeth, Frances, Dorothy and Jane). His will provided for the eldest son, John, to inherit his manors, tenements, hereditaments and lands but the estate was charged with various annuities for the younger children and substantial amounts to be paid as dowries when the daughters married.

On 4 December 1625, John Mynne of Woodcotte entered an Indenture with William Hale of Walden Regis, Hertfordshire, in contemplation of the marriage arranged to take place between the former and Alice Hale, William's eldest daughter. It provides a detailed description of Horton, with Woodcot, estate as follows: -
'That nowe doe or hereafter shall stand or bee seised of or in the Messuages lands Tenementes and hereditamentes hereafter following scytuate lying and beeing in Ibeisnam alias Epsam Ewell and Horton or in anie of them in the said Countie of Surrey. That is to saye of and in all the Mannor howse of Horton, the Cunnigrea contayning by estymacion Tenne acres, Barnefield ...Foureteene acres, a shawe ... Three acres, the Old orchard ... Two acres, one other orchard ...Three acres, the Cunnyberry ... one acre, Horton Grove ... Fifteene acres, the Grubd grownd ...Tenne acres, Dunstalles ... Fifteene acres. And also All that Messuage called Woodcotte nowe or late in the tenure or occupation of the said John Mynne, one parcell of Pasture grownd called the Deane ... Twentie acres, the Hill close ... Tenne acres, Stony Crofte ... Five acres, two coppices adjoyning to it ... Two acres, Wheelers field ... Fourteene acres, White Hill ... Thirtie and five acres, Ocklease with a Coppice to the same adjoyning contayning together by estymacion Tenne acres, Long Landes ... Twentie acres, Abbotes hill ... Twentie acres, The Bottome by Long Grove ... Twelve acres, greate Digden ... Fortie acres, Certaine landes in Langley ... Three acres, Coppes Wood on the Downes ... Tenne acres, Long Grove ... Tenne acres, a Grove in the Deane ... Sixe acres. And also All that Sheepe walke for Foure hundred Sheepe Lower Blakes contayning by estymacion Fifteene acres, Upper Blakes ... Fifteene acres, Nynhams ... Twentie acres, two coppices ... Two acres, a messuage or Tenement with Thirtie and two acres to the same nowe or late belonging nowe or late in the Tenure or occupacion of Christopher Wrenth or of his assignes, Siters Close [Sytus] contayning by estymacion Twelve acres, Twentie acres of land scytuate and lying on the Downes: and the Lymekill: Tenne acres of land nowe or late in the Tenure or occupacion of Michaell Crutcher or of his assignes and also the Rent of Thirteene shillings Foure pence and services nowe or lately due or payable to the said John Mynne by the Ladie Berkeley [Link to Durdans], Westcrowes ... Fortie acres, Cheapehill ... Twentie acres, Jent meade ... Sixteene acres, Blacke landes ... Seaven acres, Horselease ... Two acres, Lane end ... Nyne acres, Grubd meade ... Sixe acres, Lynes ... Five acre, Two acres of land by estymacion lying neare or adjoyning to the dwelling howse of Michiaell Crutcher, Reades ...Three acres, Placefield ... Sixe acres, Squire meade ... Twentie and two acres, Willkins Close ... Sixe acres, Willkins Pightell ... Three Roodes, Firsey Close ... Sixe acres, Picked Close ... Two acres, Norreis meade ... Sixeteene acres, the Newe growndes ... Eight acres Oate Close ... Three acres, Westfield meadowe ... Tenne acres, mother Woodmans Close ... Eleaven acres, Teas1ey fieLd ... Thirteene acres, Blackebushe Close ... Eleaven acres, Hill field ... three acres, Cockshott field ... Twentie and Nyne acres and a wood in the same field, Greate Colemans ... Tenne acres, Little Colemans ... Fower acres, Greate wood pasture ... Nyne acres, Greate wood meadowe ... Nyne acres, Hill Roydens ... Seaven acres, Picked Roydens ... Fower acres, the Plott betweene Picked Roydens and Sanshames wood contayning by estymacion one acre, Westfield ... Sixeteene acres, Wheate Ershe ... Five acres, Tepps meadowe ... Tenne acres One other little meade adioyning to the said Tepps meade ...One acre, Arnolls and Huntes lying both together contayning by estymacion Sixe acres, One other acre lying neare or adjoyning to the dwelling hawse of John Crutcher, one parcell of land called Nollands and Two halfe acres contayning together by estymacion Nyne acres, Sell Crofte and the wood in it ... Twentie and Two acres. Together with all and singular howses, edifyces, buyldinges, yards, orchardes, gardens, profittes, commodities, emolumentes and appurtenances whatsoever to the premisses or anie parte or parcell of them belonginging or appertayning.'
One of the witnesses to the deed was "Geo. Mynne", considered elsewhere on this site [Link], about whom more anon.

The wedding took place before 12 February 1626 when William Hale gave his consent to the sale of Mrs Alice Mynne's jointure estate by her husband. Out of the £12,000 John Mynne expected to obtain, on disposal of all his "landes", £3,500 was to be passed over to his father in law for future maintenance of Alice as well as "for the maintenance, education and portion of such Children as it shall please God to send betweene us". The sum, comprising £3,000 provided as dowry by William Hale, was paid over on 7 May 1630.

Here one needs to go back in time to the death of Nicholas Mynne "of Little Francham and London" who left a will dated 31 March 1530, proved 5 August 1530. Amongst the beneficiaries were his son, John, the latter's wife, Alice, and a son, Nicholas Mynne deceased who had left issue. The last mentioned seemed a likely candidate for the *Nicholas Mynne who died at Horton, Surrey, during 1528 and, in fact, the Probate Register for 9 July of that year confirms that he was of "St Bartilmewe's Close, London; Ebbesham, Surrey; Fraunsham Magna, Norfolk.

Nicholas Mynne of Fransham's son, John, became auditor of the Exchequer, Clerk to the Surveyor General and Master of the Woods to Henry VIII. He had married Alice Standish but died on 15 December 1543. His relict went on to marry Francis Southwell and, in 1545, arrangements were made for Lordship of the manor of Gaulden to pass, after expiry of certain life interests, to the heir of John Mynne deceased.

George Mynne, son of John and Alice, aged 21 on 14 July 1551, married Elizabeth Wroth. He died 20 May 1581, survived by his wife, having made his will on the 9th day of May, 1581, as follows: -
'I give to John Mynne my second son an annuity of £10, issuing out of all other my lands in Hertingfordbury, during the life of Elizabeth my wife. I give to the said Elizabeth my manor of Gawlden in co. Somerset for life, and I will that after her decease my said son John shall have for life the farm of Gawlden aforesaid now in the possession of Robert Selocke. I also give to the said Elizabeth all other my lands, tenements and hereditaments in Hertingfordbury or elsewhere in cos. Hertford and Somerset for life; also to her and her heirs for ever all my houses in the parish of St. Buttophes without Aldersgate in the City of London, or elsewhere within the said City or the suburbs thereof towards the performance of this my will. I give to Robert Mynne my eldest son my farm called Fitzjohns in Hertingfordbury for his maintenance and for the Queen's full third part if any of my lands should be held of the Queen in chief or by knight's service. If the said Robert when he comes of age shall refuse to assure to my said son John the said farm in Gaulden, now in the possession of the said Robert Sellocke, for life, then the said John shall have to him and his heirs for ever the said farm called Fitzjohns.'
George Mynne's son and next heir, Robert, had only reached the age of 3 years on the 6 April 1581.

A memorial inscription in the Chancel of the parish church at Hertingfordbury , however, reads:-
'Here lies buried the Bodies of George Mynne of Hertingfordbury, Esq. and of Elizabeth his Wife; Daughter to Sir Thomas Wroth of Durance in Enfield in the County of Middlesex, Kt. They had issue three Sons, and three Daughters. The said George Mynne departed this Life, the 20th of May, in the Year of our Lord, 1581. His Wife Elizabeth, taking afterwards to her second Husband Nicholas Boteler, Esq. and she died the 14th of Aug. 1613.'
Their three sons are identified elsewhere as Robert, John and George but the latter appears to have been born in 1581 possibly after his father's demise.

When his eldest brother, Robert, got into financial difficulties during 1618 George, junior, provided credit and, between that year and 1631, eventually bought out the family interests in property at Hertingfordbury.

As indicated above, George was concurrently in negotiations with his distant kinsman to acquire first Woodcote Park then, in short order, the rest of Horton manor in consideration of his covering the debts of his Surrey 'cousin' John's debts or making cash payments together totalling £11,849 14s 4p. Woodcote Park subsequently became George Mynne's principal seat. His career and the later history of Horton with Woodcote Park is described in a separate article. [Link to George Mynne]

As noted there, George's sister,Anne, (b. Bexley, Herts., 20 November 1579), married George Calvert (C1578 -13 April 1632) of Kiplin, Yorks., later to become 1st Lord Baltimore, at St. Peter's Cornhill, and she bore him 11 offspring before dying in childbirth, 8 August 1622.

A memorial to Lady Calvert with a Latin inscription recording the names of her offspring may also be found on the north side of the tower in St Mary's Hertingfordbury, the parish church. On her altar tomb is an alabaster effigy of a lady, with mural cornice above supporting three shields of arms
The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire - Click to enlarge
From: The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire by Sir Henry Chauncy (Click to enlarge)
Parish church of St Mary, Hertingfordbury

With grateful acknowledgement of the invaluable assistance obtained from a transcript, made by the late John Dent (former Borough Librarian of Epsom and Ewell), of the 1625 Marriage Settlement.

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