Since being originally created, our Location Map has attracted over 34,000 'hits'. On revision, it was found that the amount of data being added was causing the original map to divide alphabetically.

To get round this problem, and to allow for future expansion, it was decided to revise the map into six geographical areas similar to those used in the World War 2 Bomb Map:

Central (North);
Central (South).
Alternatively, click on the relevant area on the map below:

Click on the area you're interested in.
North South East West Central (North) Central (South)

You may need to select 'View' then 'Refresh' (alternatively 'F5') to see all the icons and controls.
  • Click on a marker and a pop up information box opens. This displays clickable links which will take you to the original article.
  • Use the + and - buttons on the left to zoom in and out.
  • While holding the left mouse button down while on the map you can drag (move) the map as desired.
  • There is an alphabetical list of locations alongside and by clicking on an entry the relevant location will be displayed.
  • If your mouse has a scroll wheel, this can be also be used to zoom in and out; you may find this easier than using the + and - buttons.

Text and Map updated to 13 September 2014 by Nick Winfield
From an original idea by Peter Reed