The Nugent family

from Ireland to Bath & London and, briefly, on Clay Hill, Epsom.

Christopher Nugent (1698-1775)

Dr. Christopher Nugent was an Irish physician and Catholic, said to have made a 'runaway match' with Jane, daughter of Colonel Leake, of Holycross, in the county of Tipperary, who went to practise in Bath. He became Governor of the Bath General Hospital. [LINK TO]

The great eighteenth century statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke often stayed in Bath, chiefly for reasons of health. In 1756 he underwent medical treatment by Dr Christopher Nugent, who offered him hospitality at his home, Circus House, at the corner of Bennett Street and the Circus. There Burke met the doctor's daughter, Jane Mary Nugent, and married her on 12 March 1757.

A Genealogical Chart published in The Patrician of 1847 provides further details of family connections.

Nugent Family Tree
Nugent Family Tree

Early in 1764 Christopher Nugent came to live in London at Queen Anne Street, with the Burkes, and on 25 June, 1765, was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians. Later, after Edmund Burke moved to Beaconsfield, he re-located to Suffolk Street, off the Strand.

On 12 November 1775, Christopher Nugent, MD & FRS, died at home in Suffolk Street, London

John Nugent (1737 - 1813)

The first wife of Dr Nugent's son John was Elizabeth Hargrave, the widow of Major Richard Hargrave. In an allegation for the marriage, 26 November 1766, he was described as a bachelor from the parish of St Peter Cheap (Westcheap): the wedding was conducted in the bride's church St George the Martyr, Queen Street, Holborn. Elizabeth is reported to have died in 1779.

On 12 May 1786 at St Finbarre's Cork, he married secondly Miss Lucy Nagle, daughter of Garret Nagle, Esq. of Moneamyny and Ballyduff, in Cork, a first cousin on both father's and mother's sides to Edmund Burke.

In 1768 Gregories, Beaconsfield, had passed into the ownership of Edmund Burke. Burke renamed the house 'Butler's Court' following a dispute over manorial rights.

Burke died on July 9, 1797 at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. His brother in-law, John Nugent, he bequeathed to the protection of his political friends, in order to provide for his interests [by way of preferment? This might account for his position as Surveyor-General of the Customs, in London]; and to his 'entirely beloved and incomparable wife, Jane Mary Burke', the whole of his property in fee-simple. A plain tablet erected in the church, in accordance with his direction, simply expressed that his mortal remains lie there.

Although having previously sold the property, as a condition of the sale Mrs. Burke was allowed to live there for the remainder of her life and her retainers for one year thereafter. She stayed at Butler's Court, until her death, in the spring of 1812. Under renovation, Butler's Court was burned down in April 1813.

By a Will made in 1811 Jane Burke left substantial legacies to her brother John Nugent's children - six nieces and a nephew. Mrs Lucy Nugent was to receive an annuity of £100.

Jane also bequeathed to Lucy Nugent a family Bible inscribed on the fly-leaf : 'Edmund Burke & Jane Nugent married the 12th of March 1757', and "Richard Burke born at Battersea between 7 & 8 o'Clock in the morning February the 9th 1758' - and 'Christopher Burke born at Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square 40 minutes after 6 in the morning the 14th of December 1758'.

Property on Clay Hill, Epsom, opposite Hookfield

On 6 May 1811, John Nugent purchased the copyhold interest in four acres of land, a cottage and barn previously connected to the Eclipse public house. Following his demise the widowed Mrs Lucy Nugent was admitted on 11 October 1813 but immediately sold the premises to Edward Archbold of Norfolk Street, Strand, London. [LINK TO O'Kelly Racing]

The death of John Nugent was reported to have occurred at Epsom in 1813. His interment in St Martins churchyard took place on 3 May 1813 from Clay Hill, Epsom.

He was later joined there in death by other members of the family: -

The Nugent Tomb in St Martins graveyard, Epsom
The Nugent Tomb in St Martins graveyard, Epsom
North Side
Sacred to the Memory of
who departed this life
April 26th 1813
Aged 76 years.

East Side
Also the the Memory of
Their son who died at Pau
in the South of France
Dec. 19th (1820) Aged 36 years,
and whose remains were
removed to England and
buried in this Vault
March 4th 1860.

West side
Also to the Memory of
LUCY widow of
the said
who died at Bath
April the 1st. 1826
Aged 64 years
and lies buried
In the Catholick
Chapel there.

Top Slab
In this Vault (is) likewise
the Mortal remains of
only Daughter of the late
Captain (Sent Leger) HILL
formerly of the (3rd Dragoon Guard)
and of CATHERINE his wife
also Grand Daughter of the Late
of (Clay) Hill in this Parish.
Died at Richmond, Surrey,
on the 18th September 18(6)3
Aged 28 years.
Also to the Memory of
(Arundel) Edmund HILL
brother of the (above) named
….. March
Aged (24) years.

The Will of John Nugent of [Harpur street] Bloomsbury came to be proved 26 June 1813. His testament is short and left his entire (unspecified) estate to his wife Lucy. His executors were 'my friend Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle and my son Christopher Richard Nugent [ PROB 11/1545/390].

His relict Lucy Nugent died in Belvedere, Bath, aged 64, relict of John Nugent, Esq., of Epsom, and daughter of the late Garret Nagle, Esq., of Ballyduff, co. Cork. She was buried in the grounds of Old Orchard Street Catholic church, her ledger stone now in Perrymead Cemetery. [LINK TO]

Thomas Nugent (1793 - 1829)

On his death in 1829 at Pau, south of France, described as second son of the late John Nugent, of Clay Hill, Epsom.

Catherine Nugent

The marriage of Catherine to St. Leger Hill. Esq., Captain of the 12th Lancers was conducted at Brighton,on 3 May 1823 by the Dean of Hereford and Rector of Brighton.

Capt. St. Leger Hill, half pay 12th Lancers, and formerly Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards, son of the late Arundel Hill, Esq. of Doneraile, Ireland, served throughout the Peninsular campaign. He died at Boulogne-sur-Mer, in December 1840 aged 58.

Arundel Edmund Hill

Baptised St Nicholas, Brighton, 25 March 1824. Entered the Army as an Ensign 7 September 1841, rising to Lieutenant 27 October 1843 & Captain 3 October 1848, all 'by purchase'.

Capt. Arundel Edmund Hill, 89th Regiment, wounded in front of an advanced trench before Sebastopol was taken prisoner and died of his injuries, 31/3/1855, before he could reach the Russian ambulance.

Lucy Nugent Hill (1825 - 1853)

Died 'at the residence of her uncle, Henry BARNEWELL Esq., Richmond Hill, on Friday last [18 September 1853], to the inexpressible grief of her widowed mother, Lucy Nugent HILL, only daughter of the late Capt. St. Leger Hill, of the 12th Lancers.

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