Family History Links

These websites are just a small selection of the many thousands of sites currently available. They have been selected on the basis of their usefulness and relevance to local and family historians, whether interested in researching Epsom and Ewell, or looking further afield, both nationally and internationally.(Each link opens in a new window and we cannot be held responsible for the content of any of these websites.)

Our Family History Page has links to the local records that are available on this site. We also have a separate Romany and Traveller Family History page.

Description                Web Address
Australian (NSW) births (to 1905), marriages and deaths (to 1945)
Bedfordshire Family History Society
Bristol & Avon Family History Society
British Columbia, Canada, Vital Records Office
Chargeable service with digitised images of GRO indexes 1837-2002
Details of Burials
Directory of Genealogy Look up Volunteers
East Surrey Family History Society
Exploring Surrey's Past
Federation of Family History Societies
Genealogical Publishing Company, US based
Genealogy site-finder main directory
Gravestone Photographic Resource
GRO Scotland's database of births, marriages, deaths and census
Information on births, adoptions, marriages and deaths and online certificate ordering
LDS family search with over 400 million names including the International Genealogical Index (IGI)
Link to all known websites, including civil registration, that offer indexes and information on births, marriages and deaths
Links to Jewish Burials
Lists all family history sites
Lists sites for tracing relatives, friends, etc.
Lists registered births, deaths and marriages in the UK
Locate cemetry inscriptions
London Ancestor - Genealogy, Local & Family History in London
Main site for information about genealogy in the UK
Meta-search site, has a useful beginners site
Norfolk Transcription Archive
Oldest and largest free genealogical site, meta-search site
Over 1.5m English birth, marriage and census events between 1755-1891 searchable online
Over 100 million records from the GRO indexes for the period 1837-1910
Passenger lists
PCC Wills 1384-1858
Post-1858 Wills
Public Record Office (National Archives)
Railway Ancestors FHS
Search on Obituaries
Soc. of Brushmakers Descendants
Society of Genealogists
Suffolk Record Office
Traces people in UK; international link
Trade Directories (see also
UK portal linking to websites of archives and record offices
UK website with trade directories, gazetteers, libraries, censuses and more
US based, provides the tools for researching genealogy
US genealogy records
Useful for tracing missing relatives, friends, etc.,
Voluntary Aid Detachment
West Surrey Family History Society

Our thanks go to Karen Murphy and her history pupils at the Elwood Union Free School District, New York, USA for recommending the following sites.

Description                Web Address
Scottish Language
Scottish Traditions