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Macrell L Holland
Samples of David Knights-Whittome work
Images courtesy of Sutton Archives

David Knights-Whittome was a talented high street photographer who worked in the local area for a period spanning c.1905 until 1917/8. His photographic archive, containing many portraits of local residents, soldiers posted to the Woodcote camp, and some local scenes is held at Sutton Archives and is being digitised and made available online here

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David Knights-Whittome
David Knights-Whittome
Image courtesy of Sutton Archives

David Knights Whittome was born on the 29 of December 1876 in Greenwich, to Joseph Whittome, both a warehouseman and Baptist minister, and Eunice Smith. David was the youngest of seven children, three of which died in infancy. He appears to have started hyphenating his name about 1905, although not consistently at first, and nor do we have evidence to explain this decision.

David moved to Sutton about 1904 and opened a shop in Epsom in 1911. Both Sutton and Epsom shops remained open until around 1918. He was married on 4 June 1907 to Sarah Elizabeth Draper (known as Bessie) in Hertford. He gave his profession as Artist and Photographer and his residence as Sutton. The couple had two sons: Ronald and Maurice.

David Knights-Whittome's Epsom Shop
David Knights-Whittome's Epsom Shop
Image courtesy of Sutton Archives

Knights-Whittome obtained a Royal Warrant of Appointment in 1911 having photographed the Royal Family over a number of years. He subsequently advertised himself as 'Photographer to the King'. He photographed three generations of the British Royal family (Edward VII, George V and the future Edward VIII) in formal portrait shoots, country house parties and as part of a larger 'press pack' at events such as the investiture of the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle in 1911. He also photographed other Royals such as King Alfonso of Spain, King Manuel of Portugal and the Queen of Norway.

Queen Mary; King George V
Queen Mary; King George V
by David Knights-Whittome, published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
bromide postcard print, 1910
NPG x137828 © National Portrait Gallery, London

With the outbreak of war, David was attested as a Special Constable on the 14 August 1914 and served in that capacity locally until the 31 December 1914 after which he joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and then in 1916 transferred to the Royal Garrison Artillery, Special Reserve, as a 2nd Lieutenant.

At some point, which is unclear, he ceased his photographic work (Sutton Archives has plates dated 1917/18). It is clear from correspondence in 1921 with the Royal Warrant Holders Association that he was no longer working as a photographer in Sutton or Epsom.

David and Bessie retired to St Albans where he became involved in local politics and became Mayor 1940-1941. He died on 4 November 1943 and is buried at Sandridge.

Text courtesy of Abby Matthews
Project Officer - The Past on Glass, LB Sutton

The David Knights-Whittome Glass Plate Collection is held at Sutton Local Studies & Archives Centre, based at Sutton Central Library, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA.

The Past on Glass project is currently looking for volunteers to research some of the people shown in this large collection of images. To volunteer or for other enquiries about the collection please contact LB Sutton.

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The Past on Glass Exhibition

A Local Photographer's Legacy 1904-1918

From 22 Jul 2016 til 28 Aug 2016 there is a brilliant exhibition on the Past on Glass Project on display at the Central Library Sutton. The Sutton Past on Glass team have kindly let is have a sample of what you will see. Please bear in mind that this is just a taste of this large and very impressive display.

David Knights-Whittome - Life
David Knights-Whittome - Timeline
Studio Panel

For more information on the exhibition please see the blog

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The suffix _L on some records is just a version identifier and NOT the sitter's initial.
Sort NameTitleDescription
ABBSMiss Abbs, Oct 1907DKW_24124A_Abbs
ABSALEMaster Absale, 2 Oct 1909DKW_30347B_Absale
ABSALEMaster Absale, 2 Oct 1909DKW_30347C_Absale
ABSALEMaster Absale, 2 Oct 1909DKW_30347A_Absale
ABSALEMaster Absale, 2 Oct 1909DKW_30347_Absale
ACKLANE Acklane, group of 3 children, [c1913]DKW_33286_Acklane
ADAMSMiss Adams, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23537A_Adams
ADAMSMrs Adams, 10 Nov [1906]DKW_23346_Adams
ADAMSMrs Adams, 10 Nov [1906]DKW_23346C_Adams
ADAMS Miss Adams, nDDKW_34952_Adams
ADAMS P Adams, Esq, 8 May 1915DKW_35683_Adams
ADAMSON L Adamson, Esq, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35284_Adamson
AINGERW E Ainger, Esq, nDDKW_32086_Ainger
AINGERW E Ainger, Esq, nDDKW_32086A_Ainger
AIREYA L Airey, Esq, 10 May 1915DKW_35710A_Airey
AITKEN A J Aitken, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35524_Aitken
AITKEN R J Aitken, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35228A_Aitken
AITKEN R J Aitken, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35228_Aitken
AITKEN A J Aitken, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35524A_Aitken_L
AKEHURSTMiss Akehurst, 25 Jan 1913DKW_32462_Akehurst
ALABASTERMiss Alabaster, 5 Aug 1908DKW_29713_29713A_Alabaster
ALDERSMAN Miss Aldersman, 24 Feb 1913DKW_33381_Aldersman
ALETONMiss Alston, 14 Dec1912DKW_33243C_Aleton
ALGAR Algar, 15 Dec 1918DKW_34379_Algar
ALLANAllan, copy photograph, nDDKW_22833_Allan
ALLANMiss Allan, 27 Nov [no year]DKW_22521C_Allan
ALLCOCKA J Allcock, Esq, 11 Dec 1916DKW_34844_Allcock
ALLCOCKMiss Allcock and dog, 2 Nov 1911DKW_31655_Allcock
ALLCOCK Lieut Allcock, 17 Apr 1916DKW_34367_Allcock
ALLCOCK Mrs Allcock, 14 Dec 1916DKW_34845_Allcock
ALLENMiss Allen, 30 May 1916DKW_34608A_Allen
ALLENMiss Allen, copy photograph, 10 Nov 1910DKW_31046_Allen
ALLENMiss Allen, copy photograph, 11 May 1911DKW_31415_Allen
ALLENMiss Allen, copy photograph, 6 Dec 1910DKW_31158_Allen
ALLENMiss P Allen, 8 Jun 1918DKW_34176_Allen
ALLEN Allen, group of 2, 15 Apr 1915DKW_34133_Allen
ALLEN Miss Allen, 30 May 1916DKW_34608_Allen
ALLEN Miss Allen, nDDKW_34471_34471A_Allen
ALSTONMiss Alston, 14 Dec 1912DKW_33243_Alston
ALSTON Miss Alston (Neg), 14 Dec 1912DKW_33243_Alston_Neg
ANDERSONMiss Anderson, 4 Jan 1911DKW_31190D_Anderson
ANDERSONMiss Anderson, 4 Mar 1912DKW_32203_Anderson
ANDERSONNurse Anderson, 18 Dec 1915DKW_36085_Anderson
ANDERSON Nurse Anderson, 25 Oct 1915DKW_36046_Anderson
ANDREWSBaby Andrews, 3 Mar 1913DKW_33405B_Andrews
ANDREWSMiss N Andrews, 12 Jul 1911DKW_32027_Andrews
ANDREWSMr Robert Andrews, 29 Aug 1907DKW_24010A_Andrews
ANDREWSMr Robert Andrews, 29 Aug 1907DKW_24010B_Andrews
ANDREWSMrs Andrews and baby, 3 Mar 1913DKW_33406_Andrews
ANSELLLieut H G Ansell, 29 Dec 1916DKW_34915_Ansell
ANSELLMiss Ansell, 1 Dec [1914]DKW_22561_Ansell
ANSELL Lieut H G Ansell, 29 Dec1916DKW_34915A_Ansell
ANTELL W F Antell, Esq, 26 Mar 1915DKW_35576_Antell
ANTHONYMiss Anthony, 4 Feb 1916DKW_34508_Anthony
ARCHERC E Archer, Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35088_Archer
ARCHERMiss Archer, nDDKW_33722_33722A_Archer
ARMIGERMiss Armiger, 7 Dec 1906DKW_23466A_Armiger
ARNELLArnell, copy photograph, 1 Sep 1912DKW_32601_Arnell
ARNELLArnell, copy photograph, 1 Sep 1912DKW_32661_Arnell_COPY
BADCOCKMrs Badcock, nDDKW_23589_Badcock
BAINES Baby Baines (or Barnes), 1 Jul 1915DKW_34207_Baines
BAKERBaker children, nDDKW_32656B_Baker
BAKERBaker children, nDDKW_32656_Baker
BAKERBaker, 8 Nov 1908DKW_23432A_Baker
BAKERMiss L Baker, 13 Mar 1917 DKW_37012B_Baker
BALDWINMiss Baldwin, 1 Nov 1913DKW_33618A_Baldwin
BALDWIN Miss Baldwin, [1 Nov 1913]DKW_33618_Baldwin
BALDWIN Miss Baldwin, 1 Nov 1913DKW_33618B_Baldwin
BALLANTYNEMrs Ballantyne, nDDKW_22575_Ballantyne
BALLANTYNEMrs Ballantyne, nDDKW_22575B_Ballantyne
BALLARDBallard, 1909DKW_30507B_Ballard
BALLARD Miss Ballard, copy photograph, 12 Oct 1912DKW_33123_33123A_Ballard
BALLS Miss Balls, 28 Oct 1918DKW_34298_34298A_Balls
BAMBERBaby Bamber, 10 Dec 1915DKW_34370B_Bamber
BAMBERBaby Bamber, nd [likely 1916]DKW_34887_Bamber
BAMBER Baby Bamber, 10 Dec 1915DKW_34370_Bamber
BAMBER Baby Bamber, 10 Dec 1915DKW_34370A_Bamber
BANISTERMiss Banister, 5 Jan 1912DKW_32179_Banister
BANISTERMiss Banister, 5 Jan 1912DKW_32178_Banister
BANISTERMiss D Banister, 30 Jan 1915DKW_32868_Banister
BANISTERMiss D Banister, 30 Jan 1915DKW_32868_Banister_Proof
BANKSNurse Banks, 16 Nov 1905DKW_34317_Banks
BANKS Miss Banks, nd [c1915]DKW_34109_Banks
BANNISTERBannister, copy photograph, 1907DKW_24117_1_Bannister
BANNISTERBannister, copy photograph, 1907DKW_24117_2_Bannister
BARBERMiss J Barber, 19 Apr 1917DKW_34996_34996A_Barber
BARBER [Miss] Bell Barber, 27 Feb 1917DKW_34990_34990A_Barber
BARBER Miss Barber, 13 Jan 1917DKW_34989_Barber
BARBER W M Barber, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35146_Barber
BARFORD Miss Barford, 24 Sep 1912DKW_33081A_Barford
BARKERMiss Barker, copy photograph, 2 Mar 1912DKW_31870_Barker
BARNARD Pte Barnard, 10 Aug 1916DKW_34446_Barnard
BARNESBaby Barnes, 18 Dec 1913DKW_34382A_Barnes
BARNESBaby Barnes, 18 Dec 1913DKW_34382_Barnes
BARNESBarnes, 11 Dec 1911DKW_32132A_Barnes
BARNESBarnes, 3 Dec 1907DKW_24308_Barnes
BARNESBarnes, copy photograph, 13 Jun 1907DKW_23809_Barnes
BARNESCopy photograph ordered by Miss Barnes, nDDKW_32381A_Barnes
BARNESCopy photograph ordered by Miss Barnes, nDDKW_32381_Barnes
BARNESCopy photograph ordered by Miss Barnes, nDDKW_32381A_Barnes_Neg
BARNESMiss Barnes, 12 Jan 1917DKW_34941_Barnes
BARNESMiss W Barnes, 25 May 1912DKW_32270_Barnes
BARNESMrs Barnes and daughter, 2 May 1917DKW_37067A_Barnes
BARNESNurse Barnes, 27 Nov 1907DKW_24224_Barnes
BARNES Mr Barnes, 28 Sep 1914DKW_33985_33985A_Barnes
BARNES Mrs Barnes and daughter, 6 May 1917DKW_37067_Barnes
BARNSRifleman Barns, 21 Oct 1915DKW_34413A_Barns
BARNS RIfleman Barns, 21 Dec 1915DKW_34413_Barns
BARNSLEY Barnsley, nd [c1916]DKW_34797_34797A_Barnsley
BARRACKBaby Barrack, 13 Feb 1913DKW_32470B_Barrack
BARRACK Baby Barrack, 13 Feb 1913DKW_32407A_Barrack
BARRACK Baby Barrack, 13 Feb 1913DKW_32470_Barrack
BARRATTMr Barratt, 14 Dec 1914DKW_32832_Barratt
BARRATTMrs Barratt, 7 Dec 1914DKW_32806_Barratt
BARRETTMiss Barrett, nDDKW_22511_Barrett
BARRETTT N Barrett, 16 Dec 1913DKW_32652_Barrett
BARRYLittle girl Barry, nDDKW_22576_Barry
BARRYMiss Barry, 16 Nov 1916DKW_34796_34796A_Barry
BARRYMiss Barry, 30 Jan 1914DKW_33786_33786A_Barry
BARRYMiss Barry, 30 Jan 1914DKW_33786_33786A_Barry
BARRYMiss Barry, 30 Jan 1914DKW_33786B_33786C_Barry
BARRYMiss Barry, 30 Jan 1914DKW_33786B_33786C_Barry
BARTERBarter, copy photograph, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23625_Barter
BARTER Miss Barter, 9 Mar 1916DKW_34512_Barter
BARTLETBaby Bartlet, 04 Apr 1912DKW_32221_Bartlet
BARTLETT Miss Bartlett, 28 Mar 1917DKW_37023_Bartlett
BARTONMiss Barton, 16 Dec 1910DKW_31184C_Barton
BARTONMiss Barton, 16 Dec 1910DKW_31184_Barton
BARTONMiss Barton, 28 Dec 1907DKW_24338_24338A_Barton
BARTONMiss M Barton, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23445B_Barton
BARTONMiss M Barton, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23445_Barton
BARTONMiss W Barton, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23444_Barton
BARWELLMrs Barwell, 20 Mar 1915DKW_32904_Barwell
BASSETT Miss L Bassett [c1912]DKW_33051B_Bassett
BATCHELORMiss Batchelor, Jan 1908DKW_29047B_29047C_Batchelor
BATESBates, copy photograph, nDDKW_24008_Bates
BATHURSTBathurst, 5 Mar 1914DKW_33805_Bathurst
BATTERSBY D Battersby, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35390_Battersby
BATZER Pte R J Batzer, 24 Jun 1916DKW_34624_Batzer
BAVISTOCKBavistock, copy photograph, nDDKW_22995_Bavistock
BAYERMiss Bayer, 1 Dec 1911DKW_31637C_Bayer
BAYERMiss Bayer, 21 Nov 1911DKW_31637_Bayer
BAYERMiss Bayer, nDDKW_31637A_Bayer
BAYLEYPte Bayley, 3 Jan 1916DKW_34427_Bayley
BAYNARDNurse Baynard, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33680_Baynard
BEADLEMiss Beadle, 4 Nov 1908DKW_29864A_Beadle
BEALE Beale, Esq, 7 May 1915DKW_35655_Beale
BEALLMaster C BeallDKW_24317B_24317C_Beall
BEALLMiss Beall, 14 Nov 1906DKW_23370B_Beall
BEALLMiss Beall, 14 Nov 1906DKW_23370A_Beall
BEAMMiss Beam, nDDKW_36032_Beam
BEANMiss Bean, 8 Dec 1916DKW_34852_34852A_Bean
BEAN Miss Bean, 11 Oct 1916DKW_34724_Bean
BEAN Miss Bean, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34808_Bean
BEARD Cpl L Beard, 9 Feb 1916DKW_35787A_Beard
BEARD Cpl L Beard, 9 Feb 1916DKW_35787_Beard
BEASLYMiss Beasly, 1 Sep 1914DKW_33933_Beasly
BEAUCHAMPS G Beauchamp, 18 Oct 1916DKW_34742_Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP Beauchamp, 3 Nov 1916DKW_34777_34777A_Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP S G Beauchamp, 18 Oct 1916DKW_34742B_Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP S G Beauchamp, 18 Oct 1916DKW_34742A_Beauchamp
BEAUMONT[Mrs] M Beaumont, 26 Oct [1906]DKW_23334D_Beaumont
BEAUMONT[Mrs] M Beaumont, 26 Oct [1906]DKW_23334C_Beaumont
BEAUMONTMiss Beaumont, 18 Dec 1907DKW_29395_Beaumont
BEAUMONTMiss Beaumont, copy photograph, nDDKW_22921K_Beaumont
BEAUMONT Mrs Beaumont, 11 Dec 1916DKW_34877_Beaumont
BECKETTBaby Beckett, 24 Jan 1911DKW_31283_31283A_Beckett
BECKETTMiss N Beckett, 13 Feb 1907DKW_23681_Beckett
BECKETT Master Beckett, 27 Jan 1913Archives.DKW_33250_Beckett
BECKETT_RBaby Beckett, 12 May 1911DKW_31413_Beckett_R
BECKWORTHMiss Beckworth, 27 Nov 1906DKW_23436_Beckworth
BECKWORTHMiss Beckworth, 27 Nov 1906DKW_23436A_Beckworth
BEDWELLBedwell, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35391_Bedwell
BEEMAN J N Beeman, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35140_Beeman
BEESONF Beeson, 1 Dec 1910DKW_31111_Beeson
BELLBaby Bell, 6 Dec 1913DKW_33670A_Bell
BELLBell, copy photograph, 16 Feb 1915DKW_32871_Bell
BELLCopy of photograph ordered by Mr Bell, 15 Mar 1909DKW_30115_Bell
BELLMiss Bell, 2 Dec 1911DKW_31679A_Bell
BELLMiss Bell, 27 Nov 1906DKW_23433A_Bell
BELLMiss Bell, 27 Nov 1906DKW_23433_Bell
BELLNurse Bell, 25 Nov 1915DKW_36054_Bell
BELL Baby Bell, 6 Dec 1913DKW_33670_Bell
BELL BROWNBell-Brown, Esq, 8 Mar 1915DKW_35480_Bell Brown
BELLCHAMBERBellchamber, 7 Dec 1906DKW_24356A_Bellchamber
BEMBRIDGEBembridge, copy photographs ordered by Miss Bembridge, 1 Mar 1911DKW_31361A_Bembridge
BENDER A C Bender, Esq, 18 Jan 1915DKW_35251_Bender
BENNETTBaby Bennett , 14 Dec 1916DKW_34896_Bennett
BENNETTMiss Bennett, 16 Dec 1915DKW_32881_Bennett
BENNETT G S Bennett, Esq, 4 Dec 1914DKW_35044_Bennett
BENNINGBaby Benning, 2 Nov 1906DKW_23446_Benning
BENNSMiss Benns, 8 Dec 1911DKW_31714B_Benns
BENSON R C Benson , Esq, 4 Jan 1915DKW_35139_Benson
BERKLEYMiss Berkley, 17 May 1917DKW_37095_Berkley
BERRYMade from a copy for a Mrs Berry, 14 Sept 1915DKW_36024_Berry
BEVANMiss Bevan, 15 Dec 1905DKW_23580A_Bevan
BEVESBaby Beves, 24 Sep 1913DKW_33579A_Beves
BEVES Baby Beves, 14 Sep 1913DKW_33579_Beves
BEVINGTONBevington, 19 Jul [no year]DKW_22948A_Bevington
BIBLEMaster Bible, 3 Jan 1909DKW_30041_Bible
BIBLEMaster Bible, 3 Jan 1909DKW_30041B_Bible
BICKERBicker, 7 Dec 1909DKW_30530_30530A_Bicker
BICKERSTAFFMiss Bickerstaff, 26 Nov 1911DKW_31650_31650A_Bickerstaff
BICKERSTAFF_DETMiss Bickerstaff, 26 Nov 1911DKW_31650_31650A_Bickerstaff_det
BICKETMiss Bicket, 16 Feb 1908DKW_29550G_Bicket
BIDDULPHMiss Biddulph, 2 Sep 1912DKW_32313_Biddulph
BIDELEUXMiss L Bideleux, 9 Nov [no year]DKW_22465_Bideleux
BIGGSH Biggs, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_32893_Biggs
BIGSBYMr Bigsby, nDDKW_22825_Bigsby
BILLINGHURSTMrs Billinghurst, 2 Nov 1906DKW_23413B_Billinghurst
BILLINGHURSTMrs Billinghurst, 2 Nov 1906DKW_23413E_Billinghurst
BILLINGS Mrs Billings and baby, 23 May 1917DKW_37058A_Billings
BINETBinet, 13 Jun 1913DKW_33474A_Binet
BIRCHBirch, copy photograph, 27 Apr 1907DKW_23740_Birch
BIRCHG C Birch, JuniorDKW_23250A_Birch
BIRCH Miss G Birch, 7 Nov 1913DKW_33617B_Birch
BIRCH_DETMiss G Birch (Detail), 7 Nov 1913DKW_33617B_Birch_Det
BIRKETTBirkett, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35396_Birkett
BIRKETT J Birkett, Esq, 10 May 1915DKW_35699_Birkett
BIRTILL F E Birtill, Esq, 26 Mar 1915DKW_35559_Birtill
BIRTILL F E Birtill, Esq, 26 Mar 1915DKW_35559A_Birtill
BISHOPMiss B Bishop, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24274A_Bishop
BISHOPMiss B Bishop, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24274B_Bishop
BISHOPMiss B Bishop, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24274C_Bishop
BISHOPMiss M Bishop, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24275A_Bishop
BISHOPMiss M Bishop, 19 Dec 1907DKW_24275E_Bishop
BLACKBlack children, 30 Oct 1907DKW_24145_Black
BLACKBlack, 17 Aug 1914DKW_22500_Black
BLACKBlack, 17 Dec 1913DKW_33715A_Black
BLACKBlack, children 4? Dec 1907DKW_24243_24243A_Black
BLACKBlack, Esq, 12 Dec 1916DKW_34868_34868A_Black
BLACKBlack, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_34085_Black
BLACKJ Black, Esq, 15 Apr 1915DKW_35548B_Black
BLACKMiss Black, 16 Dec 1916DKW_31188_31188A_Black
BLACKMiss Black, 22 Oct 1915DKW_34393_Black
BLACKMisses Black, nDDKW_24144C_Black
BLACK F Black, Esq, 15 Apr 1915DKW_35548A_Black
BLACK F Black, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35548_Black
BLACK Master Black, 30 Nov 1915DKW_34431_Black
BLACK Miss Black, 23 Oct 1914DKW_33970_Black
BLACK Miss Black, 23 Oct 1914DKW_33970A_Black
BLACKERBlacker, Esq, 18 Dec 1908DKW_30046A_Blacker
BLACKERMr E A Blacker, 15 Feb 1908DKW_30046D_Blacker
BLACKERMr E A Blacker, 1908DKW_30046C_Blacker
BLACKERMr E A Blacker, 1908DKW_330046B_Blacker
BLAGDENBaby Blagden, 7 Oct 1914DKW_33975_Blagden
BLAKEA H Blake, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35194_Blake
BLENCOWEO C Blencowe, Esq, 6 Feb 1915Thanks to oxlade134 we can correct his initials to read O C. Oxlade134 has also provided the following information about Oswald Charles Blencowe, 1890-1916
BLENCOWEO C Blencowe, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35352_Blencowe
BLENCOWEO L Blencowe Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35352_Blencowe
BLENCOWEO L Blencowe Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35352A_Blencowe
BLOCKEYL E Blockley Esq, 7 May 1915DKW_35671_Blockey
BLOXHAMBloxham, copy photograph, nDDKW_32224_Bloxham
BLUNNMiss Blunn, nDDKW_32125_Blunn
BLYTHAMMrs Blytham with dog, 30 Nov 1906DKW_23451_Blytham
BOARDMANBoardman, Little Boy, 29 Feb 1916DKW_34532_Boardman
BOASTMiss Boast, 27 Oct 1915DKW_34296_Boast
BODDINGTONJ E Boddington, Esq, 5 Mar 1915DKW_35482_Boddington
BOLTONMrs Bolton and dog, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34679_Bolton
BOLTONW C Bolton Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35127_Bolton
BOMFORDMiss Bomford, 27 Nov 1907DKW_24180D_Bomford
BOMFORDMiss Bomford, 30 Jun [no year]DKW_22922D_Bomford
BOMFORDMiss Bomford, 30 Jun [no year]DKW_22922E_Bomford
BOMFORDMiss Bomford, 30 Jun [year not clear]DKW_22922_Bomford
BONHAMW D Bonham Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35321_Bonham
BONHAM W D Bonham, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35321A_Bonham
BONNIFACEMiss Bonniface, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23578_Bonniface
BOOTHMr Booth, 18 Nov [no year]DKW_22489A_Booth
BOOTHRUYDNurse Boothruyd, 18 Dec1911DKW_32169_Boothruyd
BOSSKEYBosskey, Esq, 1 Jul 1916DKW_34653_Bosskey
BOSTELBaby Bostel, 21 Nov 1911DKW_31651_31651A_Bostel
BOTSHALLMiss Botshall, 1 Dec 1909DKW_30519_Botshall
BOTTELLBaby Bottell, 14 Dec 1911DKW_32166_Bottell
BOTTINGMiss Botting, 28 Sep 1907DKW_24079A_Botting
BOURNE Miss Bourne, nDDKW_34798_Bourne
BOURNE_RPhotograph of dog requested by Miss Bourne, 19 Dec 1910DKW_31203_Bourne_R
BOURNEBUSCALETMrs Bourne Buscalet, May 1912DKW_32280B_BourneBuscalet
BOURNEBUSCALETMrs Bourne Buscalet, nDDKW_32280_BourneBuscalet
BOURNEBUSCALETMrs Bourne Buscalet, nDDKW_32280A_BourneBuscalet
BOWDENBowden, 7 Dec 1909DKW_30524_Bowden
BOWDENBowden, 7 Dec 1909DKW_30524A_Bowden
BOWDENT H Bowden, Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35128_Bowden
BOWDEN T G Bowden, Esq, 4 May 1915DKW_35607_Bowden
BOWE L H Bowe, Esq, 20 May 1915DKW_35706_Bowe
BOWE L H Bowe, Esq, 20 May 1915DKW_35706A_Bowe
BOWERBower, copy photograph, nDDKW_22538A_Bower
BOWERBower, copy photographs, nDDKW_22538B_Bower
BOWERBower, copy photographs, nDDKW_22538_Bower
BOWER Bower, 18 Aug 1915DKW_34106_Bower
BOWIE Nurse Bowie, 4 May 1915DKW_34145A_Bowie
BOWIE Nurse Bowie, 4 May 1915DKW_34145_Bowie
BOWLESMiss C Bowles, 23 Feb 1915DKW_32842_32842A_Bowles
BOWLESMiss M Bowles, 28 Dec 1914DKW_32841_Bowles
BOWLESMiss M Bowles, 3 Feb 1915DKW_32841A_Bowles
BOWLESR J A Bowles, 10 May 1912Read our blog about Reginald Julian Albany Bowles and his sisters:
BOWLESR J A Bowles, Esq, 10 May 1912Read our blog about Reginald Julian Albany Bowles and his sisters:
BOWLEY Miss Bowley, 12 Jul 1915DKW_34217_Bowley
BOWLINGA Bowling, Esq, 12 Feb 1915DKW_35373_Bowling
BOYDJ A Boyd, Esq, 8 Mar 1915DKW_35442_Boyd
BOYDENBoyden, copy photograph, nDDKW_22427_Boyden
BOYLEMiss Boyle, 31 Mar 1914DKW_32710_Boyle
BOYNEMiss Boyne, 1 Mar 1912DKW_31865B_Boyne
BRABYBraby, little girl, 4 Oct 1912DKW_33101A_Braby
BRABYBraby, little girl, 4 Oct 1912DKW_33101_Braby
BRABYMiss B Braby, nDDKW_24172_24172A_Braby
BRABYMiss B Braby, nDDKW_24173_24173A_Braby
BRADBURN G Bradburn, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35518_Bradburn_L
BRADBURYMiss Bradbury, 20 Apr 1917DKW_37056_37056A_Bradbury
BRADBURYMiss Bradbury, 29 Apr 1916DKW_34543_Bradbury
BRADDHAWMiss Braddhaw, 21 Nov 1910DKW_31069C_Braddhaw
BRADLEYBradley, 3 Aug 1909DKW_30267_Bradley
BRADLEY E Bradley, Esq, 23 Apr 1915DKW_35640A_Bradley
BRADSTOCKMiss Bradstock, 30 Apr 1916DKW_34569_Bradstock
BRAIDWOODBraidwood, 18 Dec 1908DKW_30040_30040A_Braidwood
BRAIDWOODBraidwood, 20 May 1909DKW_30040B_30040C_Braidwood
BRAINBaby Brain, nDDKW_22443_Brain
BRAINTREEMiss Baintree, nDDKW_24266A_Braintree
BRANDMiss Brand, 6 Oct 1908DKW_29819B_Brand
BRANDNurse Brand, 14 Sep 1915DKW_36017_Brand
BRAZIERMr Brazier, 14 Dec 1906DKW_23560_Brazier
BRAZIERMr Brazier, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23560A_Brazier
BRAZIERMr Brazier, copy photograph, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23560B_Brazier
BRICHEMlle Briche, 20 Feb 1914DKW_33799C_Briche
BRICHEMlle Briche, 20 Feb 1914DKW_33799D_Briche
BRIDGEMANBridgeman, children 8? Nov 1907DKW_24164_Bridgeman
BRIDGESMiss Bridges, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23464A_Bridges
BRIDGESMiss Bridges, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23464_Bridges
BRIDGESMrs Bridges, 18 May 1915DKW_34157_Bridges
BRIDGES Master Bridges, 19 May 1915DKW_34158_Bridges
BRIDGMANBridgman children, 1 Dec 1908DKW_29964_29964A_Bridgman
BRIGGSMiss E Briggs, 20 Aug 1913DKW_33551_Briggs
BRIGHT Nurse Bright, 10 Nov 1915DKW_34311_Bright
BRIGSTACKNun, copy photograph, nDDKW_33969_Brigstack
BRINKLEYMiss Brinkley, 10 Mar 1915DKW_32896_Brinkley
BRITTAN Baby Brittan, 06 May 1913DKW_33438A_Brittan
BROADWOODLittle boy Broadwood, 12 Dec 1908DKW_30026_30026A_Broadwood
BROCKBaby Brock, 14 Jan 1911DKW_31271B_Brock
BROCKMiss Brock, 19 Nov 1915DKW_34323_Brock
BROCKBANKMiss Brockbank, 7 Aug 1915DKW_34237_Brockbank
BROCKBANK Miss Brockbank, 11 May 1914DKW_33836_Brockbank
BROCKWELL W L R Brockwell, Esq, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35280_Brockwell
BROOKE Sgt H J Brooke, 24 Feb 1915DKW_35435A_Brooke
BROOKE Sgt H J Brooke, 24 Feb 1915DKW_35435_Brooke
BROOKESMiss Brookes & dog, 25 May 1914DKW_32727_Brookes
BROOKSMr C A Brooks, 13 Apr 1908DKW_24433A_Brooks
BROWNMiss D J Brown, 16 Aug [no year]DKW_23001C_Brown
BROWNMiss D J Brown, 16 Aug [no year]DKW_23001D_Brown
BROWNPte Brown, 6 Nov 1915DKW_35780_35780A_Brown
BROWNR Brown Esq, 2 Sep 1912DKW_33050_33050B_Brown
BROWN Miss J Brown, 3 Nov 1913DKW_33593A_Brown
BROWN Miss J Brown, 3 Nov 1913DKW_33593_Brown
BROWN Sgt Brown, 16 Jan 1917DKW_34923_34923A_Brown
BROWNE Miss K Browne, 4 Jan 1911DKW_33307A_Browne
BROWNINGD W Browning Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35668_Browning
BROWNING C E Browning, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35375B_Browning
BROWNING C E Brownng, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35375A_Browning
BRUCELieut C K Bruce, 5 Jan 1917DKW_34772A_Bruce
BRUCE Lieut C K Bruce, 5 Jan 1917DKW_34772_Bruce
BRUHL H A P Bruhl, Esq, 30 Dec 1914DKW_35186_Bruhl
BRUNDISHMrs D Brundish, 14 Jan 1907DKW_23661A_Brundish
BRYDENMrs Brooks Bryden, 22 Oct 1912DKW_33126_Bryden
BRYDEN Bryden, copy photograph, taken 29 Sep 1912DKW_33104_Bryden
BRYDEN Bryden, copy photograph, taken 29 Sep 1912DKW_33104A_Bryden
BRYDEN Mrs Brooks Bryden, 22 Oct 1912DKW_33126D_Bryden
BUCK W G Buck, 26 Mar 1915DKW_35585_Buck
BUCKINGHAMJ Buckingham, Esq, nDDKW_30232C_Buckingham
BUCKINGHAMMiss Buckingham, 15 Nov 1915DKW_34314_Buckingham
BUCKINGHAM Miss Buckingham, 07 May 1915DKW_34147_Buckingham
BUCKLANDBuckland children, 28 Nov 1910DKW_31117A_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland children, 28 Nov 1910DKW_31117B_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland children, nDDKW_22554_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland children, nDDKW_22554A_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland children, nDDKW_22554B_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland group, 19 Oct 1909DKW_29823A_Buckland
BUCKLANDBuckland, [24 Mar 1908]DKW_24410_Buckland
BUDDEBudde, copy photograph, 9 Feb [no year]DKW_22780A_Budde
BUDIBANTBudibent twins, 3 Dec 1912DKW_33229D_33229D_Budibant
BULLARDMiss D Bullard, 30 Nov 1915DKW_34181_Bullard
BULLENG Bullen, Esq, copy photograph, 21 Nov 1913DKW_32616_1_Bullen
BUNNBunn, copy photograph, 14 Dec 1914DKW_32853_Bunn
BUNYANR M Bunyan Esq, 26 Jun 1915DKW_35736_Bunyan
BURDETTBurdett, copy photograph, Sep 1908DKW_29745_Burdett
BURGESSR G Burgess, Esq, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35240_Burgess
BURINANMiss Burinan, 17 Nov [1906]DKW_23390_Burinan
BURNETTMaster Burnett, 2 Apr 1910DKW_30713A_Burnett
BURNETTMaster Burnett, 2 Apr 1910DKW_30713B_Burnett
BURNSBurns, 1907DKW_24351_Burns
BURNSMr Burns, copy photograph, nDDKW_21832_Burns
BURRAGEBurrage, copy photograph, nDDKW_23228_Burrage
BURRELLB N Burrel, Esq, 19 Apr 1916DKW_35567_Burrell
BURRIDGEBurridge, copy photograph, nDDKW_30075_30075A_Burridge
BURROUGHBurroughs, 17 Aug 1915DKW_32987_Burrough
BURROUGHSLittle Miss Burroughs, nDDKW_32988_Burroughs
BURSTONSMiss Burstons, 1916DKW_34615_Burstons
BURTONBaby Burton, nDDKW_23000C_Burton
BURTONBurton, nDDKW_22999A_Burton
BURTONBurton, nDDKW_22999_Burton
BURTONBurton, nDDKW_22999C_Burton
BURTONBurton, nDDKW_22999B_Burton
BURTONLittle girl Burton, nDDKW_23565_Burton
BURTONMiss Burton, 23 Aug 1915DKW_34244_Burton
BURTONMiss Burton, 23 Aug 1915DKW_34244A_Burton
BUSSPte Buss, 10 Jan 1916DKW_34447A_Buss
BUTCHERMaster Butcher, 18 Dec 1910DKW_31078B_Butcher
BUTCHERMaster Butcher, 18 Dec 1910DKW_31078_Butcher
BUTCHERMaster Butcher, 28 Sep 1907DKW_24095B_Butcher
BUTCHERMaster Butcher, 28 Sep 1907DKW_24096A_Butcher
BUTCHERMiss Butcher, 28 Sep 1907DKW_24097_Butcher
BUTLERButler, 12 Jul 1909DKW_30129_Butler
BUTLERC H Butler, Esq, 6 May 1915DKW_35462_Butler
BUTLERF H Butler, Esq, 19 Mar 1915DKW_35488A_Butler
BUTLERMaster Butler, 18 Sep 1908DKW_29754A_Butler
BUTLERMiss Butler, 18 Sep 1908DKW_29756_29756A_Butler
BUTLERMiss Butler, 18 Sep 1908DKW_29756B_29756C_Butler
BUTLERMrs Butler, 27 Jan 1918DKW_24217_Butler
BUTTERSHAWMiss Buttershaw, nDDKW_23549 Buttershaw
BUTTERSHAWMiss Buttershaw, nDDKW_23548_Buttershaw
BUTTONJ W Button, 4 Dec 1914DKW_35050_Button
BYRNEByrne, Esq, 19 May 1915DKW_35220_Byrne
BYRNEMiss Byrne, 10 Feb 1912DKW_33118_Byrne
C_HALLMiss Hall, 10 Dec 1908DKW_30008B_30008_C_Hall
CADGEB J Cadge, Esq, 14 Dec 1914DKW_35095_Cadge
CADGEB J Cadge, Esq, 14 Dec 1914DKW_35095A_Cadge
CAINMaster Cain, 18 Dec 1914DKW_30077G_Cain
CAINFIELD Miss Cainfield, 3 Oct 1915DKW_34273_34273A_Cainfield
CAIRNSBaby Cairns, [c1910]DKW_31062B_Cairns
CALDOWBaby Caldow, 11 Oct 1912DKW_33116_Caldow
CALDOWCaldow, baby, 11 Oct 1912DKW_33116B_Caldow
CALDOWMiss Caldow, 10 Oct 1912DKW_33117_Caldow
CALDOWMiss Caldow, 10 Oct 1912DKW_33117A_Caldow
CALDOWMiss Caldow, 2 Feb 1917DKW_34962_Caldow
CALDOWMr Caldow, 21 Jan 1912DKW_31826A_Caldow
CALDOWMr W L Caldow, 3 Jan 1912DKW_31826_Caldow
CALMANMiss Calman, 21 Sep 1911DKW_31557A_Calman
CALVERMiss Calver, 7 Dec 1914DKW_34036_Calver
CALVERT Miss Calvert, 13 Jan 1917DKW_34933_Calvert
CAMERONJ Cameron, Esq, 16 Feb 1916DKW_34524_35424A_
CAMERON Mrs Cameron, 15 Feb 1916DKW_34525_Cameron
CAMPBELL F E Campbell, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_34072_34072A_Campbell
CAMPBELL R Campbell, Esq, 6 May 1915DKW_35665_Campbell
CAMPBELLJONESCampbell Jones, Esq, 5 May 1910DKW_30737C_CampbellJones
CAMPSTONMiss Campston, 9 Mar 1916DKW_34549_Campston
CANDLERMr Candler, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22587_Candler
CANE Miss Cane, 9 Dec 1915DKW_34368_Cane
CANERMiss Caner, nDDKW_24155A_Caner
CANHAMCanham children, nDDKW_22555A_Canham
CANNONBaby Cannon, 18 Aug 1907DKW_23892_Cannon
CANNONLittle Girl Cannon, 13 Nov 1908DKW_29888A_Cannon
CANTBaby Cant, 5 Dec 1911DKW_31689_31689A_Cant
CANTG H Cant, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35219_Cant
CANT G H Cant, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35219A_Cant
CANT Mr H J Cant, 8 May 1916DKW_34596_Cant
CAPON Miss Capon, 8 Dec 1911DKW_33104_Capon
CARNEGY Baby P Carnegy, 16 Feb 16DKW_34522_Carnegy
CARNEGY Carnegy children, 15 Dec 1916DKW_34900_Carnegy
CARNELLMiss Carnell, 13 Nov 1913DKW_33628B_Carnell
CARNELL Miss Carnell, 13 Nov 1913DKW_33628A_Carnell
CARPENTERMiss Carpenter (could be Parkin), June 1912DKW_31945_Carpenter
CARR A R Carr, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35206A_Carr
CARR A R Carr, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35206_Carr
CARRINGTONJ Carrington, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35212A_Carrington
CARRINGTONJ Carrington, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35212_Carrington
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836C_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836F_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836D_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836B_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 July 1907DKW_23836E_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School), 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836G_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENTCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School), Cycle Proficiency, 8 Jul 1907DKW_23836A_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENT Carshalton Convent (St Philomena's School)DKW_33467A_CarshaltonConvent
CARSHALTONCONVENT Carshalton Convent (St Philomena's School), June 1906DKW_33468_CarshaltonConvent_Neg
CARSHALTONCONVENT .Carshalton Convent (St Philomena's School), June 1906DKW_33468_CarshaltonConvent_L .
CARSHALTONCONVENT_SISTERSister, Carshalton Convent, copy photograph, 3 Nov [no year]DKW_24142D_CarshaltonConvent_Sister
CARSHALTONCONVENT_SISTERSUPERIORSister, Carshalton Convent, copy photograph, Mar 1908DKW_34544_CarshaltonConvent_SisterSuperior
CARSHALTONCONVENT_SPORTSCarshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) sportsDKW_23836H_CarshaltonConvent_Sports
CARSON R Carson, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35236_Carson
CARTER Miss Carter, 17 Nov 1913DKW_33626A_Carter
CARTER Miss Carter, 17 Nov 1913DKW_33626C_Carter
CARTLANDMiss Cartland, 19 Apr 1915DKW_32910B_Cartland
CASEBOURNEMiss Casebourne, 20 Dec 1913DKW_32667A_Casebourne
CASEBOURNEMiss Casebourne, 20 Dec 1913DKW_32667_Casebourne
CASEYBaby Casey, 17 Feb 1908DKW_24384_Casey
CASEYMiss Casey, 10 Apr 1910DKW_30723A_Casey
CASEYMiss Casey, 10 Apr 1910DKW_30723_Casey
CASTENDA Miss Castenda, 21 May 1907DKW_37094_Castenda
CASTLE W H Castle, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35256_Castle
CASTLE W H Castle, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35256A_Castle
CATEIFFCateiff children, nDDKW_30480A_Cateiff
CATONMiss Esme Caton, 4 Dec 1909DKW_30526B_Caton
CATON Baby Caton, 5 May 1916DKW_34576B_Caton
CATTONBaby Caton, 5 May 1916DKW_34576A_Catton
CATTONCaton, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24301_24301A_Catton
CATTONCaton, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24302_24302A_Catton
CATTON Baby Caton, 5 May 1916DKW_34576_Catton
CAULFIELD Caulfield, 21 Jan 1916DKW_34469_Caulfield
CAVELL Miss G A Cavell, 1915DKW_34011_Cavell
CHADBANDMiss Chadband, 20 Apr 1915DKW_32918_Chadband
CHALLADS Master Challads, 13 Jan 1917DKW_34922_Challads
CHALLENMiss Challen, 31 Oct 1907DKW_24147A_Challen
CHALLENMiss Challen, 31 Oct 1907DKW_24147_Challen
CHALLENERMiss Challener, 30 Jul 1915DKW_32984_Challener
CHAMBERLAINMiss Chamberlain, 18 Dec 1914DKW_32849_Chamberlain
CHAMBERLAINMiss Chamberlain, 28 Dec 1914DKW_32849A_Chamberlain
CHAMBERLAIN Miss Chamberlain, [1917]DKW_37088_37088A_Chamberlain
CHAMPIONMiss Champion, 31 Dec 1909DKW_30613_Champion
CHANDLERMaster Chandler, 12 Feb 1909DKW_30083A_Chandler
CHANDLERMaster Chandler, 12 Feb 1909DKW_30083_Chandler
CHANDLERMiss Chandler, 18 Feb 1909DKW_30085B_Chandler
CHANDLERMiss Chandler, 18 Feb 1909DKW_30085A_Chandler
CHANDLERMiss Chandler, 19 Jun 1909DKW_30192D_Chandler
CHANDLERMiss Chandler, 19 Jun 1909DKW_30192H_Chandler
CHANDLERMiss Chandler, 9 Jan 1915DKW_32857_Chandler
CHANDLERMrs Chandler, 19 Jun 1909DKW_30084_30084J_Chandler
CHANDLERMrs Chandler, 19 Jun 1909DKW_30084L_Chandler
CHAPMANMiss Chapman, 13 Jul 1907DKW_23834B_Chapman
CHAPMANMiss Chapman, 13 Jul 1907DKW_23834C_Chapman
CHAPPLEMiss Chapple, 28 Apr 1913DKW_32503_Chapple
CHAPPLEMiss Chapple, 28 Apr 1913DKW_32503A_Chapple
CHARLESNurse Charles, 30 Mar [?]DKW_22486_Charles
CHARLEST O Charles, Esq, 4 Mar 1915DKW_35474A_Charles
CHARLESWORTHMaster Charlesworth, 29 Sep 1913DKW_32578B_Charlesworth
CHARLESWORTHMaster Charlesworth, 29 Sep 1913DKW_32578A_Charlesworth
CHARLESWORTHMaster Charlesworth, 29 Sep 1913DKW_32578_Charlesworth
CHARMANA S Charman, Esq, 5 Jan 1911DKW_31247_Charman
CHEATHAM F G Cheatham, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35519_Cheatham
CHEATHAM F G Cheatham, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35519A_Cheatham_L
CHECTOR J A Chector, Esq, 9 Mar 1915DKW_34102_Chector
CHEESELEYMiss Cheeseley, 6 Dec 1906DKW_32513_Cheeseley
CHEESEMANCheeseman, 10 Dec 1908DKW_29986_22986A_Cheeseman
CHEESEMANMiss Cheeseman, 26 Aug 1915DKW_36009_Cheeseman
CHEESEMANMrs Cheeseman and baby, 6 Dec 1906DKW_23526B_Cheeseman
CHEESEMANMrs Cheeseman and baby, 6 Dec 1906DKW_23526_Cheeseman
CHEESEMAN Mrs Cheeseman, 10 Jun 1915DKW_34179_Cheeseman
CHESHIREMiss Cheshire, 12 Nov 1910DKW_31040A_Cheshire
CHESHIREMiss Cheshire, 25 Nov 1913DKW_32622_Cheshire
CHESSEX Miss Chessex, nd [c1914-15]DKW_34017_Chessex
CHESTERLittle girl Chester, nDDKW_22472C_Chester
CHESTERLittle girl Chester, nDDKW_22472B_Chester
CHESTERLittle girl Chester, nDDKW_22472_Chester
CHESTER Chester, Esq, J, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35158_Chester
CHETWOOD Baby Chetwood, 6 Mar 1917DKW_37006_Chetwood
CHETWOOD Baby Chetwood, 6 Mar 1917DKW_37006A_Chetwood
CHILDSChilds children, 22 Nov 1906DKW_23411A_Childs
CHITTYDoris Chitty, 17 Nov 1913DKW_32613A_Chitty
CHITTYDoris Chitty, 17 Nov 1913DKW_32613_Chitty
CHITTYDoris Chitty, 17 Nov 1913DKW_32613B_Chitty
CHITZEY Chitzey, copy photograph, 9 Nov 1916DKW_34793_Chitzey
CHIVERS Miss Chivers, 4 Nov 1912DKW_33158_33158A_Chivers
CHRISTIANBaby Christian, 8 Dec 1918DKW_31149_31149B_Christian
CHRISTIEChristie, copy photograph, 19 Mar 1908DKW_24402_Christie
CHRISTIEMiss A Christie, 1 Jul 1912DKW_31986A_Christie
CHRISTIEMiss Christie, 1 Jul 1912DKW_31986_Christie
CHURCHMiss Church, 19 Dec 1912DKW_32437A_Church
CHURCHER Baby Churcher, 13 Jun 1916DKW_34633_Churcher
CHURCHILLMr Churchill, Oct [no year]DKW_22452_Churchill
CHURCHILLMr J Churchill, Oct [no year]DKW_22452C_Churchill
CHURCHILLMrs Churchill, 9 Nov [no year]DKW_22469A_Churchill
CHURCHILLMrs Churchill, 9 Nov [no year]DKW_22469_Churchill
CLAPTON E P Clapton, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35566_Clapton
CLARABUTTMr Clarabutt, nDDKW_22907A_Clarabutt
CLARKClark children, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23535_Clark
CLARKClark, copy photograph, nDDKW_23764_Clark
CLARKF W Clark, Esq, 26 Sep 1912 DKW_33075A_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, Jan 1908DKW_29400C_29400D_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, 10 Oct 1910DKW_30976B_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, 16 Jun 1915DKW_32949_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, 21 Jun 1915DKW_32948_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, 29 Apr 1915DKW_32920A_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, 29 Apr 1915DKW_32920_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, Jan 1908DKW_29400_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, Jan 1908DKW-29400B_Clark
CLARKMiss Clark, nDDKW_21969_Clark
CLARKMiss Clarke, 6 Oct 1910DKW_30976A_Clark
CLARKNurse Clark, 30 Sep [1907]DKW_24115_Clark
CLARKNurse Clark, nDDKW_21969A_Clark
CLARKNurse Clark, nDDKW_23005_Clark
CLARKNurse Clark, nDDKW_23005C_Clark
CLARK F W Clark, Esq, 26 Sep 1912DKW_33075C_Clark
CLARK Miss Clark, 14 Jun 1915DKW_34184_Clark
CLARKEMaster Clarke, 7 Sep 1912DKW_32251_Clarke
CLARKEMiss Clarke, 12 May 1912DKW_32250_Clarke
CLARKE L G Clarke, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35537_Clarke
CLARKE Miss Clarke, 19 May 1916DKW_34602_Clarke
CLARKE Miss Clarke, 19 May 1916DKW_34602A_Clarke
CLARKE Miss Clarke, 27 Jun 1914DKW_33868_Clarke
CLARKE Miss Clarke, 27 Jun 1914DKW_33868A_Clarke
CLARKE Nurse E U Clarke, 10 Jun 1916DKW_34628A_Clarke
CLARKE Nurse E U Clarke, 10 June 1916DKW_34628_Clarke
CLAYMiss Clay, 19 Nov 1910We can't be sure this is "Miss Clay". It may be the photograph was ordered by a Miss Clay. It seems odd to describe a toddler as "Miss".
CLAYTONClayton, 7 Dec 1909DKW_30532_30532A_Clayton
CLERKEMiss S Clerke, 31 Oct 1907DKW_24148C_Clerke
CLEWORTH A B Cleworth, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35517_Cleworth_L
CLOUGHB G Clough, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35455_Clough
CLOUGHJ J Clough, Esq, 3 Dec 1914DKW_35036A_Clough
CLOUGH B G Clough, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35455A_Clough
CLOUGH J J Clough, Esq, 3 Dec 1914DKW_35036_Clough
CLOUGH Nurse Clough, 16 Sep 1916DKW_34661_Clough
CLOUGH Nurse Clough, 23 Nov 1916DKW_36061_Clough
COBB G F Cobb, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35399_35399A_Cobb
COBBETTLieut Cobbett, 19 Jan 1916DKW_34452B_Cobbett
COCKERHAMMrs Cockerham, 22 Dec 1916DKW_32047_Cockerham
COCKSBaby Cocks, 15 Dec 1908DKW_30022B_30022C_Cocks
COCKSPte Cocks, 12 Oct 1915DKW_35760_Cocks
COKEMiss Coke, copy photograph, 30 Nov 1910DKW_31100_Coke
COLEMiss Cole, nDDKW_33187A_Cole
COLEMiss P Cole, 7 Nov 1913DKW_32608_Cole
COLEMiss P Cole, 7 Nov 1913DKW_32608B_Cole
COLEMr Cole, nDDKW_30014_Cole
COLEMANMiss Coleman, 7 Sep 1911DKW_31534A_Coleman
COLEMANMiss Coleman, 7 Sep 1911DKW_31534_Coleman
COLEMAN Miss Colemand, 31 Mar 1915DKW_34127_Coleman
COLES H P Coles, Esq, 25 Nov 1914DKW_35022_Coles
COLLERBaby Coller, 18 Nov 1911DKW_32100_Coller
COLLERBaby Coller, 18 Nov 1911DKW_32100A_Coller
COLLETT Mrs Collett, 13 Nov 1913DKW_33627A_Collett
COLLETT Mrs Collett, 13 Nov 1913DKW_33627B_Collett
COLLICK Collick, copy photograph, 12 Mar 1915DKW_34116_Collick
COLLIE Nurse Collie, 29 Nov 1915DKW_36078_Collie
COLLIERLittle Girl Collier, 17 Dec 1907DKW_29385A_Collier
COLLINSW Collins, nDDKW_32317_Collins
COLLISMiss Collis, 15 Jan 1915DKW_32861A_Collis
COLLSMiss C Colls, 25 Nov 1911DKW_32096_Colls
COLMANMiss Colman, Nov 1908DKW_29916_29916A_Colman
COLTMANW Coltman Esq, 5 Mar 1915DKW_35484_Coltman
COMESMiss E Comes, 8 Dec 1915DKW_33746A_Comes
CONINGHAMBaby Coningham, 1 Apr 1911DKW_31881_Coningham
CONNINGHAMConningham, children 7 Dec 1911DKW_31699_31699A_Conningham
CONSTABLEMiss Constable, 17 Jan 1907DKW_23669_Constable
CONSTANDURASBaby Constanduras, 2 May 1917DKW_37075C_Constanduras
CONSTANDURAS Baby Constanduras, 2 May 1917DKW_37075_Constanduras_L
CONSTANDUROS Baby Constanduros, 3 Jun 1916DKW_34620A_Constanduros
CONSTANDUROS Baby Constanduros, 3 Jun 1916DKW_34620_Constanduros
COOKCook, 8 Nov 1908DKW_29949_29949A_Cook
COOKJ E Cook, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35642_Cook
COOK F E Cook, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35643A_Cook
COOK F E Cook, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35643_Cook
COOK J E Cook, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35642A_Cook
COOKEBaby Cooke, 7 Jan 1912DKW_31743_Cooke
COOKEBaby Cooke, 7 Jan 1912DKW_31743A_Cooke
COOKEMiss Cooke, 30 Nov 1906DKW_23443_Cooke
COOKE Miss Cooke, 10 Feb 1914DKW_33793_Cooke
COOKSON B Cookson, Esq, 12 Mar 1915DKW_35506_Cookson_L
COOMBESMiss Coombes, 29 Apr 1915DKW_32921_Coombes
COOMBESMiss Coombes, 29 Apr 1915DKW_32921A_Coombes
COOPARLieut Coopar, nDDKW_30725A_Coopar
COOPERB Cooper, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35315_Cooper
COOPERCooper children, nDDKW_23562A_Cooper
COOPERMiss Cooper, 11 Nov 1909DKW_30433E_Cooper
COOPERMiss Cooper, 18 Dec 1914DKW_34038_Cooper
COOPERMiss Cooper, 28 Nov [no year]DKW_22517A_Cooper
COOPERMiss Cooper, 28 Nov [no year]DKW_22517_Cooper
COOPER Baby Cooper, 3 May 1915DKW_33432_33432A_Cooper
COOPER Cooper, nDDKW_35176A_Cooper
COOPER Miss Cooper, 20 Dec 1915DKW_34400_Cooper
COOTE Coote, 12 May 1915DKW_34155_34155A_Coote
COPEMiss Cope, 24 Jun 1915DKW_32951_Cope
COPEMrs Cope, 24 Jun 1915DKW_32952_Cope
COPESTAKEBaby Copestake, 22 Jun 1907DKW_23818_Copestake
COPESTAKEBaby Copestake, 22 Jun 1907DKW_23818A_Copestake
COPESTAKEBaby Copestake, 22 Jun 1907DKW_23818B_Copestake
CORBETTBaby Corbett, 27 Jan 1914DKW_32690B_Corbett
CORBETTBaby Corbett, 27 Jan 1914DKW_32690_Corbett
CORBETTD B Corbett, Esq, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35464_Corbett
CORBETTMrs Corbett, nDDKW_22906B_Corbett
CORBETTMrs Corbett, nDDKW_22906D_Corbett
CORBETT Baby Corbett, 27 Jan 1914DKW_32690A_Corbett
CORBYH G Corby, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35523A_Corby
CORBYH G Corby, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35523_Corby
CORDELLMr Cordell, 18 Oct [no year]DKW_22435A_Cordell
CORDELL Mr Cordell, 18 Oct [no year]DKW_22435B_Cordell
CORDINERMaster Cordiner, 20 Nov 1907DKW_24230_24230A_Cordiner
CORFIELDBaby Corfield, copy photograph, nDDKW_33612H_Corfield
CORFIELDMrs Corfield, 9 Dec 1913DKW_33642J_33642K_Corfield
CORNERMiss D Corner, 10 Jan 1912DKW_33755A_Corner
CORNERMiss D Corner, 10 Jan 1912DKW_33755B_Corner
CORNERNurse Corner, 12 Dec 1916DKW_34879_34879A_Corner
CORRISCorris, 27 Oct 1911DKW_32073_Corris
CORRISMiss Corris, 27 Oct 1911DKW_32073A_Corris
CORRISMiss D Corris, 4 Oct 1911DKW_32095_Corris
CORRISMiss Edna Corris, 12 Jan 1912DKW_32175_Corris
COSHAMH Cosham, Esq, 9 Nov 1915DKW_35163A_Cosham
COSHAMH Cosham, Esq, 9 Nov 1915DKW_35163B_Cosham
COULSONMiss Coulson, 25 Oct 1915DKW_36047_Coulson
COULTHARDMaster Coulthard, 17 Aug [year not clear]DKW_22347A_Coulthard
COULTHARDMiss Coulthard, 17 Aug [year not clear]DKW_22348_Coulthard
COVENTRYMiss Coventry, 6 Dec 1909DKW_30483D_Coventry
COXH I Cox, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35536A_Cox
COXMiss Cox, 1 Dec 1906DKW_23440_Cox
COXMiss Cox, 23 Nov 1912DKW_33204C_33204D_Cox
COXMiss Cox, nDDKW_22357_Cox
COXMiss M Cox, 8 Oct 1912DKW_33107A_Cox
COX H J Cox, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35536_Cox
CRAGGR C Cragg, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35345_Cragg
CRASLARLittle girl Craslar, 6 Oct 1910DKW_30977_Craslar
CRASLARLittle girl Craslar, 6 Oct 1910DKW_30977A_Craslar
CRASTERMiss Craster, nDDKW_22502_Craster
CRASTERMiss H Craster, nDDKW_22501_Craster
CRAVENCraven children, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23596C_Craven
CRAVENCraven children, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23596A_Craven
CRAVENCraven children, 20 Dec 1907DKW_24324_24324A_Craven
CREASEYMiss Creasey, 2 Nov 1912DKW_32374_Creasey
CRESSWELLMiss Cresswell, nDDKW_22398A_Cresswell
CREWSMiss Crews, Jan 1908DKW_29509_Crews
CRIMPMiss Crimp, 20 May 1916DKW_34607_Crimp
CROCKETTR G Crockett, Esq, 3 May 1915DKW_35664A_Crockett
CROCKETTR G Crockett, Esq, 3 May 1915DKW_35664_Crockett
CROMPTONR Crompton, Esq, 12 Jun 1915DKW_34180_Crompton
CROSSLANDNurse Crossland, 12 Dec 1911DKW_32151_Crossland
CROUCHERCroucher, 6 Apr 1915DKW_35479_Croucher
CROWEMiss Crowe, 9 Jan 1915DKW_34086_Crowe
CROWEMiss Crowe, 9 Jan 1915DKW_34086A_Crowe
CROWEMr D Crowe, 18 Nov 1915DKW_34333A_Crowe
CROWE Mr D Crowe, 18 Nov 1915DKW_34333_Crowe
CROWLEYMaster Crowley, 21 Aug 1908DKW_29703_29703A_Crowley
CROWLEYMiss Crowley, Aug 1908DKW_29704D_29704E_Crowley
CROWLEYMrs Crowley, 21 Aug 1908DKW_29702_29702A_Crowley
CROWTHERD E Crowther, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35456_Crowther
CUFFMaster Cuff, 18 Nov [no year]DKW_23385A_Cuff
CUFFMiss Cuff, 30 Jul 1912DKW_31997_Cuff
CUFFMiss Cuff, 30 Jul 1912DKW_31997E_Cuff
CUFFMiss Cuff, nDDKW_23407_Cuff
CULLIMOREJ Cullimore, Esq, 18 Feb 1915As with others the difference in date may simply indicate a different date of printing or it's possible he returned for a second sitting.
CULLIMOREJ Cullimore, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35276A_1_Cullimore
CULLIMOREJ Cullimore, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35276B_Cullimore
CULLIMOREJ Cullimore, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35276_1_Cullimore
CULLIMOREJ Cullimore, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35276A_2_Cullimore
CULLIMOREW Cullimore, Esq, 4 May 1915DKW_35681_Cullimore
CUMMINGL G Cumming, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35486_Cumming
CUMMINGMiss Cumming, 31 Mar 1915DKW_34126A_Cumming
CUMMINGSMiss Cummings, 31 Mar 1915DKW_34126_Cummings
CUNNINGHAMMiss Cunningham, nDDKW_23111A_Cunningham
CURRANMiss Curran, 4 Dec 1906DKW_23493G_Curran
CURRANMiss Curran, 4 Dec 1906DKW_23493E_Curran
CURRANMiss Curran, 4 Dec 1906DKW_23493B_Curran
CURRIEMrs J Currie, 29 Jul 1916DKW_34676_Currie
CURRIE Mrs J Currie, 29 Jul 1916DKW_34676A_Currie
CURRIERMiss Currier, Dec 1906DKW_23624_Currier
CURRYCurry, F J, Esq, 6 Mar 1917DKW_37001A_Curry
CURTISMiss Curtis, 21 Nov 1906DKW_23406_Curtis
CURTISMrs Curtis, 6 Dec 1911DKW_31729_Curtis
CURTRELLEMiss Curtrelle, 16 Apr 1917DKW_37048_Curtrelle
CUTLERMiss Cutler, 1 Oct 1908DKW_29813B_29813C_Cutler
CUTLERMiss Cutler, 24 Nov 1915DKW_34326_Cutler
CUTLERMiss Cutler, 3 Dec 1907DKW_24273B_24273C_Cutler
CUTTERCutter Cpl, 4 Jun 1915DKW_35733_Cutter
CUTTERLittle girl Cutter, 1 Dec 1918DKW_33698A_Cutter
CUTTERMiss Cutter (or Cutler), 14 Dec 1907DKW_24208B_Cutter
CUTTERMiss Cutter (or Cutler), 14 Dec 1907DKW_24208_Cutter
DADSONMiss Dadson, 15 Dec 1914DKW_34050_34050A_Dadson
DADSWELLC J Dadswell Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35117_Dadswell
DADSWELL C J Dadswell, Esq, 1 Mar 1915DKW_35117A_Dadswell
DALLYMiss Dally, nDDKW_22368B_Dally
DAMANMaster Daman, 18 Nov 1908DKW_23395A_1_Daman
DAMANMaster Daman, 18 Nov 1908DKW_23395B_Daman
DAMANMiss Daman, 18 Nov 1906DKW_23394_Daman
DAMANMiss Daman, 18 Nov 1906DKW_23394C_Daman
DANCYMiss Enid Dancy, 14 Oct (nd)DKW_22444B_Dancy
DANCYMiss Enid Dancy, 14 Oct (nd)DKW_22444A_Dancy
DANCYMiss Enid Dancy, copy photograph, nDDKW_22444_Dancy
DANGERSDangers, 19 Aug 1912DKW_33034C_Dangers
DANGERSDangers, 19 Aug 1912DKW_33034A_Dangers
DANGERSDangers, 27 Aug 1912DKW_33033A_Dangers
DANGERSDangers, 27 Aug 1912DKW_33033_Dangers
DANGERSEnid Dangers, 19 Aug 1912DKW_33034F_Dangers
DANGERSLittle girl Dangers, 12 Sep 1908DKW_29700C_Dangers
DANGERSMrs Dangers and daughter, 9 Aug 1910DKW_30840_Dangers
DANGERSMrs Dangers, 9 Aug 1910DKW_30840A_Dangers
DANIELBaby Daniel, 7 Dec 1912DKW_32399_Daniel
DANIELBaby Daniel, 7 Dec 1912DKW_32399A_Daniel
DANIELBaby Daniel, 7 Dec 1912DKW_32399B_Daniel
DANIELBaby Daniel, 7 Dec 1912DKW_32399C_Daniel
DANIELDr Daniel, nDDKW_24352_Daniel
DANIELMrs Daniel, 28 Nov 1907DKW_24212A_Daniel
DANIELMrs Daniel, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24236B_24236C_Daniel
DANIELSMiss Daniels, no dateDKW_32287_Daniels
DANKINMiss E Dankin, 21 Feb 1907DKW_23686A_Dankin
DANKSDr Danks, nDDKW_32441A_Danks
DANNC D Dann, Esq, 1 Mar 1915DKW_35444_Dann
DAREDare children, nDDKW_22589_Dare
DAREMrs Dare, 24 Nov 1908DKW_29920_29920A_Dare
DARLINGMr J Darling, 22 Aug 1913DKW_33550A_Darling
DARLINGMr J Darling, 22 Aug 1918DKW_33550_Darling
DASHWOODDashwood children, 25 Nov 1909DKW_30494B_Dashwood
DATEBaby Date, 5 Dec 1913DKW_32633_Date
DATEBaby Date, 5 Dec 1913DKW_32633A_Date
DATTSONMaster R W Dattson, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34904_Dattson
DATTSONMaster R W Dattson, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34904A_Dattson
DAVEYDavey Esq, 21 Aug 1915DKW_35747_Davey
DAVEYH Davey, Esq, 11 Oct 1915DKW_34288_Davey
DAVEYNurse Davey, 19 Dec 1914DKW_32827_Davey
DAVIDH C David, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35299_David
DAVIESA H Langdun Davies, cat, 4 Nov 1912DKW_33162_Davies
DAVIESLangdon Davies children, 1908DKW_29963B_Davies
DAVIESLangdun Davies, cat, 4 Nov 1912DKW_33162A_Davies
DAVIESMaster Langdon Davies, 1 Dec 1908DKW_29962_Davies
DAVIESMaster Langdun Davies, 27 Dec 1907DKW_24311B_Davies
DAVISMiss Davis, 12 Dec 1911DKW_34883_34883A_Davis
DAVISMiss Davis, 9 Sep 1911DKW_31533_Davis
DAVISMiss Davis, 9 Sep 1911DKW_31533A_Davis
DAVISNurse Davis, 18 Nov 1915DKW_36062_Davis
DAVISR Davis Esq, 15 Jan 1915DKW_35289_Davis
DAWDaw, 25 Aug 1913DKW_33553_Daw
DAWESMiss Dawes, 10 Nov 1907DKW_24199_24199A_Dawes
DAWESMiss Dawes, 29 Nov 1906DKW_23416A_Dawes
DAWSONBaby Dawson, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34906_Dawson
DAWSONBaby Dawson, nDDKW_30012_Dawson
DAWSONDawson children, 12 Dec 1906DKW_23554_Dawson
DAWSONMiss Dawson, 8 Dec 1907DKW_24272A_Dawson
DAWSONMr Dawson, 14 Dec 1906DKW_23579_Dawson
DAWSONMrs Dawson, 12 Dec 1906DKW_23566_Dawson
DAYLittle girl Day, 14 Dec 1913DKW_34397A_Day
DAYLittle girl Day, 14 Dec 1913DKW_34397_Day
DAYMiss Day, 19 Aug 1911DKW_31523_Day
DAYMiss Day, 18 Dec 1908DKW_30047B_Day
DAYMiss Day, 19 Aug 1911DKW_31523B_Day
DAYMiss M Day, 18 Dec 1908DKW_30047_Day
DAYNurse Day, 5 Aug 1911DKW_32052_Day
DAYHALEYMlle Dayhaley, 26 May 1915DKW_34162_Dayhaley
DE NEUVILLEDKW_34760_De Neuville_LDKW_34760_De Neuville
DEANDean, [9 Dec 1908]DKW_29999C_Dean
DEANDean, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34684_Dean
DEANDean, 9 Dec 1908DKW_29996B_Dean
DEANDean, copy photograph, 2 May 1907DKW_23762_Dean
DEANMiss B Dean, 18 Dec 1908DKW_29999B_Dean
DEANMiss C Dean, 30 Nov 1908DKW_29918_29918A_Dean
DEANMiss Dean, 17 Dec 1906DKW_23441B_Dean
DEANMiss E Dean, 21 Nov 1908DKW_29911_29911A_Dean
DEANMiss L Dean, 30 Nov 1908DKW_29919_29919A_Dean
DEANMiss M Dean, 9 Dec 1908DKW_29997_Dean
DEANMiss M Dean, 9 Dec 1908DKW_29997A_Dean
DEANSgt A C Dean, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35246A_2_Dean
DEAN Sgt A C Dean, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35246A_1_Dean
DEATHMiss R De'Ath, 7 Apr 1915DKW_34129_DeAth
DEDIUEMlle Dediue, nDDKW_32981_Dediue
DELAUNEYBaby DeLauney, 25 Sep 1915DKW_34699B_DeLauney
DELAUNEYBaby DeLauney, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34699A_DeLauney
DELAUNEYBaby DeLauney, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34699_DeLauney
DENCHMrs Dench, 17 Jan 1914DKW_32684_Dench
DENHAMG Denham, Esq, 25 Nov 1914DKW_35021_Denham
DENNISBaby Dennis, 15 Dec 1906DKW_23584_Dennis
DENNISDennis children, 12 Dec 1908DKW_30010A_Dennis
DENSHIREMiss Denshire, 27 Oct 1912DKW_32373_Denshire
DENSHIREMiss Denshire, 27 Oct 1912DKW_32373A_Denshire
DENVALLL F Denvall, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35398_35398A_Denvall
DERINGBaby Dering, 8 Jul 1912DKW_32288A_Dering
DERINGBaby Dering, 8 Jul 1912DKW_32288_Dering
DETMARMiss D Detmar, 15 Sep 1910DKW_30932_Detmar
DETMAR Miss D Detmar, 15 Sep 1910DKW_30932A_Detmar
DEUCHARPte V Deuchar, 7 Mar 1916DKW_34537A_Deuchar
DEUCHAR Pte V Deuchar, 7 Mar 1916DKW_34537_Deuchar
DEWEYH Dewey, Esq, 7 Aug 1912DKW_32297_32297A_Dewey
DIABBLEDribble, 15 Jan 1907DKW_23595A_Diabble
DIBDENMiss Dibden, 13 Dec 1916DKW_34892_Dibden
DICKENSONF Dickenson, Esq, 10 Aug 1916DKW_34630A_Dickenson
DICKINDickin Esq AE, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35293_Dickin
DICKINSONBaby Dickinson, 14 Jul 1909DKW_30240A_Dickinson
DICKINSONBaby Dickinson, 14 Jul 1909DKW_30240_Dickinson
DICKINSONBaby Dickinson, nDDKW_22987B_Dickinson
DICKINSONBaby Dickinson, nDDKW_22987A_Dickinson
DICKINSONDickinson children dressed up in WW1 army, navy and nursing costumes, 10 Feb 1916DKW_34506A_Dickinson
DICKINSONDickinson children, dressed up in WW1 army, navy and nursing costumes, 10 Feb 1916DKW_34506_Dickinson
DICKINSONDickinson, 4 Feb 1916DKW_29970F_Dickinson
DICKINSONDickinson, Esq, 7 Apr 1915DKW_35577_Dickinson
DICKINSONMrs Dickinson, 4 Feb 1916DKW_34507_Dickinson
DILLONH Dillon, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35349_Dillon
DIMMERDimmer Esq E A, 20 May 1915DKW_35669_Dimmer
DINASMiss Dinas, 26 Jun 1915DKW_34196_Dinas
DINDWALLMrs Dingwall, 11 Sep 1914DKW_33944_Dindwall
DINEENMiss Dineen, 12 Mar 1915DKW_34114_Dineen
DINGWALLMiss Dingwall, 11 Sep 1914DKW_33942_Dingwall
DINGWALLMiss Dingwall, 11 Sep 1914DKW_33943_Dingwall
DIRENDINGADirendinga, Miss 21 Feb 1916DKW_34515_Direndinga
DIVESC Dives, Esq, 25 Aug 1915DKW_33547B_Dives
DIXONDixon Children, 22 Mar 1912DKW_31867A_Dixon
DIXONDixon children, 22 Mar 1912DKW_31867A_Dixon
DIXONDixon children, 22 Mar 1912DKW_31867_Dixon
DIXONDixon, 17 Jan 1917DKW_34938_Dixon
DIXONDixon, children,22 Mar 1912DKW_31867_Dixon
DIXONDixon, copy photograph, 20 Jun 1912DKW_31956_Dixon
DIXONJ W Dixon Esq, 10 May 1915DKW_35653_Dixon
DIXONMiss C Dixon, 4 Sep 1913DKW_33565B_Dixon
DIXONMiss C Dixon, 4 Sept 1913DKW_33565_Dixon
DIXONMiss D Dixon, 4 Sep 1913DKW_33564B_Dixon
DOBBIEMaster Dobbie, 4 Dec [c1908]DKW_29987A_Dobbie
DOBBIEMaster Dobbie, 4 Dec [c1908]DKW_29987B_Dobbie
DOBBYNR N Dobbyn, Esq, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35532_Dobbyn
DOBBYNR N Dobbyn, Esq, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35532B_Dobbyn
DOBBYNR N Dobbyn, Esq, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35532A_Dobbyn
DODSONMrs Dodson, copy photograph, nDDKW_33530_Dodson
DOLLEYMr J A Dolley, 25 Aug 1913DKW_32568_Dolley
DOLLIEMiss Dollie, 15 Dec 1912DKW_32421_Dollie
DOLLIEMiss Dollie, 15 Dec 1912DKW_32421A_Dollie
DOMINEYMiss Dominey, 7 Nov 1906DKW_23418_Dominey
DOMLESR F Domles, Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35068_Domles
DOREMrs Dove, copy photograph, 26 Oct 1909DKW_30383_Dore
DORLANTSMiss Dorlants, 4 Nov 1909DKW_30388C_Dorlants
DORLANTSMiss Dorlants, 4 Nov 1909DKW_30388_Dorlants
DORLANTS Miss Dorlants, 4 Nov 1909DKW_30388B_Dorlants
DORLINGMiss Dorling, 25 Nov 1911DKW_31668C_Dorling
DORLINGMiss M Dorling, nDDKW_31676_31676A_Dorling
DOROTHYBaby Dorothy, 10 Mar 1916DKW_34552_Dorothy
DOROTHY Baby Dorothy, 10 Mar 1916DKW_34552A_Dorothy
DOURITTMiss Douritt, 24 Nov 1910DKW_31104A_Douritt
DOUSEDouse, copy photograph, 5 Feb 1916DKW_34517_Douse
DOUSEMiss Douse, copy photograph, 12 Mar 1915DKW_34115_Douse
DOUSONMrs Douson, 25 Apr 1912DKW_31890D_Douson
DOWDow, dog, 14 Nov 1912DKW_32102_Dow
DOWDELLMiss Dowdell, Sep 1908DKW_29750A_Dowdell
DOWDELLMr Dowdell, copy photograph, June 1907DKW_23757A_Dowdell
DOWDELLMr Dowdell, June 1907DKW_23757_Dowdell
DOWNESBaby Downes, 21 Nov [year not clear]DKW_23399_Downes
DOWNESBaby Downes, date illegibleDKW_23399B_Downes
DOWNSMiss Downs, 5 Dec 1912DKW_32416_Downs
DRAPERDraper, copy photograph, 14 Feb 1907DKW_23685_Draper
DREWBaby Drew, 20 Jul 1913DKW_32556_Drew
DREWBaby Drew, 29 Jul 1913DKW_32556A_Drew
DREWMiss Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23751B_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23751A_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750A_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23751_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750C_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750_Drew
DREWMiss M Drew, 24 April 1907DKW_23751_Drew
DREW Miss Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750A_Drew
DREW Miss M Drew, 24 Apr 1907DKW_23750C_Drew
DRIVERMiss Driver, 17 Nov 1906DKW_23378_ Driver
DRIVERMiss Driver, 17 Nov 1906DKW_23378A_Driver
DRYSDALEDrysdale Esq, 29 Mar 1917DKW_37044A_Drysdale
DUDGENMiss Dudgen and dog, 25 Nov 1909DKW_30496A_30496_Dudgen
DUDGENMiss Dudgen, 25 Nov 1909DKW_30497_30497A_Dudgen
DUDGEONMrs Dudgeon, 19 Dec 1916DKW_34811B_Dudgeon
DUESBURYMrs Duesbury, 12 Dec 1913DKW_33694_Duesbury
DUESBURYMrs Duesbury, 12 Dec 1913DKW_33701_Duesbury
DUGANDugan, copy photograph, 7 Apr 1907DKW_23747_Dugan
DUGANDugan, copy photograph, nDDKW_30338_Dugan
DUGANMiss Dugan, 1 Dec 1906DKW_23472A_Dugan
DUGANMiss Dugan, 1 Dec 1906DKW_23472B_Dugan
DUGANMiss Dugan, 1 Dec 1906DKW_23472C_Dugan
DUGANMiss Dugan, 1 Dec 1906DKW_23472E_Dugan
DUGUIDMiss Duguid, 11 Feb 1915DKW_36084_Duguid
DUHEYMr Duhey, 27 Feb [no year]DKW_23695A_Duhey
DUHEYMr Duhey, 7 Feb 1915DKW_23695_Duhey
DULLOONMiss Dulloon, 23 May 1912DKW_31935B_Dulloon
DUNCANJ Duncan Esq, 5 Jan 1915DKW_35184A_35184B_Duncan
DUNFORDMiss Dunford, 20 Aug 1917DKW_32760_Dunford
DUNNBaby Dunn, 2 Mar 1907DKW_23718A_Dunn
DUNNBaby Dunn, 2 Mar 1907DKW_23718_Dunn
DUNNMrs Dunn, 27 May 1907DKW_23717_Dunn
DUNNEBaby Dunne, 25 Oct 1916DKW_34755_34755A_Dunne
DURHAMDurham, copy photograph, 5 Sep [?]DKW_22413_Durham
DURHAMDurham, copy photograph, 5 Sep [no year]DKW_22413A_Durham
DURLACHERE A Dur Lacher, Esq, 12 Feb 1915DKW_35386_Durlacher
DURRANTDurant, nDDKW_22584_Durrant
DUVALLH H Duvall, Esq, 29 Apr 1915DKW_35663_Duvall
DYKEDyke, nDDKW_22571_Dyke
DYKESNurse Dykes, 13 Aug 1915DKW_32997_Dykes
DYMONDG W Dymond, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35267A_Dymond
DYMONDG W Dymond, Esq, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35267_Dymond
DYNEDyne, 1915DKW_34408_Dyne
DYOTTK M Dyott, Esq, 27 Feb 1915DKW_35388_Dyott
EADEEade, Esq, 27 Feb 1915DKW_35420_Eade
EADEMMiss Eadem, 3 Sep 1913DKW_33568B_Eadem
EADEMMiss Eadem, 3 Sep 1913DKW_33568A_Eadem
EALIND A Ealin, Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35110_Ealin
EARLEF J Earle, Esq, 3 May 1915DKW_35670_Earle
EATONMiss Eaton, nDDKW_34066_Eaton
EBELMiss Ebel, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34905_Ebel
EBELMiss Ebel, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34905A_Ebel
EDMUNDSONBaby Edmundson, nDDKW_32272_Edmundson
EDWARDSEdwards, 11 Dec 1906DKW_23628_Edwards
EDWARDSF Edwards, Esq, 27 Feb 1915DKW_35440A_Edwards
EDWARDSMiss V Edwards, 26 Nov 1908DKW_29942_29942A_Edwards
EDWARDSMiss V Edwards, 26 Nov 1908DKW_29943_29943A_Edwards
EDWARDSMrs Edwards, 11 Nov [?]DKW_22483A_Edwards
EDWARDSMrs Edwards, 11 Nov [?]DKW_22483_Edwards
EDWARDSW A Edwards, Esq, 10 May 1915DKW_35673A_Edwards
EDWARDSW A Edwards, Esq, 29 Apr 1915DKW_35673_Edwards
EELYMiss Eely, 11 Nov 1913DKW_33625_Eely
EGGINGTONA L Eggington, Esq, 18 May 1918DKW_35713_35713A_Eggington
EGGLETONMiss Eggleton, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34814_Eggleton
ELCOCKMiss Elcock, 15 Dec 1914DKW_34055_Elcock
ELLENMiss Ellen, 21 Jan 1916DKW_34455_Ellen
ELLIMANPeter Elliman, 23 Jul 1915DKW_32976_Elliman
ELLIOTBaby Elliot, 29 Oct 1912DKW_32369_Elliot
ELLIOTTH C Elliott, Esq, 23 Apr 1915DKW_35631_Elliott
ELLISEllis Pte J, 22 Oct 1915DKW_35771_Ellis
ELLISEllis Pte, 22 Oct 1915DKW_35769_Ellis
ELLISMiss Ellis, 23 Nov 1909DKW_30474E_Ellis
ELLISONMiss Ellison, 6 Dec 1915DKW_34350_Ellison
ELLSMr J C Ellis, 25 Aug 1910DKW_30894_Ells
ELMESBaby Elmes, 11 Nov 1911DKW_31622D_Elmes
ELMESBaby Elmes, 22 Nov 1911DKW_31622A_Elmes
ELMSLittle girl Elms, 20 Apr 1912DKW_31896D_Elms
ELMSLittle girl Elms, 20 Apr 1912DKW_31896G_Elms
ELMSLittle girl Elms, 20 Apr 1912DKW_31896H_Elms
ELMSLittle girl Elms, 27 Jun 1912DKW_31896I_Elms
ELPHICKElphick children, 11 Dec 1913DKW_32643_Elphick
ELPHICKElphick, 11 Dec 1913DKW_32645_Elphick
EMENEYEmeney, nDDKW_22792_Emeney
EMERSONEmerson, nDDKW_34417_Emerson
EMERSONEmerson, nDDKW_34417A_Emerson
EMPSONR H W Empson, Esq, nDDKW_35137_Empson
EMSLEEMiss N Emslee, nDDKW_31120_Emslee
EMSLIEMiss Emslie, 19 Dec 1910DKW_31108E_Emslie
EMSLIEMiss N Emslie, 1 Dec 1910DKW_31120B_Emslie
EMSLIE Miss N Emslie, 1 Dec 1910DKW_31120D_Emslie
ENDERBYMiss Enderby, nDDKW_37032_Enderby
ENFIELDMiss Enfield, 2 Nov 1908DKW_23435B_Enfield
ENFIELDMiss Enfield, 2 Nov 1908DKW_23435_Enfield
ENGLEFIELDMrs Englefield, 18 May 1915DKW_32933_Englefield
ENGLEFIELD Mrs Englefield, 18 May 1915DKW_32933A_Englefield
ENNALSMrs Ennals, 4 Nov 1912DKW_33150_Ennals
ENNISMr Ennis, 18 Jan 1907DKW_23671A_Ennis
ENNISMrs Ennis, 18 Jan 1907DKW_23670_Ennis
ENTICNAPPDetective Enticnapp, 20 Dec 1909DKW_30602_Enticnapp
EPSOMR H W Epsom, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35137A_Epsom
ERHARTTMiss Erhartt, 8 Jun 1914DKW_32728_Erhartt
ERWOODMiss Erwood, copy photograph, 23 Jul 1912DKW_31983_Erwood
ESKELLMrs Eskell, 24 Jan 1916DKW_34473_Eskell
ESSAMMiss Essam, 28 Nov 1913DKW_32628_Essam
ESTALLMiss Estall, 18 Jan [no year]DKW_22527_Estall
ETCHESMiss Etches, 5 Dec 1906DKW_23509A_Etches
ETHERIDGEMiss Etheridge, 1913DKW_33723A_Etheridge
EVANSMiss Evans, copy photograph, 17 Nov 1908DKW_29901_Evans
EVANSNurse Evans, 13 Aug 1915DKW_32996_Evans
EVANSNurse Evans, 8 Mar 1911DKW_31365_Evans
EVANS Pte E W Evans, 28 Feb 1917DKW_37003A_Evans
EVANS Pte E W Evans, 28 Feb 1917DKW_37003_Evans
EVANS Rifleman Evans, 4 Jan 1916DKW_34388_Evans
EVELYNMrs Evelyn, 14 Feb 1911DKW_31321A_Evelyn
EVETTMiss Evett, 11 Nov 1916DKW_31039A_Evett
EYLES Eyles, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_355467_Eyles
FARBERFarber, 18 Dec 1902DKW_23626A_Farber
FARMER A C Farmer, Esq, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35493_Farmer
FARMER A C Farmer, Esq, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35493A_Farmer
FARQUHARSONMiss Farquharson, 17 Dec 1912DKW_32664_Farquharson
FARR Miss Farr, 8 Jun 1912DKW_33020B_Farr
FARWIGMiss Farwig, [c1907]DKW_24052_Farwig
FARYMlle Fary, nd [probably 1907-08]DKW_22462A_Fary
FAWCETTLieut K R D Fawcett, 26 Mar 1915DKW_34111A_Fawcett
FAWCETT Lieut K R D Fawcett, 26 Mar 1915DKW_34111B_Fawcett
FAWCETT Lieut K R D Fawcett, 26 Mar 1915DKW_34111_Fawcett
FAWKERBaby Fawker, 20 Dec 1913DKW_32675_Fawker
FAWKERBaby Fawker, 20 Dec 1913DKW_32675A_Fawker
FAYERSMiss Fayers, 21 Dec 1918DKW_33581C_Fayers
FAYERS Miss Fayers, 18 Mar 1916DKW_34518_Fayers
FEARSMiss Fears, 27 Oct 1916DKW_34738_34738A_Fears
FELIXMiss Felix, nDDKW_36033_Felix
FELLE Fell, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_35522_Fell
FELTAMMiss K Feltam, 23 Nov 1914DKW_34010_Feltam
FELTHAMMiss Feltham, 8 Sep 1910DKW_30898C_Feltham
FELTHAMMiss Feltham, 8 Sep 1915DKW_30898B_Feltham
FENELHOULTFenelhoult, nDDKW_23599D_Fenelhoult
FENELHOULTMrs Fenelhoult, [1908]DKW_23598A_Fenelhoult
FENELHOULTMrs Fenelhoult, Dec 1908DKW_23598B_Fenelhoult
FERRY.TIFFerry, 30 Oct 1913DKW_33605_Ferry_L.tif
FEWELLMiss Fewell, 24 Nov 1908DKW_29932B_Fewell
FIDDLERMiss Fidler, 4 Dec 1914DKW_34031_Fiddler
FIDDYMENTFiddyment, mother and baby, nDDKW_23387_Fiddyment
FIDDYMENTMr Fiddyment, 19 Apr 1907DKW_23745_Fiddyment
FIDLERJ Fidler, Esq, 20 Dec 1912DKW_33287_Fidler
FIDLERJ Fielder, Esq, 20 Dec 1912DKW_33287A_Fidler
FIDLERJ Fielder, Esq, 20 Dec 1912DKW_33287_Fidler
FIDLERMiss Fidler, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24103A_Fidler
FIDLERMiss Fidler, 21 Dec 1908DKW_30023FG_Fidler
FIDLERMrs Fidler, 6 Jun 1916DKW_34621_Fidler
FIELDBaby Field, 12 Dec 1912DKW_33264D_Field
FIELDINGJ H Fielding, Esq, 15 Mar 1915DKW_35529_35529A_Fielding
FILLFill, 9 Feb 1907DKW_34978_Fill
FILLINGMiss Filling, 21 Dec 1914DKW_34070_Filling
FILLING Miss Filling, 21 Dec 1914DKW_34070A_Filling
FINKLEFinke, copy photograph, 1 Mar1910This was copied for a Miss Finke so may well not be the name of the soldier.
FISHERMiss Fisher, 30 Nov [1907]DKW_22490C_Fisher
FISHERMrs Fisher, 18 Sep 1908DKW_29760B_Fisher
FLEIGHTE W Fleight, Esq, 03 Feb 1915DKW_35278B_Fleight
FLEMINGA M Fleming, Esq, 21 Jan 1915DKW_35274_Fleming
FLETCHERLieut A B Fletcher, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35298_Fletcher
FLETCHERLieut A B Fletcher, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35298A_Fletcher
FLETCHERMiss Fletcher, nDDKW_31143H_Fletcher
FOOKSMiss Fooks, 18 May 1915DKW_32936_Fooks
FOORDM H Foord, 2 Feb 1908DKW_24382A_Foord
FOORDM H Foord, 2 Feb 1908DKW_24382A_Foord_Neg_R
FOORDMiss Foord, 11 Dec 1906DKW_23503_Foord
FOORDMiss Foord, 11 Dec 1906DKW_23503A_Foord
FOORDMr H Foord, nDDKW_24382_Foord
FORBESMaster Gilbert Forbes, 25 Nov 1909DKW_30509_Forbes
FORDHAUSMiss L Fordhaus (Could be Fordham) , 18 Jul 1907DKW_23850_Fordhaus
FORSTERMiss Forster, copy photograph, nDDKW_33273_Forster
FOSTERMiss Foster, 3 Dec 1910DKW_31127B_Foster
FOSTERMiss Foster, 3 Dec 1910DKW_31127C_Foster
FOSTERMiss R Foster, 21 Dec 1916DKW_34909_Foster
FOSTERW G Foster, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35498A_Foster
FOSTERW G Foster, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35498B_Foster
FOSTERW G Foster, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35498_Foster
FOULGERSgt Foulger, 22 Oct 1915DKW_35772_Foulger
FOWLERMiss Fowler, 30 Jan 1912DKW_31829_Fowler
FOXCpl Fox, 1 Jan 1916DKW_34421_Fox
FOXJ H Fox, Esq, 10 Aug [year not clear]DKW_22991_Fox
FOXNurse Fox, 14 Apr 1908DKW_24222_Fox
FOX J H Fox, Esq, 10 Aug [year not clear]DKW_22991A_Fox
FOYFoy, copy photograph, nDDKW_32679_Foy
FOYMaster Bob Foy, 1 Jul 1915DKW_34193_Foy
FOYMiss Doris Foy, 6 Jul 1915DKW_34190_Foy
FOYMrs Foy, nd [1915]DKW_34189_34189A_Foy
FOY Master Paul Foy, 1 Jul 1915DKW_34192_Foy
FOY Master Rex Foy, 1 Jul 1915DKW_34191_Foy
FRANCES D C Frances, Esq, 12 Feb 1915DKW_35338_Frances
FRANCES W J Frances, Esq, 23 Feb 1915DKW_35419_Frances
FRANCISE C Francis, Esq, 3 Jul 1914DKW_33869A_Francis
FRANCISMiss Francis, 19 Aug 1913DKW_33542C_Francis
FRANCIS E C Francis, Esq, 3 Jul 1914DKW_33869_Francis
FRANCIS Miss Francis, 15 Jan 1916DKW_34475_Francis
FRANCIS Miss Francis, 19 Aug 1913DKW_33542B_Francis
FRANKLINMiss Franklin. nDDKW_24163_24163A_Franklin
FRANKSMrs Franks, 10 Nov 1906DKW_23365_Franks
FRANKSMrs Franks, 10 Nov 1906DKW_23365A_Franks
FRASERLittle girl Fraser, 27 Jan 1916DKW_34503_Fraser
FREEMANW Freeman, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35229_Freeman
FREEMANTLEBaby Freemantle, 26 Sep 1907DKW_24088_Freemantle
FREEMANTLEMiss FreemantleDKW_22439_Freemantle
FREEMANTLEMiss Freemantle, nDDKW_22439A_Freemantle
FRENCHFrench, Esq, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35304A_French
FRENCHMiss Lena French, 30 Apr 1915DKW_34140_French
FRENCH French, Esq, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35304_French
FRIDAYFriday, copy photographs, 8 Nov 1903DKW_33621_33621A_Friday
FRIEND Friend, copy photograph, nDDKW_22958_Friend
FROSTFrost, copy photograph, 19 Mar 1908DKW_24395A_Frost
FROSTFrost, copy, 19 Mar 1908DKW_24395_Frost
FROSTMiss Frost, 5 Dec 1915DKW_32142_Frost
FROSTMiss W Frost, 26 Nov 1914DKW_34013_Frost
FROSTMrs Frost, 26 Nov 1914DKW_34014_Frost
FROSTMrs Frost, 5 May 1917DKW_37081_Frost
FRYMiss L Fry, 28 Mar [no year]DKW_22826A_Fry
FRYS H Fry, Esq, 2 Nov 1913DKW_33639F_33639G_Fry
FULFORDMiss Fulford, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34897_Fulford
FULKSJ G Fulks, Esq, 8 Dec 1914DKW_35042_35042A_Fulks
FULLERMiss Fuller, 15 Dec 1915DKW_36089_Fuller
FURNESSMiss Furness, 2 Apr 1914DKW_32709_Furness
FURSES J Furse, Esq, 21 Dec 1914DKW_35123_35123A_Furse
FYSONJ Fyson, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35113A_Fyson
FYSONJ Fyson, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35113_Fyson
GABONSMr E Gabons, 8 Jan 1907DKW_23635A_Gabons
GABONSMr E Gabons, 8 Jan 1907DKW_23635_Gabons
GABRIELN B Gabriel, Esq, 18 Dec 1911DKW_32161_Gabriel
GAGEBaby Gage, 19 Aug 1907DKW_23996C_Gage
GAGEGage, 07 Dec 1911DKW_31702_31702A_Gage
GAGEGage, 31 Aug 1910DKW_30899A_Gage
GAGEGage, 4 Oct 1910DKW_30899_Gp2_Gage_L
GAGEMaster Gage, 02 Oct 1911DKW_31489_Gage
GAGEMaster Gage, 26 Mar 1909DKW_30126A_Gage
GAGEMaster Gage, 26 Mar 1909DKW_30126_Gage
GAGEMaster Gage, 26 May 1915DKW_34159_Gage
GAGE (ONE OF 2 DUPLICATE NUMBERS)Baby Gage, 31 Aug 1910DKW_30899_Gage_L (one of 2 duplicate numbers)
GAIGERMiss Gaiger, 20 Nov 1907DKW_24216A_Gaiger
GAINGain children, 22 Apr 1912DKW_31899B_Gain
GAINMaster Gain, 18 Dec 1908DKW_Gain_30017H
GAINMaster Gain, 27 Nov 1907DKW_24194A_Gain
GALEMiss Gale, 3 Dec 1909DKW_30302D_Gale
GALEMiss Gale, Dec 1907DKW_24354A_Gale
GALLAHERG P Gallaher, Esq, 27 Sep 1911DKW_31566C_Gallaher
GALLAHERG P Gallaher, Esq, 27 Sep 1911DKW_31566B_Gallaher
GALLAHERGallaher, 4 Nov 1912DKW_33152_Gallaher
GALLAHERGallaher, 5 Nov 1903DKW_33611A_Gallaher
GALLAHERGallaher, copy photograph, nDDKW_33201_Gallaher
GALLAHERGallaher, copy, 15 Apr 1915DKW_31900_Gallaher
GALLAHERMiss Gallaher, 5 Nov 1903DKW_33611_Gallaher
GALLAHERMr Gallaher, 15 Nov 1911DKW_31643_Gallaher
GAMAMiss Gama, nd [c1911]DKW_31419A_Gama
GANNLieut W B Gann, 8 Dec 1916DKW_34851_Gann
GARDENERA W Gardener, Esq, 26 Apr 1915DKW_35633_Gardener
GARDENERA W Gardener, Esq, 26 Apr 1915DKW_35633A_Gardener
GARDINERMaster Gardiner, 14 Dec 1911DKW_32160_Gardiner
GARDNERGardner children, 28 Aug [year not clear]DKW_23223A_Gardner
GARDNERMr Gardner, 19 Apr 1907DKW_23737C_1_Gardner
GARDNERMr Gardner, copy photograph, 19 Apr 1907DKW_23737C_Gardner
GARDNERMr Gardner, nDDKW_23222_Gardner
GARDNERMrs Gardner, 28 Aug [no year]DKW_23221_Gardner
GARLENANMiss Garlenan, 10 Dec 1913DKW_33683_Garlenan
GARNETTMiss Lily Garnett, 21 Sep 1911DKW_31546A_Garnett
GARNETTMrs Garnett, 7 Oct 1911DKW_31544_Garnett
GARNETT Miss Lily Garnett, 21 Sep 1911DKW_31545A_Garnett
GARNETT Mrs Garnett, 7 Oct 1911DKW_31544A_Garnett
GARRATTGarratt Pte, Mar 1917DKW_37007_37007A_Garratt
GARRODGarrod children, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24287_Garrod
GARRODMrs Garrod, copy photograph, 29 Nov 1909DKW_30520_Garrod
GASKELLLieut Gaskell, copy photograph, 2 May 1916DKW_34594_Gaskell
GASKINSBaby Gaskins, 21 Feb 1917DKW_34985A_Gaskins
GAWAINMiss Gawain, 8 Feb 1917DKW_34967_Gawain
GEARINGMiss Gearing, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22586_Gearing
GEORGEBaby George, 24 Sep 1914DKW_33574A_George
GEORGEBaby George, 24 Sep 1914DKW_33574_George
GEORGEMrs George, 10 Jun 1911DKW_31441A_George
GIBBONMiss Gibbon, 13 Aug 1915DKW_32995_Gibbon
GIBBONSNurse Gibbons, 26 Jun [1915]DKW_34205_Gibbons
GIBBONSR W Gibbons, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_34091_Gibbons
GIBBSMiss Gibbs, 4 Apr 1908DKW_24423A_Gibbs
GIBBSMiss Gibbs, 4 Apr 1908DKW_24423_Gibbs
GIBERNEMiss Giberne, 31 Dec 1909DKW_30385_30385A_Giberne
GIBSONMiss Gibson, 22 Aug 1918DKW_33531_Gibson
GIBSONMiss Gibson, 4 Mar 1907DKW_30117_Gibson
GIBSONMiss Gibson, 5 Aug 1918DKW_33531B_Gibson
GILBERTGilbert children, 28 Oct 1916DKW_34762_Gilbert
GILBERTJ A Gilbert, Esq, 16 Jan 1915DKW_35288B_Gilbert
GILBERTMiss Gilbert, 10 Jun 1910DKW_30718B_Gilbert
GILBERTMiss Gilbert, 20 Mar 1916DKW_34546_Gilbert
GILBERTMiss Gilbert, 8 Apr 1910DKW_30718_Gilbert
GILBERTMrs Gilbert, 16 May 1916DKW_34599A_Gilbert
GILBERTMrs Gilbert, 21 Nov 1916DKW_34810B_Gilbert
GILBERTT W Gilbert, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35191A_Gilbert
GILBERTT W Gilbert, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35191_Gilbert
GILLERMiss Giller, 5 Dec 1912DKW_33247B_Giller
GILLERMiss Giller, 9 Sep 1912DKW_33062_Giller
GILLINGMiss Gilling, 11 Dec 1911DKW_Gilling_32109
GILLINGMiss Gilling, 11 Dec 1911DKW_32109A_Gilling
GINEVAMaster Gineva, 4 Oct 1911DKW_31570C_Gineva
GINEVAMaster Gineva, 4 Oct 1911DKW_31570_Gineva
GINEVERMaster Ginever, 19 Jan 1909DKW_30067_Ginever
GINGER Sgt Ginger, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35409A_Ginger
GINGER Sgt Ginger, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35409_Ginger
GIRLINGGirling, copy photograph, 18 Feb 1915DKW_34096_1_Girling
GIRLINGGirling, copy photograph, 18 Feb 1915DKW_34096_2_Girling
GLEDHILLGledhill, 31 Jul 1916DKW_34680_Gledhill
GLEEDGleed, 8 Oct 1912DKW_33110A_Gleed
GLEEDGleed, 8 Oct 1912DKW_33110C_Gleed
GLEEDGleed, 8 Oct 1912DKW_33110_Gleed
GLEGGBaby Glegg, 19 Dec 1912DKW_33241B_Glegg
GLEGG Baby Glegg, 19 Dec 1912DKW_33241C_Glegg
GLOVERJ C Glover, Esq, 14 Jan 1915DKW_35231_Glover
GLOVERMiss Glover, nDDKW_Glover_32961
GOBLEGoble children, nDDKW_30050A_Goble
GOBLEMr Goble, 25 Sep 1915DKW_34275_Goble
GODDARDMiss Goddard, 15 Apr 1915DKW_34137_Goddard
GODDARDMiss Goddard, 8 Dec 1910DKW_31150A_Goddard
GODDARDMiss Peggy Goddard, 27 Apr 1911DKW_32002_Goddard
GODEFROGMaster Godefrog, 20 May 1912DKW_31925_Godefrog
GODWARDGodward, copy photograph, 19 Dec 1911DKW_32162_Godward
GODWARDGodward, copy photograph, 26 Mar 1914DKW_32711_Godward
GODWARDMiss Godward, 5 Dec 1911DKW_32148_Godward
GODWARDPte Godward, 2 May 1915DKW_35279A_Godward
GODWINMiss Godwin, 6 Aug [year unclear]DKW_30276C_Godwin
GOFFMiss Goff, 25 Sep 1908DKW_29769_Goff
GOFFMrs Goff, 23 Jun [no year]DKW_22910B_Goff
GOLDSGolds, 11 Oct 1907DKW_24128A_Golds
GOLDSMiss Golds, 3 Dec 1907DKW_24127A_Golds
GOLDSMITHMiss G Goldsmith, 15 Dec 1911DKW_32144_Goldsmith
GOLDSMITHMiss G Goldsmith, nDDKW_32144A_Goldsmith
GOLDSMITHMiss Goldsmith, 6 Dec 1911DKW_32128_Goldsmith
GOLDSMITHMrs Goldsmith, 28 Apr 1909DKW_30154A_Goldsmith
GOODMiss Good and dog, 18 Mar 1916DKW_34603_Good
GOODMiss Good, 21 Dec 1910DKW_31220C_Good
GOODBEHEREP Goodbehere, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35214_Goodbehere
GOODBEHEREP Goodbehere, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35214A_Goodbehere
GOODYEARJ G Goodyear, Esq, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35477A_Goodyear
GOODYEARJ G Goodyear, Esq, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35477_Goodyear
GORDONMrs Gordon and baby, 13 Mar 1916DKW_34551_Gordon
GOSLINMiss Goslin, 27 Nov 1908DKW_23442_Goslin
GOSLINGGosling, copy photograph, 27 Nov 1906DKW_23318_Gosling
GOUGHJ C Gough, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35303_35303A_Gough
GOUGHJ C Gough, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35303_Gough
GOURAYD T W Gouray, Esq, 4 May 1915DKW_35680A_Gouray
GOURAY D T W Gouray, Esq, 4 May 1915DKW_35680_Gouray
GOWMiss Gow, nDDKW_24191A_Gow
GOWERMr E [L] Gower, 11 Sep 1907DKW_24055_Gower
GOWERMrs Gower, nDDKW_22480_Gower
GOWERMrs Gower, nDDKW_22480A_Gower
GOWERLORESMiss Gowerlores, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23616_Gowerlores
GRAGGMiss Gragg, 9 Dec 1913DKW_32647_Gragg
GRAHAMGraham, nDDKW_23514_Graham
GRAHAMSister Graham, 18 Dec 1915DKW_36076_Graham
GRANTBaby Grant, 5 Dec 1908DKW_29977B_29977C_Grant
GRANTG N Grant, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35104A_Grant
GRANTG N Grant, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35104_Grant
GRANTMaster D Grant, 23 Jan 1913DKW_32460_Grant
GRANTMaster Grant, copy photograph, nDDKW_32003_1_Grant
GRANTMaster Grant, copy photograph, nDDKW_32003_2_Grant
GRANTMaster Robert Grant, 27 Apr 1912DKW_31912_Grant
GRANTMaster Robert Grant, 27 Apr 1912DKW_31912B_Grant
GRATIOND W Gration, Esq, 17 Nov 1913DKW_32615_Gration
GRATIOND W Gration, Esq, 17 Nov 1913DKW_32615A_Gration
GRATIOND W Gration, Esq, 28 Nov 1913DKW_32634_Gration
GRAYGray, dog, 24 April 1913DKW_33430A_Gray
GRAYMr Gray, [1908]DKW_23610C_Gray
GRAYMr Gray, [1908]DKW_23610A_Gray
GRAYMr Gray, 13 Dec 1907DKW_24360A_Gray
GREENBaby Green, nDDKW_33688C_Green
GREENBaby Green, nDDKW_33688F_Green
GREENDKW_35667_Green_LThere was no envelope with this plate so we only have the soldier's surname (Green) as written on the plate. His cap badge indicates he was in the Honourable Artillery Company.
GREENGreen, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34903_34903A_Green
GREENMaster Green, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33266_Green
GREENMisses Green, 23 Jul 1912DKW_33003_Green
GREENEMiss Greene, 12 Sep 1911DKW_31540B_Greene
GREENEMiss Greene, 12 Sep 1911DKW_31540C_Greene
GREENECLAYTONClayton Greene children, nDDKW_30049A_30049B_GreeneClayton
GREENFIELD2nd Lieut Greenfield, 9 Jul 1915DKW_34216_Greenfield
GREENFIELDMiss Greenfield, 13 Jun 1916DKW_34634_Greenfield
GREENGRASSGreengrass, copy photograph, 9 Dec 1912DKW_32188_Greengrass
GREENLEAFMr Greenleaf, Esq, 29 Jul 1912DKW_33018_Greenleaf
GREENSHAWMrs Greenshaw, 14 Sep [no year]DKW_23583A_Greenshaw
GREENSTREETLieut Lionel Greenstreet, 27 Jan 1917Read our blog about Lionel Greenstreet
GREENSTREETMiss H Greenstreet, 3 Nov 1910DKW_31028A_Greenstreet
GREENSTREETMiss H Greenstreet, 3 Nov 1910DKW_31028_Greenstreet
GREENSTREETPercy Greenstreet, 13 Sep 1910DKW_30926_Greenstreet
GREENSTREETPercy Greenstreet, 13 Sep 1910DKW_30926A_Greenstreet
GREENSTREET Lieut L Greenstreet, 27 Jan 1917DKW_34949A_Greenstreet
GREENSTREET Miss H Greenstreet, 25 Sep 1916DKW_34711_Greenstreet
GREENWARDMrs Greenward, 14 Dec 1914DKW_32830_Greenward
GREGGMr F Gregg, Apr 1908DKW_24425_Gregg
GREGORYF H Gregory, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35173_Gregory
GREGORYF H Gregory, Esq, 6 Jan 1915The later date on this plate may refer to when it was printed up or perhaps he chose a second sitting.
GRELLIERMiss Grellier, nDDKW_32529_Grellier
GRELLIERMiss Grellier, nDDKW_32529A_Grellier
GRESTYJ Gresty, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35340_35340A_Gresty
GRIBBLEMiss Gribble, 28 Mar 1917DKW_37021_Gribble
GRIEGMiss B Grieg, 17 Jan 1916DKW_34476_Grieg
GRIEGMiss B Grieg, 17 Jan 1916DKW_34476A_Grieg
GRIEGMiss Grieg, 5 Feb 1916DKW_34477_Grieg
GRIERMiss L Grier, 8 Mar 1906DKW_34538_Grier
GRIEVERMaster Griever, 19 Jan 1909DKW_30067A_Griever
GRIFFINGriffin, mother and children, nDDKW_34218_Griffin
GRIFFINLieut R W Griffin, 13 Jan 1915DKW_34219_Griffin
GRIMEA G Grime, Esq, 11 Mar 1915DKW_35499_Grime
GRIMEA G Grime, Esq, 11 Mar 1915DKW_35499A_Grime
GRIMESMiss Grimes, nDDKW_23558A_Grimes
GRINDLEYGridley, dog, 7 Dec 1906It's interesting to note that 12 Xmas photos were ordered from this negative.
GRISTMiss Grist, 19 Aug 1915DKW_36000_Grist
GRISTMiss Grist, nDDKW_22562A_Grist
GRISTMiss Grist, nDDKW_22562_Grist
GROOMMrs Groom and dog, 8 Nov 1912DKW_33211A_Groom
GUILLAUMEMlle Guillaume, 20 Apr 1915DKW_32912_Guillaume
GUISELittle girl Guise, 12 NOV 1908DKW_23420B_Guise
GUISELittle girl Guise, 22 Nov 1908DKW_23420D_Guise
GUISE Baby Guise, 10 Dec 1908DKW_23425_Guise
GUMNMrs Gunn, 13 Feb 1916DKW_34519_Gumn
GURTINMiss Gurtin, nDDKW_33205A_Gurtin
GUSHW G Gush, Esq, 5 Jan 1915DKW_35204A_Gush
GUSHW G Gush, Esq, 5 Jan 1915DKW_35204_Gush
GUYMiss P Guy, nDDKW_23296A_Guy
GUYMiss P Guy, nDDKW_23296_Guy
HACKBaby Hack and nurse, 24 Nov 1911DKW_31664A_Hack
HACKFORTHMiss Hackforth, 30 Oct 1916DKW_34763_Hackforth
HAFFENDENMiss Haffenden, nDDKW_22547_Haffenden
HAINESCorporal Haines, nDDKW_35750_Haines
HALEHale children, 18 Dec 1907DKW_29391_29391A_Hale
HALEHale children, 18 Dec 1907DKW_29391C_Hale
HALESMiss Hales, 29 Oct 1912DKW_32365_Hales
HALEYMiss Haley, 23 Mar 1914DKW_33818_Haley
HALLB K B Hall, Esq, 15 Jan 1915DKW_35252_35252A_Hall
HALLMaster Hall, nDDKW_30070_30070A_Hall
HALLMiss C Hall, nDDKW_23323A_Hall
HALLMr Hall, nDDKW_30087_Hall
HALLMr P Hall, 13 Dec 1906DKW_23567A_Hall
HALLMr P Hall, 13 Dec 1906DKW_23567_Hall
HALLMrs Hall, 22 Dec 1909DKW_30609_30609A_Hall
HALLMrs T W Hall, 12 Mar 1915DKW_34152_Hall
HALLR Hall, Esq, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35208_Hall
HALLETTHallett, nDDKW_30074_Hallett
HALLETTMiss Hallett, 5 Dec 1911DKW_31808A_Hallett
HALLETTMiss Hallett, 5 Dec 1911DKW_31697A_Hallett
HALLETTMiss Hallett, nDDKW_23284B_Hallett
HALLIDAYHalliday, 28 Nov 1913DKW_33650A_Halliday
HALLIDAYHalliday, 28 Nov 1913DKW_33650B_Halliday
HALLIDAYM Halliday, Esq, 24 Oct 1911DKW_31596_Halliday
HALLIDAY M Halliday, Esq, 24 Oct 1911DKW_31596B_Halliday
HALLIWELLJ Halliwell, Esq, 8 Mar 1915DKW_35459_Halliwell
HALSEYHalsey, copy photograph, 11 Dec 1909DKW_30574_Halsey
HALSEYHalsey, copy photograph, nDDKW_30467_Halsey
HALSEYHalsey, Esq, 21 Dec 1909DKW_30592B_30592C_Halsey
HALSEYHalsey, Esq, 21 Dec 1909DKW_30612E_Halsey
HAMILTON POTTMiss Hamilton Pott, 15 Dec 1906DKW_32146_Hamilton Pott
HAMILTON POTTMiss Hamilton Pott, 4 Dec 1907DKW_24381B_Hamilton Pott
HAMILTON POTTMiss Hamilton Pott, 8 Dec 1907DKW_24381_24381A_Hamilton Pott
HAMILTONPOTTMiss Hamilton Pott, nDDKW_32146A_HamiltonPott
HAMMELTR H Hammelt, Esq, 15 Dec 1914DKW_35083a_Hammelt
HAMMELTR H Hammelt, Esq, 15 Dec 1914DKW_35083_Hammelt
HAMPSHIREMaster Hampshire, 14 Dec 1916DKW_34895_Hampshire
HAMPSHIREMiss J Hampshire, 20 Sep 1907DKW_24075D_Hampshire
HAMPSONH B Hampson, Esq, [25 Nov 1914]DKW_35024a_Hampson
HAMPSONH B Hampson, Esq, 25 Nov 1914DKW_35024_Hampson
HAMPSONH Hampson, Esq, 1 May 1915DKW_35626_Hampson
HAMRAHAWLittle boy Hamrahaw, 29 Aug 1911DKW_31529A_Hamrahaw
HAMRAHAWLittle girl Hamrahaw, 29 Aug 1911DKW_31529_Hamrahaw
HANBURYHanbury, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24295A_Hanbury
HANBURYHanbury, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24305_Hanbury
HANBURYHanbury, copy photograph, nDThe photograph was ordered by Mr Hanbury, we don't know the name of the woman.
HANCOCKH L W Hancock, Esq, 25 Jul 1912DKW_31996_Hancock
HANCOCKMiss Hancock, 17 Dec 1910DKW_31215_Hancock
HANCOCKMiss Hancock, 17 Dec 1910DKW_31215A_Hancock
HANCOCKMiss Hancock, 20 Feb 1911DKW_31336C_Hancock
HANCOCKMiss Hancock, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34673_34673A_Hancock
HANCOCKMiss Hancock, 4 Apr 1916DKW_34776_34776A_Hancock
HANCOCKMr Hancock, nDDKW_30117_Hancock
HANCOCKN G W Hancock, Esq, 25 Jul 1912DKW_31995A_Hancock
HANDLEYE B Handley, Esq, 1 May 1915DKW_35662_Handley
HANDLEYHandly, mother and children, 21 Jun 1915DKW_34168_Handley
HANNINGMiss Hanning, 21 Nov 1913DKW_32620_Hanning
HANNINGMiss Hanning, 21 Nov 1913DKW_32620A_Hanning
HANNINGMiss Hanning, 21 Nov 1913DKW_32620B_Hanning
HANSFORDMiss Hansford, 25 Nov 1916DKW_34813_34813A_Hansford
HANSFORDMiss Hansford, 5 May 1916DKW_34587_34587A_Hansford
HANSONMiss Hanson, 2 Nov 1911DKW_33194_33194A_Hanson
HARDINGBaby Harding, 11 Mar 1907DKW_Harding_23708B
HARDINGBaby Harding, 11 Mar 1907DKW_23708A_Harding
HARDINGBaby Harding, 11 Mar 1907DKW_23708_Harding
HARDINGHarding, dog, 5 Nov 1912DKW_32361A_Harding
HARDINGHarding, dog, 5 Nov 1912DKW_32361_Harding
HARDINGHarding, dog, nDDKW_32362_Harding
HARDYHardy P J, 9 Feb 1915DKW_Hardy_35361A
HARKNETTMiss Harknett, 14 Dec 1914DKW_32833_Harknett
HARKNETTMiss Harknett, 5 Jun 1913DKW_32532_Harknett
HARMANMiss Harman, 10 Mar 1916DKW_34531_Harman
HARMANMiss Harman, 21 Feb 1916DKW_34510_Harman
HARMANMiss Harman, 9 Dec 1911DKW_31734_Harman
HARMSTONMiss Harmston, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34812A_Harmston
HARMSTONMiss Harmston, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34812_Harmston
HARPERMiss Harper, 18 Aug [year unclear]DKW_29689B_Harper
HARPERMiss Harper, 2 Sep 1915DKW_36004_Harper
HARRISC P O Harris, Esq, 27 Jun 1916DKW_34618_Harris
HARRISMiss Harris, 3 Dec 1915DKW_34345_Harris
HARRISMrs Harris, 27 Jul 1914DKW_33885_Harris
HARRIS_WILSONHarris & Wilson, 27 Aug 1915DKW_35645A_Harris_Wilson
HARRIS_WILSONHarris & Wilson, 27 Aug 1915DKW_35645_Harris_Wilson
HARRISONHarrison brothers, 15 Dec 1908DKW_30001_30002_Harrison
HARRISONHarrison children, Dec 1908DKW_30002A_30000A_Harrison
HARRISONHarrison children, 15 Dec 1908DKW_30000_Harrison
HARRISONHarrison, 15 Dec 1908DKW_30002_Harrison
HARRISONMiss [J] M Harrison, 19 Oct 1912DKW_32355_Harrison
HARRISONMiss Harrison, 13 Nov 1914DKW_32788_Harrison
HARRISONMiss Harrison, 31 Aug 1910DKW_30912_Harrison
HARRISONMiss Harrison, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24293_24293A_Harrison
HARRISON Miss Harrison, 13 Nov 1914DKW_32788A_Harrison
HARRISSBaby Harriss, 20 Mar 1916DKW_34556_Harriss
HARTMiss Hart, 2 Jan 1915DKW_33978_Hart
HARTMiss Hart, 30 Dec 1914DKW_32845_Hart
HARTLEYMiss A Hartley, 18 Dec 1916DKW_34863_Hartley
HARTLEYMiss Hartley, 22 Nov 1916 DKW_34804_Hartley
HARTNESSF Hartness, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35235A_35235B_Hartness
HARTNESSF Hartness, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35235_Hartness
HARVEYBaby Harvey, 15 Dec 1910DKW_36572_Harvey
HARVEYBaby Harvey, 15 Dec 1910DKW_31178A_Harvey
HARVEYHarvey, copy photograph, 4 Mar 1907DKW_23706_Harvey
HARVEYMr Harvey, 28 Nov 1914DKW_34020_Harvey
HARVEY Baby Harvey, 15 Dec 1910DKW_31178B_Harvey
HARWOODJ I Harwood, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35296_Harwood
HARWOODSMiss Harwoods, 9 Dec 1916DKW_34866A_Harwoods
HASSALLMrs Hassall, copy photograph, 4 Aug 1911DKW_32045_Hassall
HASTINGSJ L Hastings, Esq, 12 Dec 1915DKW_35382_Hastings
HATFIELDMaster Hatifield, 1 Feb 1909DKW_30056_Hatfield
HATFIELDMiss Hatfield, [1909]DKW_30055C_Hatfield
HATFIELDMiss Hatfield, [1909]DKW_30055B_Hatfield
HATFIELDMiss Hatfield, 12 Dec 1907DKW_24384_Hatfield
HATFIELDMiss Hatfield, Dec 1907DKW_24384A_Hatfield
HATFIELD Master Hatfield, 2 Jan 1908DKW_30056A_Hatfield
HAVELOCKH S Havelock, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35331B_Havelock
HAVELOCKH S Havelock, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35331A_Havelock
HAWES[John] Hawes, 21 Dec 1910It's possible that John is the name of this child's father.
HAWESBaby Hawes, 21 Dec 1910DKW_31223B_Hawes
HAWESBaby Hawes, 24 Nov 1908DKW_29924_29924A_Hawes
HAWESBaby Hawes, 24 Nov 1908DKW_29924_29924B_Hawes
HAWESH S Hawes, Esq, 2 Dec 1914DKW_35193_Hawes
HAWESMr H Hawes, 4 Aug [no year]DKW_22980A_Hawes
HAWKINSMiss Hawkins, 5 Dec 1912DKW_33248_33248A_Hawkins
HAYDENHayden, copy photograph, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33252_1_Hayden
HAYDENHayden, copy photograph, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33252_2_Hayden
HAYDEWHaydew children, 21 Nov 1911DKW_31634B_Haydew
HAYNEHayne family, 13 Dec 1907DKW_24218_Hayne
HAYNESBaby Haynes, 16 Dec 1916DKW_34908_34908A_Haynes
HAYNESHaynes, 27 Nov 1909DKW_30510_Haynes
HAYNESTrooper Haynes, 18 Dec 1915DKW_34380_Haynes
HAYNES Miss Haynes, 3 Dec 1909DKW_30510B_30510C_Haynes
HAYTERMrs Hayter, nDDKW_29389_29389A_Hayter
HAYWARDMiss E Hayward, 18 Nov 1912DKW_33182B_33182C_Hayward
HAYWARDMiss Hayward, 9 Dec 1916 DKW_34855_Hayward
HEALEYMiss Healey, 15 Jan [year unclear]DKW_23658_Healey
HEAPEHeape, Esq, 3 Dec 1914DKW_34028A_Heape
HEARNMr G Hearn, [3 Feb 1907]DKW_34976_Hearn
HEASTEADMiss Heastead, 9 Mar 1916DKW_34540_Heastead
HEATHR M Heath, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35508A_Heath
HEATHR M Heath, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35508_Heath
HEATIRMiss [Heatir], [4 Feb 1907]DKW_29525A_Heatir
HEAVERMrs Heaver, 12 Feb 1915DKW_32874_Heaver
HEIRONMaster Heiron, nDDKW_22868B_Heiron
HEIRONMaster Heiron, nDDKW_22868A_Heiron
HEIRONMrs Heiron, 14 Nov 1906DKW_23372_Heiron
HEIRONMrs Heiron, 14 Nov 1908DKW_23373A_Heiron
HELLEARTHMiss Hellearth, Jan 1908DKW_29502A_Hellearth
HELLEARTHMiss Hellearth, Jan 1908DKW_29502_Hellearth
HELLYERMiss Hellyer, 16 Dec 1907DKW_24362_Hellyer
HELLYERMiss Hellyer, 23 Jan 1908DKW_24362D_Hellyer
HEMINGWAYHemingway Esq, and dog, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35089_Hemingway
HENDERSONE E J Henderson, Esq, 4 Dec 1914DKW_35038_Henderson
HENDERSONHenderson children, 3 Aug 1909DKW_30271_Henderson
HENDERSONMrs Henderson and dog, 5 Dec 1916DKW_34301A_Henderson
HENDERSONMrs Henderson and dog, 5 Dec 1916DKW_34301_Henderson
HENDERSONMrs Henderson, 16 Dec 1914DKW_31172C_Henderson
HENDERSONMrs Henderson, 5 Nov 1915DKW_34301B_Henderson
HENMANMiss Henman, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23531A_Henman
HENMANMiss Henman, 21 Dec 1908DKW_23630_Henman
HENMANMiss Henman, 21 Dec 1908DKW_23630A_Henman
HENMANMiss Henman, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23531_Henman
HENMANMiss Henman, 8 Dec 1908DKW_23532A_Henman
HENMAN Miss Henman, 8 Dec 1908DKW_23532_Henman
HENSLEYHensley Esq W H, 10 May 1915DKW_35697_Hensley
HENSLEYHensley Esq W H, 10 May 1915DKW_35697A_Hensley
HENSOMEMiss Hensome, 15 Mar 1916DKW_34550_Hensome
HENTONMrs Henton, 19 Jul 1915DKW_34223_Henton
HENTONMrs Henton, 7 Nov 1916DKW_34779_34779A_Henton
HENWOODMr Henwood, 4 Dec 1906DKW_23501A_Henwood
HEPBORNGeorge Hepborn, 9 Dec 1909DKW_30550_30550A_Hepborn
HEPBORNHeborn children, nDDKW_30548A_Hepborn
HEPBORNRoger Hepborn, 9 Dec 1909This may well be Rodger Bawtree Hepburn who is on the 1911 Census for Sutton, age 6.
HEPBURNHepburn children, 10 Dec 1906DKW_23486C_Hepburn
HERBERTMiss N Herbert, 21 Nov 1911DKW_32112B_Herbert
HERBERTMiss N Herbert, 21 Nov 1911DKW_32112_Herbert
HERBERTMiss N Herbert, 21 Nov 1911DKW_32112A_Herbert
HERRINGTONMiss Herrington, 31 Mar 1915DKW_34107_Herrington
HERSEYPrivate Hersey, 29 Jun 1917DKW_34918_Hersey
HESKETHMiss Hesketh, 10 Dec 1909DKW_30541B_30541C_Hesketh
HESKETHMiss M Hesketh, 10 Dec 1909DKW_30542_Hesketh
HEWITTHewitt, 14 Dec 1906DKW_23502A_Hewitt
HEYMANMiss Heyman, 9 Feb 1915DKW_32846A_Heyman
HEYMANMiss Heyman, 9 Feb 1915DKW_32846_Heyman
HICKSBaby Hicks, 4 Feb 1913DKW_32464_Hicks
HICKSHicks, copy photograph, 5 Apr 190?DKW_28732_Hicks
HICKSMiss Hicks, 16 Oct [no year] DKW_22434_Hicks
HICKSMiss Hicks, nDDKW_23990_Hicks
HICKSMrs Hicks, 9 Dec 1916DKW_34840A_Hicks
HIDDENMr N Hidden, 26 Feb 1907DKW_23690_Hidden
HIGGINSBaby Higgins, 23 Mar 1908DKW_24408_24408A_Higgins
HIGGINSBaby Higgins, 23 Mar 1908DKW_24408D_24408E_Higgins
HIGHALLMiss Highall, nDDKW_31269C_Highall
HIGLEYMiss Higley, 18 Sept 1911DKW_31537B_Higley
HIGLEYMiss Higley, 18 Sept 1911DKW_31537_Higley
HILLMiss [Y] Hill, nDDKW_23739B_Hill
HILLMiss Hill, 7 Dec 1912DKW_33245_Hill
HILLMiss Hill, 9 Oct 1908DKW_29874J_Hill
HILLMrs G C Hill, May 1907DKW_23739C_Hill
HILLR L Hill, Esq, 2 Jan 1915DKW_35213A_Hill
HILLT A Hill, Esq, 18 Dec 1914DKW_35124A_Hill
HILL T A Hill, Esq, 18 Dec 1914DKW_35124_Hill
HILLAWAYHillaway children, 12 Dec 1913DKW_31167B_Hillaway
HILLBROOKN Hillbrook, Esq, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34740_Hillbrook
HILLBROOKN Hillbrooke, Esq, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34740A_Hillbrook
HILSAYMiss Hilsay, 2 Apr 1913DKW_31157_Hilsay
HINDSMiss Hinds, 11 May 1917DKW_37079A_Hinds
HOBBSMiss Hobbs, Dec 1909DKW_30514_Hobbs
HODGESMiss Hodges, 26 Sep 1913DKW_32583_Hodges
HODGES Miss Hodges, 26 Sep 1913DKW_32583A_Hodges
HOFFMiss Hoff, 3 Jan 1914DKW_33756B_Hoff
HOGANMiss H M Hogan, 3 Feb 1915DKW_32870_Hogan
HOGANMiss H M Hogan, 3 Feb 1915DKW_32870A_Hogan
HOLDENE A Holden, 9 Feb 1915DKW_35306A_Holden
HOLEMaster Hole, 20 Nov [1907]DKW_24198B_24198C_Hole
HOLLANDHolland children, 15 Jan [no year]DKW_22532B_Holland
HOLLANDHolland children, 15 Jan [no year]DKW_22520A_Holland
HOLLANDMiss Enid Holland, 16 Apr 1908DKW_24449_Holland
HOLLANDMiss Enid Holland, 16 Apr 1908DKW_24449C_Holland
HOLLAWAYMiss Hollaway, 18 Jun 1915DKW_34194_Hollaway
HOLLINGBERRY[R A R] Hollingberry, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35432_Hollingberry
HOLLINGBERYMiss Hollingbery, Dec 1909DKW_30546A_Hollingbery
HOLLOWAYLittle girl Holloway, nDDKW_31819B_Holloway
HOLLOWAYLittle girl Holloway, nDDKW_31819A_Holloway
HOLLOWAYLittle girl Holloway, nDDKW_31819_Holloway
HOLLWAYHolloway children, 24 Nov 1908DKW_29929_29929A_Hollway
HOLLWAYMiss Holloway, Dec 1907DKW_24320A_Hollway
HOLLYW M Holly, Esq, 2 Aug 1912DKW_33043A_Holly
HOLMESJ Holmes, Esq, 29 Mar 1915DKW_35544A_Holmes
HOLMESJ Holmes, Esq, 29 Mar 1915DKW_35544_Holmes
HOLMESW R Holmes, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35271A_Holmes
HOLMESW R Holmes, Esq, 20 Jan 1915DKW_35271_Holmes
HOLMSTRONHolmstron children, 26 Apr 1909DKW_30150_Holmstron
HOLMSTRONMaster Holmstron, 26 Apr 1909DKW_30151B_Holmstron
HOLMSTRONMiss Holmstron and dog, 12 Aug 1911DKW_32024_Holmstron
HOLMSTRONMiss Holmstron and dog, 12 Aug 1911DKW_32024A_Holmstron
HOLMSTRON Master Holmstron, 26 Apr 1909DKW_30151_Holmstron
HOLTBaby Holt, 2 Jul 1916DKW_34656_Holt
HOLTBaby Holt, 28 May 1915DKW_34167_34167A_Holt
HOLTBaby Holt, 28 May 1915DKW_34167B_Holt
HOLTMrs Holt, 7 Aug 1915DKW_34241_Holt
HOLT Baby Holt, 2 Jul 1916DKW_34656A_Holt
HOLTHAMMiss Holtham, 12 May 1911DKW_31414C_Holtham
HOMAIEHomaie, copy photograph, 20 Jul 1912DKW_31984_Homaie
HOMERSTROMMiss Homerstrom, 12 Dec 1911DKW_31746_Homerstrom
HOOKEW E Hooke, Esq, 10 Nov 1911DKW_31628_Hooke
HOOPERD G Hooper, nDDKW_35714_Hooper
HOOPERMiss E Hooper, 8 Jun 1909DKW_30189_Hooper
HOPKINSMiss Hopkins, 4 Dec 1913DKW_33671_Hopkins
HOPPERMiss Hopper, 8 Nov 1916DKW_34784_34784A_Hopper
HORROCKSH Horrocks, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35346_Horrocks
HOSKINSMiss Hoskins, [12 Dec 1908]DKW_30581A_Hoskins
HOUCHENMiss Houchen, 2 Nov 1906DKW_23410_Houchen
HOUCHERHoucher, 21 Dec 1916DKW_34415_Houcher
HOULEMr Houle, 6 Jan 1913DKW_29697B_Houle
HOULEMrs Houle, 16 Jan 1913DKW_29682C_Houle
HOWARDHoward group, nDDKW_22553A_Howard
HOWARDHoward, group of 2, nDDKW_22553_Howard
HOWARDMiss Alice Howard, nDDKW_22487A_Howard
HOWARDMiss Howard, 8 Aug [no year]DKW_23119_Howard
HOWARDMiss M Howard, 15 Nov [no year]DKW_22488A_Howard
HOWARDMiss M Howard, 15 Nov [no year]DKW_22488_Howard
HOWARDW C Howard, Esq, 18 May 1915DKW_35716_Howard
HOWARD Miss Howard, 8 Aug [no year]DKW_23119A_Howard
HOWARTHC Howarth, Esq, 15 Jan 1915DKW_35259_Howarth
HOWARTHMiss Howarth, nDDKW_22845A_Howarth
HOWELLSJ W Howells Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35608_Howells
HOWIEMiss Howie, 21 Apr 1917DKW_37057_37057A_Howie
HUBBARDHubbard Lieut, 27 May 1915DKW_35693A_Hubbard
HUELIN Pte E S Huelin, 1 Dec 1916DKW_34815_Huelin
HUELIN Pte E S Huelin, 1 Dec 1916DKW_34815A_Huelin
HUFFAMJ C Huffam, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35599_Huffam
HUFFAMJ C Huffam, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35599A_Huffam
HUGGETTBaby Huggett, 19 Nov 1910DKW_31074A_Huggett
HUGGETTHuggett children, 19 Nov 1910DKW_31075B_Huggett
HUGGETTHuggett, 19 Nov 1910DKW_31076A_Huggett
HUGHESMiss Hughes, 11 Dec 1915DKW_36074_36074A_Hughes
HUGHESMiss Hughes, 11 Dec 1915DKW_36074B_Hughes
HUGHESMiss Hughes, 2 Oct 1911DKW_31569_Hughes
HUGHESPrivate Hughes, 12 Oct 1916DKW_34733_34733A_Hughes
HULLMiss Hull's 3 dogs, 8 Aug 1911DKW_31496A_Hull
HUMPHREYSMiss Humphreys, [4 Dec 191?]DKW_23573_Humphreys
HUMPHRISMrs Humphris and son, nDDKW_23342C_Humphris
HUNTBaby Hunt, 17 Oct 1907DKW_23792E_Hunt
HUNTBaby Hunt, 17 Oct 1907DKW_23792D_Hunt
HUNTH R Hunt Esq 5 Jan 1915DKW_35112A_Hunt
HUNTH R Hunt, Esq, 5 Jan 1915DKW_35112_Hunt
HUNTHunt, dog, 3 Dec 1915DKW_34351_Hunt
HUNTERHunter boys, 5 Dec 1906DKW_23498_Hunter
HUSSEYE T Hussey, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35061A_Hussey
HUSSEYE T Hussey, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35061B_Hussey
HUSSYH E Hussey, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35108_Hussy
HUSSYH E Hussy, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35108A_Hussy
HUSSYHussy, Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35061_Hussy
HUTCHINSONA Hutchinson, 1 Mar 1915DKW_35402_Hutchinson
HUTCHINSONMiss Hutchinson, 9 Jul 1908DKW_29629B_Hutchinson
HUTTMaster Hutt, 27 April 1908DKW_24415A_Hutt
HUTTMaster Hutt, 27 April 1908DKW_24415_Hutt
HUTTONMiss Hutton, 9 April 1907DKW_23744A_Hutton
HUTTONN L Hutton, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35355_Hutton
HYDEMiss Hyde, 11 Aug [no year]DKW_22990_Hyde
HYNDMANMiss Hyndman, 9 Dec 1913DKW_33679A_Hyndman
IBBOTSONL H P Ibbotson, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35520_Ibbotson
IBOTSONMiss Ibotson, dog, 6 Nov 1909DKW_30375_Ibotson
IGULEIngle, copy photograph, 4 Nov 1911DKW_31617_Igule
INCHBALDInchbald, 20 Sep [no year]DKW_23292_Inchbald
INDENMiss Inden, 4 Nov 1909DKW_30387C_Inden
INDENMiss Inden, 4 Nov 1909DKW_30387A_Inden
INGHAMJ S Ingham, Esq, 8 Apr 1915DKW_35581_Ingham
INGLEIngle, copy photograph, 8 Mar 1912DKW_31857_Ingle
INGRAMBaby Ingram, 18 Nov 1908DKW_29909B_29909C_Ingram
IRELANDIreland, copy photograph, nDDKW_33758A_Ireland
IRELANDIreland, copy photograph, nDDKW_33758_Ireland
IRELANDMiss Ireland, 21 Oct 1912DKW_33134C_Ireland
ISAACMiss G Isaac, 18 Feb 1915DKW_34099_Isaac
JACKSONA E Jackson, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35339_Jackson
JACKSOND Jackson, Esq, 26 Apr 1915DKW_35651_Jackson
JACKSONMiss Fay Jackson, 19 Sep 1912DKW_32331_32331A_Jackson
JACKSONMiss Fay Jackson, 19 Sep 1912DKW_32330_Jackson
JACKSONMiss Jackson, 1907DKW_24210A_Jackson
JAMESJames, 24 Jul 1909DKW_30260C_James
JAMESMiss JamesDKW_33774J_James
JAMESMiss JamesDKW_33774H_James
JAMESMiss James, 13 Dec 1911DKW_31737A_James
JAMESS L James, Esq, 17 Oct 1916DKW_34745_James
JAYIna Jay, 2 Dec 1909DKW_30576_Jay
JAYMiss Ina Jay, 29 Sep 1912 DKW_32340_Jay
JAYMiss Jay, 17 Jun 1915DKW_32943_Jay
JECKNELLPte Jecknell, 6 Nov 1915DKW_35775_Jecknell
JEFFERYMiss Jeffery, 18 Oct 1916DKW_34744_Jeffery
JEFFERYSG S Jefferys, Esq, 1 Mar 1910DKW_35431_Jefferys
JELKINGE D Jelking, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35136_Jelking
JELKINGE D Jelking, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35136A_Jelking
JENKINSBaby Jenkins, 1 Jan 1912DKW_31814_Jenkins
JENKINSMiss Jenkins, 13 Dec 1912DKW_33697B_Jenkins
JENKINSMiss Jenkins, 16 Nov 1910DKW_31055_31055A_Jenkins
JENKINSMrs Jenkins and baby, 7 Dec 1914DKW_34030C_Jenkins
JENKINSMrs Jenkins, nDDKW_22954_Jenkins
JEUKSE H Jeuks, Esq, 8 Jul [no year]DKW_31471_Jeuks
JEWELLLieut Jewell, 3 Dec 1915DKW_34353A_Jewell
JEWELLLieut Jewell, 3 Dec 1915DKW_34353_Jewell
JOHNSJohns, 12 Dec 1911DKW_23563_Johns
JOHNSONBaby Johnson, 18 Dec 1913DKW_32674_Johnson
JOHNSONBaby Johnson, nDDKW_31195_31195A_Johnson
JOHNSONE N Johnson, Esq, 27 Feb 1915DKW_35344_Johnson
JOHNSONG G Johnson, Esq, 17 Dec 1914DKW_35096_Johnson
JOHNSONJohnson children, 17 Dec 1910DKW_31212_Johnson
JOHNSONJohnson, copy photograph, nDDKW_23331_Johnson
JOHNSONMiss Johnson, 18 July 1916DKW_34664_Johnson
JOHNSONMiss Johnson, 8 Dec 1911DKW_32149_Johnson
JOHNSONMrs Johnson, 26 Apr 1915DKW_32916_Johnson
JOHNSONW H Johnson, Esq, 20 Apr 1915DKW_35641_Johnson
JOHNSON Baby Johnson, 18 Dec 1913DKW_32674A_Johnson
JOHNSON Miss Johnson, 18 July 1916DKW_34664A_Johnson
JOHNSTONJohnston, 7 April 1916DKW_34572_Johnston
JOHNSTON Miss Johnston, 10 Mar 1913DKW_32483A_Johnston
JOHNSTON Miss Johnston, 10 Mar 1913DKW_32483_Johnston
JOHNSTONEMiss Johnstone, 14 Dec 1907DKW_24364_Johnstone
JOHNSTONEN.O. Johnstone Esq, 22 Oct 1911DKW_32097_Johnstone
JOLLYJolly Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35069B_Jolly
JOLLYJolly, Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35069A_Jolly
JONESJones, 14 May 1915DKW_35709_Jones
JONESMaster Jones, 15 Jan 1907DKW_23651_Jones
JONESMiss Jones, [7 Sep 1912]DKW_32324_Jones
JONESMiss Jones, 16 Dec 1914DKW_34059_Jones
JONESMiss Jones, 3 May 1917DKW_37072_Jones
JONES Master Jones, 15 Jan 1907DKW_23651C_Jones
JONES Master Jones, 15 Jan 1907DKW_23651A_Jones
JUDDMiss Judd, 13 Feb 1916DKW_34523_Judd
JUKESF Jukes, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35491_Jukes
JUPEMiss Jupe, 17 Oct 1912DKW_33127_Jupe
JURYJury, Esq, 28 Jul 1916DKW_34685_Jury
JUSTICEMiss Justice, 3 Aug 1915DKW_34228_Justice
KARRYEBaby Karrye, 13 Dec 1916DKW_34888_Karrye
KARRYE Baby Karrye, 13 Dec 1916DKW_34888a_Karrye
KASEMANMiss Kaseman, 23 Sep 1915DKW_36023_Kaseman
KASLARMrs Kaslar and son, 10 Dec 1906DKW_23522_Kaslar
KAYKay, Esq, 4 Mar 1915DKW_35466_Kay
KAYSERMiss Kayser, copy photograph, 3 Dec 1907DKW_24263_Kayser
KEATS_WELCHKeats & Welch, 5 Dec 1913DKW_33668C_Keats_Welch
KEATS_WELCHKeats & Welch, 5 Dec 1913DKW_33668B_Keats_Welch
KEELAMC J Keelam, Esq, 8 Apr 1912DKW_31897C_Keelam
KEELANMiss Keelan, 14 Jan 1916DKW_34486_Keelan
KEEVILL Keevil, Esq, 18 Jan 1915DKW_35199A_Keevil
KEEVILL Keevil, Esq, 18 Jan 1915DKW_35199_Keevil
KEITHLEYP L Keithley, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35133A_Keithley
KEITHLEYP L Keithley, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35133_Keithley
KELHAMMiss Kelham, 9 Aug 1912DKW_33035_33035A_Kelham
KELLAMMiss Kellam, 21 Feb 1912DKW_32193_Kellam
KELLAMMiss Kellam, 21 Feb 1912DKW_32193A_Kellam
KELLAM Miss Kellam, 21 Feb 1912DKW_32193B_Kellam
KELLAWAYBaby Kellaway, 19 Jun 1909DKW_30142_Kellaway
KELLAWAYKellaway, 29 Dec 1907DKW_24312A_Kellaway
KELLAWAYKellaway, copy photograph, Dec 1907DKW_24312_Kellaway
KELLAWAYMaster Kellaway, 9 Dec 1907DKW_24322_Kellaway
KEMPG C Kemp, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35337_Kemp
KENNEDYG W Kennedy, Esq, nDDKW_33949_Kennedy
KENNEDYG W Kennedy, Esq, nDDKW_33949A_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss A Kennedy, Jan 2 1913DKW_33304A_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss A Kennedy, Jan 2 1913DKW_33304B_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss Jean Kennedy, 2 Jan 1913DKW_33305_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss Jean Kennedy, 2 Jan 1913DKW_33305A_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss Kennedy, 5 Oct 1916DKW_34720_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss Kennedy, 5 Oct 1916DKW_34720A_Kennedy
KENNEDYMiss P Kennedy, [date not legible]DKW_33306_Kennedy
KENTSergeant Kent, 9 Oct 1915DKW_35763_Kent
KEOHANEMisses Keohane, 2 Aug [no yaer]DKW_33029A_Keohane
KEOHANEMisses Keohane, 2 Aug [no year]DKW_33029_Keohane
KEREWICKMiss Kerewick, 15 Nov 1916DKW_34799_Kerewick
KERRMiss Kerr, 10 Jan 1917DKW_34932_Kerr
KERRMiss Marjorie Kerr, [10 Oct 1906]DKW_23317_Kerr
KERRMiss Marjorie Kerr, nDDKW_22782F_Kerr
KERRMiss Marjorie Kerr, nDDKW_22782A_Kerr
KERRMrs Kerr and daughter, nDDKW_30080A_Kerr
KERR Miss Marjorie Kerr, [10 Oct 1906]DKW_23317F_Kerr
KERR Miss Marjorie Kerr, nDDKW_22782C_Kerr
KERRISONMiss Kerrison, 8 Dec 1916DKW_34872A_Kerrison
KESSLARMiss Kesslar, nDDKW_31178B_Kesslar
KESWICKMiss Keswick, 26 Jan 1914DKW_33787_Keswick
KIDDBaby Kidd, 6 Apr 1907DKW_23726_Kidd
KIDDMaster Kidd, 27 Sep 1908DKW_24414H_Kidd
KIDD Baby Kidd, 6 Apr 1907DKW_23726C_Kidd
KIDD Baby Kidd, 6 Apr 1907DKW_23726B_Kidd
KIDD Baby Kidd, 6 Apr 1907DKW_23726A_Kidd
KIERHOLZMiss Kierholz, 10 Mar 1917DKW_37022_Kierholz
KILLICKMiss H F Killick, 8 Dec 1908DKW_29974A_Killick
KILLICKMiss K Killick, 16 Dec 1909DKW_30006_Killick
KILLICKMiss Killick, 16 Dec 1911DKW_32835_32835A_Killick
KILLICKMiss Killick, 25 Mar 1915DKW_30006B_Killick
KILMINSTERR Kilminster, Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35066_Kilminster
KILPATRICKMiss Kilpatrick, 28 Nov 1908DKW_30478_Kilpatrick
KIMBERMiss Kimber, 10 Mar 1913DKW_32485_Kimber
KINGC J King, Esq, 9 Mar 1915DKW_35433A_King
KINGKing, copy photograph, 19 Apr 1916DKW_34584_King
KINGMiss D King, 14 Jun 1915DKW_34926A_King
KINGMiss G King, 11 Apr 1912DKW_31879A_King
KINGMiss G King, 11 Apr 1912DKW_31879_King
KINGMiss King, 03 Dec [no year]DKW_24245_King
KINGMiss King, 28 Oct 1916DKW_34761_King
KINGMiss King, nDDKW_22798_King
KINGMiss King, nDDKW_22798A_King
KINGPEARCEMrs King Pearce, copy photograph, 25 May 1916DKW_34611_KingPearce
KINGSHOTMiss K Kingshot, 21 Dec 1910DKW_37232_Kingshot
KIRAINSI Kirains, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35129_Kirains
KIRKBRIDEJ B Kirkbride, Esq, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35177A_Kirkbride
KIRKBYG W Kirkby, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35471_Kirkby
KITCHENERKitchener, 2 Dec 1907DKW_24335A_Kitchener
KITCHINGBaby Kitching, 15 Nov 1912DKW_32380_Kitching
KLAIBEREMiss Klaibere, [6 Jan 1910]DKW_30557A_Klaibere
KLAIBEREMiss Klaibere, nDDKW_30557_Klaibere
KNAPPKnapp, Esq, nDDKW_33219_Knapp
KNIBBSMiss Knibbs, 17 Dec 1906DKW_23586_Knibbs
KNIGHTA E Knight, Esq, 21 Dec 1911DKW_31213A_Knight
KNIGHTC H S Knight, Esq, 30 Dec 1914DKW_35181_Knight
KNIGHTH E C Knight, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35416_Knight
KNIGHTH E C Knight, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35416A_Knight
KNIGHTMaster Knight, 8 Oct 1908DKW_29848_29848A_Knight
KNIGHTMaster Knight, 8 Oct 1908DKW_29848B_29848C_Knight
KNIGHTMaster Knight, 9 May 1908DKW_29517_Knight
KNIGHTMaster Knight, May 1908DKW_29517C_Knight
KNIGHTMaster Knight, May 1908DKW_29517A_Knight
KNIGHTMiss F Knights, nDDKW_23322A_Knight
KNIGHTMiss Knight, 14 Dec 1916DKW_34856_Knight
KNIGHTMiss Knight, 17 Dec 1915DKW_34386_Knight
KNIGHTMiss Knight, 18 Dec 1907DKW_24276A_Knight
KNIGHTMiss Knight, 29 Jun 1916DKW_34646_Knight
KNIGHT Miss Knight, 16 Oct 1916DKW_34748_Knight
KNIGHT Mrs Knight, 16 Mar 1917DKW_37018_Knight
KNIGHTONMiss Knighton, 31 Jan 1913DKW_32459_Knighton
KNIGHTS-WHITTOMEKnights-Whittome, 25 Nov 1906This must be a niece or nephew of David Knights-Whittome as his eldest son was not born for another two years.
KNOWLESKnowles family, 26 Nov 1910DKW_31099A_Knowles
KNOWLESMaster Knowles, 1 Dec 1908DKW_23483A_Knowles
LA FARGUEMiss La Fargue, 21 Sep 1915DKW_34270_La Fargue
LA FARGUEMiss La Fargue, 4 Oct 1915DKW_34270A_La Fargue
LABINEMiss Labine, 9 Apr 1917DKW_37014_Labine
LACEMiss Lace (or possibly Lacy or Lang), 23 Sep 1916DKW_34712_Lace
LACYMiss Lacy (or possibly Lace or Lang), 2 Feb 1916DKW_34712A_Lacy
LAKELake, [Jan 1907]DKW_29408D_Lake
LAKEMaster Lake, 11 Dec 1906DKW_23555A_Lake
LAKEMatser Lake, 11 Dec 1906DKW_23555_Lake
LAKEMr Lake, Jan 1908DKW_29408B_Lake
LAMB J M Lamb, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35542A_Lamb
LAMBERT2nd Lieut Lambert, 3 Oct 1916DKW_34703_Lambert
LAMBERT2nd Lieut Lambert, 3 Oct 1916DKW_34703a_Lambert
LAMBERTLambert children, 12 Nov [no year]DKW_23417A_Lambert
LAMBERTMaster Lambert, 8 Feb 1913DKW_33342A_Lambert
LAMBERTMaster Lambert, 8 Feb 1913DKW_33342C_Lambert
LAMBERTMiss Lambert, 9 Dec 1916DKW_34865a_Lambert
LAMBERTMrs Lambert, 3 Oct 1916DKW_34702A_Lambert
LAMBERTMrs Lambert, 3 Oct 1916DKW_34702_Lambert
LAMPARDMrs Lampard, 21 Nov 1908DKW_29902A_Lampard
LANCASTERHugh Lancaster, Esq, 12 Aug 1911DKW_32076_Lancaster
LANCASTERLancaster, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35525_Lancaster
LANDERMrs Lander, 8 Mar [no year]DKW_22819D_Lander
LANEMiss Lane, 20 Dec 1912DKW_31777_31777A_Lane
LANGMr Lang, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23640A_Lang
LANGLEYMiss Langley, 8 Feb 1909DKW_30076_30076A_Langley
LANGSDOWNBaby Langsdown, 10 Dec 1912DKW_32424A_Langsdown
LANGSDOWNBaby Langsdown, 10 Dec 1912DKW_32424_Langsdown
LANGSDOWNMrs Langsdown, 10 Dec 1912DKW_32430_Langsdown
LANGSTEADLangstead Esq, 17 Dec 1913DKW_33714_33714A_Langstead
LANGSTEADLangstead, Esq, 17 Dec 1913DKW_33714B_Langstead
LANGTONLangton, 24 Nov 1911DKW_34007_Langton
LARKEMiss Larke, nDDKW_34529_Larke
LATHAMNurse Latham, nDDKW_22548A_Latham
LAUELaue, copy photograph, [12] Dec 1912DKW_33270_Laue
LAVENDERMr P Lavender, nDDKW_22453A_Lavender
LAWERENCEMiss L Lawerence, 20 Aug 1910DKW_30893_Lawerence
LAWRENCEMiss E Lawrence, 19 May 1917DKW_37091_Lawrence
LAWRENCEMiss Lawrence, 30 Jun 1911DKW_32019_Lawrence
LAWRENCE Miss E Lawrence, 19 May 1917DKW_37091A_Lawrence
LAWSMiss Laws, 1 Jan 1914DKW_33748A_Laws
LAWSONR N Lawson Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35521_Lawson
LAYBaby Lay, 29 Nov 1916DKW_34823A_Lay
LEABaby Lea, 1 Jan 1912DKW_31812_Lea
LEABaby Lea, 1 Jan 1912DKW_31812B_Lea
LEABaby Lea, 29 Mar 1912DKW_31874A_Lea
LEABaby Lea, 29 Mar 1912DKW_31874B_Lea
LEACHMiss Leach, 8 Dec 1916DKW_34869_Leach
LEDGERBaby Ledger, 14 Dec 1910DKW_31162_Ledger
LEDGERMiss G Ledger, 6 May 1913DKW_32518_Ledger
LEDGERMrs Ledger, copy photograph, 19 Oct 1911DKW_31838_Ledger
LEDGER Baby Ledger, 14 Dec 1910DKW_31162B_Ledger
LEDGER Miss Ledger, 6 May 1913DKW_32518A_Ledger
LEEMiss Lee, 13 Dec 1909DKW_30575_Lee
LEEMiss M Lee, 22 Nov 1909DKW_30440_Lee
LEEALLAN Mrs Lee Allen, 21 Oct 1916DKW_34746_LeeAllan
LEEALLENMrs Lee Allen, 21 Oct 1916DKW_34746A_LeeAllen
LEECHF H Leech, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35483_Leech
LEECH F H Leech, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35483A_Leech
LEESMiss Lees, 10 June 1916DKW_34627_Lees
LEESENMiss Leesen, nDDKW_24349_Leesen
LEGGEMiss Legge, 24 Dec 1906DKW_23581_Legge
LEGGEMiss Legge, 24 Dec 1906DKW_23581A_Legge
LEGGE Miss Legge, 24 Dec 1906DKW_23581B_Legge
LEIGHMiss Leigh, 22 Nov 1906DKW_23414A_Leigh
LEIGHMiss Leigh, 2 Nov 1911DKW_31653_Leigh
LEIGHMiss Leigh, 22 Nov 1906DKW_23414_Leigh
LEIGHMiss Leigh, 22 Nov 1906DKW_23414B_Leigh
LEMAYL A LeMay, Esq, 12 Feb 1915DKW_35320_Lemay
LEPPARDMrs Leppard, [5 Nov 1915]DKW_23429_Leppard
LETFORDLetford, copy photograph, 5 Jul 1910DKW_30814_Letford
LEVYLevy, 11 Nov [no year]DKW_22482_Levy
LEVYLevy, 11 Nov [no year]DKW_22482A_Levy
LEWIN[T] Lewin, Esq, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35285_Lewin
LEWISLieut Lewis, 12 Jan 1916DKW_34478_Lewis
LEWISMr C C Lewis, 2 Apr 1908DKW_24409_24409A_Lewis
LEWISMrs Courtenay Lewis, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22531_Lewis
LIGHTMiss Light, 9 Jun 1915DKW_34214_Light
LIGHTMr Light, 27 Nov [no year]DKW_22530_Light
LIGHTBODYMiss P M Lighbody, nDDKW_34782_Lightbody
LIGHTFOOTMiss Lightfoot, 20 Dec 1906DKW_23530A_Lightfoot
LINDLEYLindley Baby, 7 Mar 1907DKW_23723_Lindley
LINDSAYMiss Lindsey, 1 Dec [no year]DKW_22546A_Lindsay
LINDSEYJ Lindsey, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35143_Lindsey
LINDSEYMiss Lindsay, 1 Dec [no year]DKW_22546C_Lindsey
LINTOTTMiss S Lintott, 7 Dec 1906DKW_23527_Lintott
LITTLEMaster A G Little, 15 Nov 1916DKW_34767_Little
LITTLEMaster P Little, 15 Nov 1916DKW_34770_Little
LITTLEMiss Nancy Little, 15 Nov 1916DKW_34769_Little
LITTLEWOODG B Littlewood, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35406_Littlewood
LIVEINGR H T Liveing, Esq, 29 Dec 1914DKW_35190_Liveing
LLEWLLYNMiss J Llewllyn, 13 Jan 1913DKW_33323_Llewllyn
LLOYDC R Lloyd, copy photograph, [8 Dec 1910]DKW_31165_Lloyd
LLOYDLloyd, copy photograph, 20 Mar 1917DKW_37035_Lloyd
LLOYDLloyd, P W, Esq, 20 May 1915DKW_35712_Lloyd
LLOYDLloyd, P W, Esq, 20 May 1915DKW_35712A_Lloyd
LLOYDMr Lloyd, 9 Jan 1914DKW_31805_Lloyd
LOCKMiss A Lock, copy photograph, 13 Dec 1910DKW_31175_Lock
LOCKMiss Lock, 16 Dec 1913DKW_32639_Lock
LOCKEMiss Locke, 6 Feb 1915DKW_34215_Locke
LOCKEMiss Locke, nDDKW_33781_33781A_Locke
LOCKEMrs Locke, 20 Jun 1916DKW_34635_Locke
LOCKETTBaby Lockett, 20 Jan 1917DKW_34947_Lockett
LOCKETTMiss Lockett, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22580_Lockett
LOCKETTMr Lockett, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22581_Lockett
LOCKETTMr Lockett, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22581A_Lockett
LOCKETT Baby Lockett, 20 Jan 1917DKW_34947A_Lockett
LOCKETT Miss Lockett, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22580A_Lockett
LOCKYERJ F Lockyer, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_35539_Lockyer
LOCKYER J F Lockyer, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_35539A_Lockyer
LONDONLondon children, 8 Dec 1913DKW_33675A_London
LONDONMiss London, 1 Jan 1915DKW_34080_London
LONDONMiss London, 19 Oct 1915DKW_34289_London
LONGMiss Long, 1 Feb 1916DKW_34528_Long
LONGHURSTBaby Longhurst, 25 Oct [no year]DKW_22411_Longhurst
LONGHURSTBaby Longhurst, 25 Oct [no year]DKW_22411B_Longhurst
LONGHURSTS C Longhurst, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_32907A_Longhurst
LONGHURSTS C Longhurst, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_32907_Longhurst
LORDBaby Lord, 14 Jun 1912DKW_33501B_Lord
LORDBaby Lord, 14 Jun 1912DKW_31949B_Lord
LORDBaby Lord, 14 Jun 1912DKW_33501_Lord
LORDMaster G Lord, 20 May 1914DKW_33841C_Lord
LORDMaster G Lord, 20 May 1914DKW_33841A_Lord
LORD Master G Lord, 20 May 1914DKW_33841D_Lord
LORD Master G Lord, 20 May 1914DKW_33841B_Lord
LOTEYMiss Lotey, 18 Dec 1913DKW_33699G_Lotey
LOTEYMiss Lotey, 18 Dec 1913DKW_33699B_Lotey
LOTEYMiss Lotey, 18 Dec 1913DKW_33699E_Lotey
LOTTJ E Lott, Esq, 4 Jan 1915DKW_35185_35185A_Lott
LOVEMrs Love, 3 Feb 1915DKW_34098_34098A_Love
LOVEGROVEMiss Lovegrove, nDDKW_24238_24238A_Lovegrove
LOVEGROVEMiss Lovegrove, nDDKW_22504_Lovegrove
LOVEGROVE Pte C G Lovegrove, 10 Jul 1916DKW_34655_Lovegrove
LOVEGROVE Pte C G Lovegrove, 10 Jul 1916DKW_34653_Lovegrove_Neg
LOVELLLovell children, 20 Nov 1909DKW_23392_Lovell
LOVELLLovell children, 20 Nov 1909DKW_23392A_Lovell
LOVELLMiss Lovell, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23449A_Lovell
LOVELLMiss Lovell, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23449_Lovell
LOVELLMiss Lovell, 30 Jun 1916DKW_34652_Lovell
LOWELowe, 26 Apr [no year]DKW_22854A_Lowe
LOWELowe, 26 Apr [no year]DKW_22854C_Lowe
LOWELowe, copy photograph, nDDKW_23261_Lowe
LOWEMr Lowe, nDDKW_23264_Lowe
LOYDEW H Loyde, Esq, 30 Mar 1915DKW_35562A_Loyde
LOYDEW H Loyde, Esq, 30 Mar 1915DKW_35562_Loyde
LUGDENMiss Lugden, 3 Jul 1916DKW_34651_Lugden
LUGWELLMiss Lugwell, copy photograph, 26 Nov 1916DKW_31118A_Lugwell
LUKEMiss Luke, 22 Aug 1912DKW_33039_33039A_Luke
LYNESMiss D Lynes, nDDKW_24092A_Lynes
LYNESMiss D Lynes, nDDKW_24091_Lynes
MABUINEMiss Mabuine, 18 Jan 1907DKW_23642A_Mabuine
MACADAMMaster MacAdam, date illegibleDKW_33319A_MacAdam
MACARTHURMacArthur, copy photograph, nDDKW_22390_MacArthur
MACARTHURMiss MacArthur, nDDKW_23340_MacArthur
MACARTHURMiss MacArthur, nDDKW_23340B_MacArthur
MACARTHURMiss MacArthur, nDDKW_23340G_MacArthur
MACARTHURMiss MacArthur, nDDKW_23340D_MacArthur
MACDOUGALDL A MacDougald, Esq, 25 Nov 1911DKW_31656B_MacDougald
MACEA C Mace, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35362_Mace
MACGROTTYMacGrotty, 12 Aug 1915DKW_34243_MacGrotty
MACKENNAMiss MacKenna, [year illegible]DKW_31946_MacKenna
MACKENNAMiss MacKenna, 24 Dec 1914DKW_32852_MacKenna
MACKIEJ J Mackie, Esq, 15 Apr 1915DKW_35613_Mackie
MACKIEMiss Mackie, 9 Dec 1912DKW_33677C_Mackie
MACLEANMiss MacLean, nDDKW_24222_Maclean
MACMUNNMrs MacMunn,16 Dec 1914DKW_34057_MacMunn
MACRELLMiss Macrell, 20 Nov 1906DKW_23452A_Macrell
MACRELLMiss Macrell, 20 Nov 1906DKW_23452B_Macrell
MAHIANMiss Mahian, 9 Nov 1916DKW_34791_Mahian
MAIRMrs Mair, 15 Dec 1906DKW_23570_Mair
MAIRPHILLIPPhillip Mair, 21 Dec 1910DKW_31042C_MairPhillip
MAITLANDMaster Maitland, 24 Sep [no year]DKW_23287C_Maitland
MAITLANDMaster Maitland, 5 Apr 1907DKW_23733_Maitland
MAKONEYMiss Makoney, 6 Nov 1910DKW_31054A_Makoney
MANDERR P Mander, Esq, 4 Dec 1914DKW_35051_Mander
MANTELLMaster Mantell, nDDKW_22407_Mantell
MANTELLMaster Mantell, nDDKW_22407B_Mantell
MANVILLEManville, 27 Oct 1916DKW_34760A_Manville
MARCKSMiss Marcks, 21 Jul 1908DKW_29651A_Marcks
MARCKSMiss Marcks, 21 Jul 1908DKW_29651B_Marcks
MARGHAMMargham Esq, 13 Jan 1916DKW_34444_Margham
MARKSMiss Marks, 24 Feb 1917DKW_34981_Marks
MARROWH Marrow, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35401_Marrow
MARSHMiss Marsh, 10 Jun 1916DKW_34632_Marsh
MARSHMiss Marsh, 5 May 1916DKW_34580_34580A_Marsh
MARSHALLBaby Marshall, 6 Sep 1911DKW_31549_Marshall
MARSHALLMiss Marshall, 24 Nov 1910DKW_31103_Marshall
MARSHALL DKW_23497_Marshall _LDKW_23497_Marshall
MARTINH Martin, Esq, 6 Mar 1917DKW_37002_37002A_Martin
MARTINMiss G Martin, 10 Mar 1915DKW_34100_Martin
MARTINMiss Martin, 10 Mar 1915DKW_34100A_Martin
MARTINMiss Martin, 18 Nov 1910DKW_31067A_Martin
MARTINMiss Martin, 18 Nov 1910DKW_31067B_Martin
MARTINMr Martin, 29 Oct [no year]DKW_23327D_Martin
MARTINMrs Martin, 22 Nov 1911DKW_31646B_Martin
MARTINMrs Martin, 22 Nov 1911DKW_31646C_Martin
MARTINNurse Martin, 20 Nov 1915DKW_34334_34334A_Martin
MARTUSHMiss Martush, 9 Dec 1916DKW_34862_Martush
MARTYRMiss R Martyr, 13 Dec 1911DKW_31738B_Martyr
MASKINSMiss Maskins, 23 Aug 1915DKW_34248_Maskins
MASLINBaby Maslin, 9 Dec 1909DKW_30556_Maslin
MASONF L Mason, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35463_Mason
MASONLittle boy Mason, 23 May 1914DKW_33846_Mason
MASONMiss Mason, 10 Mar 1911DWK_31367A_Mason
MASONMiss Mason, 10 Mar 1911DKW_31367_Mason
MASSEYMassey, copy photograph, 29 Sep 1913DKW_32586_B_Massey
MASSEYMiss Massey, copy photograph, nDDKW_32603_Massey
MASSEYMr W Massey, 20 Apr 1907DKW_23755_Massey
MASSEY Massey, copy photograph, 29 Sep 1913DKW_32586_A_Massey
MATERSMiss Maters, 7 Dec 1911DKW_31704_Maters
MATHERB C Mather, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35341_Mather
MATHEWC G Mathew, Esq, 26 Mar 1915DKW_35561_Mathew
MATHIASL C Mathias, Esq, 10 May 1915DKW_35654_Mathias
MATYNERMr G Matyner, 14 Dec 1910DKW_31185C_Matyner
MATYNERMr G Matyner, 17 Dec 1910This double exposure is interesting as the figure on the left is in fact David Knights-Whittome. Furthermore if you look at the previous double plate for Mr G Matyner he doesn't have a moustache yet in this one he does. Did Knights-Whittome "photoshop" the image to include the moustache? We can't see it ourselves. Was he making a joke at Mr Matyner's expense or was he in on it?
MAUDMiss Maud and dog, 16 Dec 1910DKW_31199_Maud
MAULEMaule children, 9 Dec 1912DKW_32422_Maule
MAXEYBaby Maxey, 4 Dec 1908DKW_29980B_29980C_Maxey
MAXWELLSgt Maxwell, nDDKW_34454_Maxwell
MAYMiss May, 7 Dec 1915DKW_34343_May
MAYERMrs Edna Mayer, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23482A_Mayer
MAYER Mrs Edna Mayer, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23482B_Mayer
MAYESMayes and baby, 23 Jun 1916DKW_34645_Mayes
MAYESMayes and baby, 28 Jun 1916DKW_34645A_Mayes
MAYHEWLittle girl Mayhew, 2 Mar 1912DKW_33071B_Mayhew
MCARTHURG K McArthur, Esq, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35249A_McArthur
MCARTHURG K McArthur, Esq, 11 Jan 1915DKW_35249_McArthur
MCCONNELLH J McConnell, Esq, 6 May 1915DKW_35686_McConnell
MCCORNISHMiss McCornish, 22 Mar 1917DKW_37050_McCornish
MCCREATHL McCreath, 27 May 1915DKW_35720_McCreath
MCDONALDMaster D G McDonald, 23 Aug 1915DKW_32989_McDonald
MCDONALDMaster McDonald, 18 Nov 1916DKW_34794_McDonald
MCDONALD Master D G McDonald, 23 Aug 1915DKW_32989A_McDonald
MCDOUGALDMiss G M McDougald, 15 Jan 1914DKW_33768C_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 15 Jan 1914DKW_33769_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 15 Jan 1914DKW_33768D_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 2 Apr 1914DKW_33768B_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec [1912]DKW_33262_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662F_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662G_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662A_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662D_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662K_McDougald
MCDOUGALDMiss McDougald, 4 Dec 1912DKW_33662C_McDougald
MCGARRYMiss E McGarry, 30 Nov 1914DKW_32800_McGarry
MCGARRY Miss E McGarry, 30 Nov 1914DKW_32800A_McGarry
MCHALEC M [McHale], Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35115A_McHale
MCKENZIEMaster McKenzie, 26 Apr 1917DKW_37066A_McKenzie
MCKENZIE Master McKenzie, 26 Apr 1917DKW_37066_McKenzie
MCKINNONMiss McKinnon, nDDKW_22524A_McKinnon
MCKINNONMiss McKinnon, nDDKW_22524_McKinnon
MCKINNONMiss McKinnon, nDDKW_22524E_McKinnon
MCMULLENMiss McMullen, 20 Feb 1919DKW_34984A_McMullen
MEAD ROBBINSMiss Mead Robins, 24 Oct 1914DKW_33982_Mead Robbins
MEADEMiss D Meade, 14 Sep 1911DKW_32069_Meade
MEADE Miss D Meade, 14 Sep 1911DKW_32069A_Meade
MEALORE Mealor, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35077_Mealor
MEDHURSTMiss E Medhurst, 15 Jan 1913DKW_32455_Medhurst
MEEDENMeeden, Rfmn, 11 Dec 1915DKW_34412_Meeden
MEGSONA E Megson, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35301_Megson
MELLISHMiss Mellish, nDDKW_32429_Mellish
MELLONB V Mellon, Esq, 14 Dec 1914DKW_35057A_Mellon
MELLONB V Mellon, Esq, 14 Dec 1914DKW_35057_Mellon
MENZIESH Menzies, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35223_Menzies
MERCERE D Mercer, Esq, 28 Dec 1914DKW_35049_Mercer
MERCERE D Mercer, Esq, 28 Dec 1914DKW_35049A_Mercer
MERCERMrs Mercer, 29 May 1916DKW_34614A_Mercer
MERCERR R Mercer, Esq, 25 Jan 1917DKW_34939A_Mercer
MERCHANTL Merchant, 1 May 1915DKW_35708_Merchant
MEREDITHE D Meredith, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35380_Meredith
MEREDITHE D Meredith, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35380A_Meredith
MEREDITHE D Meredith, Esq, 16 Feb 1915DKW_35380A_Meredith
MERHSIMG Merheim, Esq, 18 Jan 1915DKW_35242_Merhsim
MESSENGERMaster Messenger, 9 Jul 1909DKW_30238A_Messenger
MESSENGERMaster Messenger, 9 Jul 1909DKW_30238B_Messenger
MESSENGERMiss Messenger, 4 July 1911DKW_31462B_Messenger
MESSENGERMiss Messenger, 9 Mar 1917DKW_37010_Messenger
MESSENGERMiss Messenger, 9 Mar 1917DKW_37010A_Messenger
METTIVANMiss Mettivan, 30 Nov 1909DKW_30491_Mettivan
MEXENBURGMr Mexenburg, 26 Feb 1908DKW_24389_Mexenburg
MICKELMMickelm, dog, 21 Feb 1911DKW_31344C_Mickelm
MICKLEMMicklem, dog, 21 Feb 1911DKW_31344_Micklem
MICKLEMMicklem, dog, 21 Feb 1911DKW_31344A_Micklem
MICKLEM Micklem, dog, 21 Feb 1911DKW_31344B_Micklem
MICKNESHMrs Micknesh, 18 Jun 1915DKW_34200_Micknesh
MIDDLETONBaby Mair, 14 Nov 1910DKW_31041_Middleton
MIDDLETONJ Middleton, Esq, 30 Mar 1915DWK_35237_Middleton
MIDDLETONJ Middleton, Esq, 30 Mar 1915DKW_35237A_Middleton
MIDDLETONMiss Middleton, 16 Dec 1911DKW_32158_Middleton
MIDDLETONMiss Middleton, 22 Mar 1917DKW_37033_Middleton
MIDDLETONMiss Middleton, 5 Oct 1916DKW_34715_Middleton
MILESBaby Miles, 27 Mar 1907DKW_23714B_Miles
MILESLittle girl Miles, nDDKW_22560A_Miles
MILESLittle girl Miles, nDDKW_22560B_Miles
MILESMiles baby, copy photograph, 25 Apr [no year]DKW_23736_Miles
MILESMiss Miles, nDDWK_34071_Miles
MILESMiss N Miles, 25 Mar 1914DKW_33819_Miles
MILES Miss N Miles, 25 Mar 1914DKW_33819A_Miles
MILLMrs Mill, 29 Nov 1913DKW_34338_Mill
MILLARDMillard, D, Esq, 20 May 1915DKW_35721_Millard
MILLERMiller, Melville the dog, 8 Dec 1910DKW_31153A_Miller
MILLERMiller, Melville the dog, 8 Dec 1910DKW_31153C_Miller
MILLERMiss Miller, 5 Dec 1910DKW_31132C_Miller
MILLINGTONMiss D Millington, 25 Mar 1909DKW_30124B_Millington
MILLSMiss Mills, 20 Jun 1914DKW_33854_2_Mills
MILLSMiss Mills, 3 Jun 1914DKW_33854_1_Mills
MILLSMrs Mills, 22 Jan 1907DKW_23655_Mills
MILLWARDMrs Milward, 27 Nov 1907DKW_24170_Millward
MILSTEADMiss Milstead, 11 Apr 1909DKW_24430A_Milstead
MILSTEADMiss Milstead, 11 Apr 1909DKW_24430_Milstead
MILTONMiss Milton, 4 Dec 1908DKW_29982+A_Milton
MIMS Pte Mims, 8 Jul 1915DKW_34209A_Mims
MIMS Pte Mims, 8 Jul 1915DKW_34209_Mims
MINTONMinton, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35262+A_Minton
MITCHELMitchel, dog, 6 Jul 1911DKW_31459D_Mitchel
MITCHELMitchel, dog, 8 Jun 1911DKW_31437A_Mitchel
MITCHELMitchel, dog, nDDKW_31459C_Mitchel
MITCHELLE Mitchell, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35400_Mitchell
MITCHELLE Mitchell, Esq, 23 Jan 1915DKW_35290_Mitchell
MITCHELLMiss Mitchell and dog, 5 Dec 1911DKW_31685_Mitchell
MITCHELLMiss Mitchell, 18 May 1915DKW_32934_Mitchell
MITCHELLMiss Mitchell, 21 Jan 1916DKW_34466_Mitchell
MITCHELLMiss Mitchell, 21 Jan 1916DKW_34466A_Mitchell
MITCHELLMiss Mitchell, nDDKW_24369A_Mitchell_A
MITCHELLMitchell children, 6 Dec 1906DKW_23507B_Mitchell
MITCHELLMrs Mitchell, 15 Dec 1906DKW_23504G_Mitchell
MITCHELLMrs Mitchell, 15 Dec 1906DKW_23504E_Mitchell
MOATBaby Moat, 3 Dec 1912DKW_32410A_Moat
MOATMiss Moat, 3 Dec 1912DKW_32410_Moat
MOGRIDGEBaby Mogridge, 18 Dec 1914DKW_32843_Mogridge
MOLYNEUXC A Molyneux, Esq, 30 Mar 1915DKW_35553_Molyneux
MONTFORDA C Montford, Esq, 23 Apr 1915DKW_35623A_Montford
MONTFORDMontford, Esq, 8 May 1915DKW_35673B_Montford
MONTGOMERYB H Montgomery, Esq, 14 Mar 1915DKW_34081_Montgomery
MONTGOMERYMr Montgomery, 23 Jul 1914DKW_33839A_Montgomery
MONTGOMERYMr Montgomery, 23 Jul 1914DKW_33839_Montgomery
MOOREH I Moore, Esq, 2 Mar 1915DKW_35449B_35449C_Moore
MOOREH Moore, Esq, 14 Jan 1915DKW_35264_Moore
MOOREJ A Moore, Esq, 10 Dec 1911DKW_35094_Moore
MOOREMaster Moore, nDDKW_24056_Moore
MOOREMiss (Dalton) Moore, Dec 1906DKW_23474_Moore
MOOREMiss L Moore, 15 Dec 1914DKW_34051_34051A_Moore
MOOREMiss Moore (Dalton), Dec 1906DKW_23474A_Moore
MOOREMiss Moore (Dalton), Dec 1906DKW_23478_Moore
MOOREMoore, 1 May [no year] See 31683BDKW_31682A_Moore
MOOREMoore, 2 Dec 1912The envelope refers to a Miss Vera Moore.
MOOREMoore, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35265A_Moore
MOOREMr Moore, copy photograph, 17 Nov 1915DKW_34330_Moore
MOOREMrs Moore and baby, nDDKW_33085B_Moore
MOORECROFTMiss Moorecroft, 1908DKW_29546_Moorecroft
MORANBaby Moran, 19 Apr 1911DKW_31389B_Moran
MORANBaby Moran, 19 Apr 1911DKW_31389_Moran
MORANBaby Moran, 6 Jan 1910DKW_30615C_Moran
MORANBaby Moran, 6 Jan 1910DKW_30615D_Moran
MORANBaby Moran, 6 Jan 1910DKW_30615A_Moran
MORANMoran, 10 Jan 1914DKW_32671_Moran
MORAN Moran, 10 Jan 1914DKW_32671A_Moran
MORBYMrs Morby, nDDKW_30589_Morby
MORGANMiss L Morgan, 20 Dec 1911DKW_32170_Morgan
MORGANMorgan, Esq, 11 Mar 1915DKW_35490_Morgan
MORGANMorgan, Esq, 3 Feb 1919DKW_35335_Morgan
MORGAN Morgan, Esq, 7 Apr 1915DKW_34132_Morgan
MORLEYMiss J Morley, 7 Jun 1909DKW_30190B_Morley
MORLEYMiss Morley, 23 Jun 1910DKW_30797_Morley
MORLEYMiss Morley, 23 Jun 1910DKW_30797B_Morley
MORLEYMorley and baby, nDDKW_30590A_Morley
MORLEY Baby Morley, nDDKW_30591C_Morley
MORRISBaby Morris, 29 May 1914DKW_33851C_Morris
MORRISBaby Morris, 29 May 1914DKW_33851_Morris
MORRISH C Morris, Esq, 22 Mar 1915DKW_35412_Morris
MORRISLittle boy Morris, 17 Jul 1914DKW_33852B_Morris
MORRISMiss Morris, 7 Sep 1907DKW_24089B_Morris
MORRISMorris, 8 Mar 1915DKW_35675_Morris
MORRISMorris, Esq, 30 Jan 1915DWK_35260_Morris
MORRISMorris, Esq, 8 Mar 1915DKW_35421_Morris
MORRIS Baby Morris, 29 May 1914DKW_33851A_Morris
MORRIS Baby Morris, 29 May 1914DKW_33851B_Morris
MORTONJ W Morton, Esq, 12 Feb 1915DKW_35383_35383A_Morton
MOSSMiss Moss, 22 Feb 1913DKW_32471A_Moss
MOSSMiss Moss, 22 Feb 1913DKW_32471_Moss
MOULTMoult, 24 Nov 1911DKW_32118_Moult
MOXONMrs Moxon, nDDKW_30750C_Moxon
MOXONMrs Moxon, nDDKW_31134_Moxon
MUDGEL A Mudge, Esq, 25 Jan 1915DKW_35166_Mudge
MUGGERIDGEMiss Muggeridge, 17 Aug 1914DKW_33927_Muggeridge
MUGGERIDGEMiss Muggeridge, 17 Aug 1914DKW_33927A_Muggeridge
MUIRMiss Muir, 17 Oct 1916DKW_34731+A_Muir
MUIRMrs Muir, 3 Nov 1916DKW_34780_Muir
MULLENMullen, 7 Nov [no year]DKW_22549_Mullen
MULLENPACHMiss B Mullenpach, 3 Mar 1911DKW_31343_Mullenpach
MULLENPACHMiss Mullenpach, 3 Mar 1911DKW_31343C_Mullenpach
MULLINSMiss Mullins, copy photograph, 7 Aug 1912DKW_33032_Mullins
MULLINSMiss Mullins, copy photograph, 7 Aug 1912DKW_33032A_Mullins
MUNDAYMiss Munday, 17 Nov 1911DKW_31606B_Munday
MUNDAYMiss Munday, 2 Nov 1911DKW_31606A_Munday
MUNDAYMrs Munday, 27 Jun 1912DKW_32541_Munday
MUNDYMiss Mund\y, 2 Nov 1911DKW_31606_Mundy
MUNROBaby Munro, 10 Nov 1915DKW_36058_Munro
MUNROWMrs Munrow, 25 Mar 1915DKW_32903_Munrow
MURDOCKLieut Murdock, 11 Jun 1915DKW_35732_Murdock
MURRELLMr Murrell, [12 Dec 1906]DKW_23536_Murrell
MURRELLMr Murrell, 12 Dec 1906DKW_23536A_Murrell
MURTAGHMiss Murtagh, 27 Nov 1911DKW_31625_Murtagh
MUSKMusk, Esq, 06 May 1915DKW_35690A_Musk
MUSKMusk, Esq, 6 May 1915DKW_35690_Musk
MYERSMyers, Esq, 3 May 1912DKW_31898_Myers
NAISMITHN L Naismith, Esq, 4 Mar 1915DKW_35403_Naismith
NAPPERMiss Napper, 19 Dec 1907DKW_24355B_Napper
NAPPERNapper, 24 Nov 1915DKW_33645_Napper
NARBETH Lieut C A Narbeth, 9 Feb 1917DKW_34975A_Narbeth
NARBETH Lieut C A Narbeth, 9 Feb 1917DKW_34975_Narbeth
NASHMrs A F Nash, 23 Sep 1911DKW_31561_Nash
NASHMrs A F Nash, 23 Sep 1911DKW_31561B_Nash
NEALEF S Neale, Esq, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35225_Neale
NEATEMiss Neate, 11 Dec 1908DKW_30706_30706A_Neate
NEILNeil, copy photograph, 1907DKW_24025A_Neil
NEWBERGERMr Newberger, 28 Jan 1907DKW_23649_Newberger
NEWELL J H Newell, Esq, 28 Feb 1915DKW_35428_Newell
NEWLANDMiss Newland, 16 Jan 1914DKW_32683_Newland
NEWLAND Miss Newland, 16 Jan 1914DKW_32683A_Newland
NEWLANDSNewlands, 9 Dec 1908DKW_29988_29988A_Newlands
NEWMANH P Newman, Esq, 23 Mar 1915DKW_35545_Newman
NEWMANMiss Newman, 18 Feb 1908DKW_29538A_Newman
NEWMANMiss Newman, 26 Apr 1915DKW_32913_Newman
NEWNESJ Newnes, Esq, 15 Nov 1916DKW_34801_Newnes
NEWSOMEA Newsome, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35312A_Newsome
NEWSOMEA Newsome, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35312_Newsome
NEWTONH Newton, Esq, 18 Mar 1915DKW_35549_Newton
NICKLINMiss Nicklin, 7 May 1912DKW_31924_Nicklin
NIELSONMiss Nielson, 17 Dec 1901DKW_23590_Nielson
NIEMANNMr Niemann, 17 Dec 1913DKW_32673_Niemann
NIGHTINGALEMiss Nightingale and 2 dogs, nDDKW_32126_Nightingale
NIGHTINGALEMiss Nightingale, 07 Nov 1913DKW_32609A_Nightingale
NIGHTINGALEMiss Nightingale, 16 Nov 1907DKW_24193_Nightingale
NIGHTINGALEMiss Nightingale, 7 Nov 1913DKW_32609_Nightingale
NIGHTINGALEMiss Nightingale, 9 Dec 1907DKW_24193A_Nightingale
NOAKERev Noake, 4 Dec 1915DKW_34357_Noake
NOAKESC J Noakes, 9 Dec 1915DKW_35365_Noakes
NOBLEJ G G Noble, Esq, nDDKW_35079_Noble
NORBURNG B Norburn, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35159_Norburn
NORTONMiss Norton, 2 Dec 1911DKW_31652_Norton
NORTONNorton, 7 Dec 1915DKW_34355A_Norton
NORTONW Norton, Esq, 16 Nov 1914DKW_35010_Norton
NORTON W Norton, Esq, 16 Nov 1914DKW_35010A_Norton
NOTTW Nott, 26 Nov 1912DKW_33209_Nott
NOW_HARENow and Hare, 4 Nov [no year]DKW_31086_Now_Hare
NOWELLNowell, 18 Dec 1913DKW_33703_Nowell
NOYESNurse Noyes, 5 Mar 1912 DKW_31855_Noyes
NUNNE Nunn, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35161A_Nunn
NUNNE Nunn, Esq, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35161_Nunn
NUNNMiss Nunn, 6 Oct [no year]DKW_22421_Nunn
NUNNMiss Nunn, nDDKW_22421C_Nunn
NUNNMiss Nunn, nDDKW_22422A_Nunn
NUTTALLJ A Nuttall, Esq, 3 Feb 1912DKW_35305_Nuttall
NYEG Nye, Esq, 19 Apr 1915DKW_35495_Nye
NYEMrs Nye, Dec 1919DKW_24294_Nye
OAKLEYOakley children, 19 Aug 1908DKW_29692D_Oakley
OAKLEYOakley, 22 Nov 1906DKW_23409B_Oakley
OAKLEYOakley, copy photograph, 20 Aug [no year]DKW_23889_Oakley
OAKSHOTTMiss Oakshott, 11 Jun 1907DKW_23803A_Oakshott
OAKSHOTTMiss Oakshott, nDDKW_23803_Oakshott
O'DEAO'Dea dog, 20 Dec 1909DKW_30588C_30588C_O'Dea
O'DEAO'Dea, woman and dog, [20 Dec 1909]DKW_30588_O'Dea
O'DONNELMiss O'Donnel, 2 Sept 1919DKW_30966A_O'Donnel
O'DONNELLMiss O'Donnel, 2 Sept 1919DKW_30966B_O'Donnell
OGDENJ H Ogden, Esq, 12 Feb 1916DKW_35353_Ogden
OGDENMiss Ogden, Jan 1909DKW_29501A_Ogden
OGDENMiss Ogden, Jan 1909DKW_29501_Ogden
OLDER GENTLEMANOlder gentleman, copy photograph, 10 May 1912The photograph was copied for a Miss Burke but we don't know the name of the gentleman in the photograph.
O'LEARYMiss O'Leary, nDDKW_37052_O'Leary
OLIVERG H L Oliver, Esq, 09 Jan 1915DKW_35232A_Oliver
OLIVERG H L Oliver, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35232_Oliver
OLIVERMrs Oliver, 10 Oct 1914DKW_30974C_Oliver
OLIVERR Oliver, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35178_Oliver
OLIVIERMlle Olivier, nDDKW_22936D_Olivier
OLIVIERMlle Olivier, nDDKW_22936C_Olivier
OREC Ore, Esq, 14 May 1915DKW_35503C_Ore
OREC Ore, Esq, 14 May 1915DKW_35503B_Ore
O'RIELYNurse O'Riely, 2 Nov 1915DKW_36052_O'Riely
ORMANOrman, Esq, 2 Aug 1918DKW_33517A_Orman
ORMEMiss Orme, 30 Nov 1910DKW_31085A_Orme
ORTONMr Orton, 4 Apr 1907DKW_23713B_Orton
ORTONMrs E E Orton, 2 Mar 1907DKW_23703_Orton
ORTONMrs Orton, 17 Dec 1906DKW_23585_Orton
ORTONMrs Orton, 28 Nov 1906DKW_23453_Orton
ORTONMrs Orton, 6 Apr 1907DKW_23694_Orton
OSBORNEMiss Osborne, 30 Oct 1913DKW_32602_Osborne
OSBOURNEMiss Osbourne, 26 Nov 1913DKW_33217A_Osbourne
OSBOURNE DKW_34719_Osbourne _LDKW_34719_Osbourne
PARISJ R Paris, 24 Oct 1914DKW_35002_Paris
PARKERParker, 4 Dec 1910DKW_31191_Parker
PARKING F Parkin, Esq, 13 Mar 1915DKW_35458_Parkin
PARKINSONMrs Doris Parkinson, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23592A_Parkinson
PARKINSONMrs Doris Parkinson, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23592C_Parkinson
PARKINSONMrs Doris Parkinson, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23592B_Parkinson
PARKINSONMrs Phil Parkinson, 18 Dec 1906DKW_23591_Parkinson
PARKINSONT J B Parkinson, Esq, 12 Jul 1912DKW_31979_Parkinson
PARKINSONT J B Parkinson, Esq, 12 Jul 1912DKW_31979A_Parkinson
PARLETTMiss Parlett, 14 Sep 1910DKW_30928A_Parlett
PARLETTMiss Parlett, 14 Sep 1910DKW_30928_Parlett
PARRD K Parr, Esq, 4 Mar 1915DKW_35450_Parr
PARRACKL Parrack, Esq, 19 Dec 1914DKW_35142_Parrack
PARSONSJ R Parsons, Esq, 5 Jun 1909DKW_30180_Parsons
PARSONSMiss Parsons, 28 Jun 1907DKW_23852B_Parsons
PARSONSMiss Parsons, 28 Jun 1907DKW_23852D_Parsons
PASCOEPascoe, Esq, 15 Apr 1915DKW_35540A_Pascoe
PASSLEYMiss Passley, 29 Nov 1906DKW_23470_Passley
PATCHINMiss Patchin, [date illegible]DKW_33316C_Patchin
PATERSONSgt Paterson, 26 Jun 1916DKW_34643_Paterson
PATERSONSister Paterson, 26 Jun 1916DKW_34457_Paterson
PATTERSONCpt Patterson, 10 Jan 1917DKW_34928B_Patterson
PAVIERE M Russell Pavier, 21 Jan 1913DKW_33329_Pavier
PAVIERG S Russell Pavier, Esq, 8 Dec 1912DKW_33299A_Pavier
PAVIERH A Pavier, date not legibleDKW_33202D_Pavier
PAVIERMrs E M Russell Pavier, 21 Jan 1913DKW_33329B_Pavier
PAVIER Mrs E M Russell Pavier, 21 Jan 1913DKW_33329G_Pavier
PAYNEMiss Payne, 15 Mar 1912DKW_32210_Payne
PAYNEPayne, J B, Esq, 1 May 1915DKW_35658_Payne
PAYNEPayne, J B, Esq, 1 May 1915DKW_35658A_Payne
PEACOCKMiss A Peacock, nDDKW_23397A_Peacock
PEADMrs Pead, 21 Sept 1911DKW_31556A_Pead
PEAKEPeake, 10 Mar 1917DKW_37025_Peake
PEARCEH W Pearce, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35116A_Pearce
PEARCEH W Pearce, Esq, 16 Dec 1914DKW_35116_Pearce
PEARCEPte Pearce, 9 May 1916DKW_34520_Pearce
PEARCEPte Pearce, 9 May 1916DKW_34520A_Pearce
PEARMANMiss Pearman, 16 Oct 1912DKW_32357_Pearman
PEASLEYMrs J Peasley, 18 May 1907DKW_23781_Peasley
PEDDELLMiss Peddell, 25 Jul 1911DKW_31491_Peddell
PEDDELLMiss Peddell, 25 Jul 1911DKW_31491A_Peddell
PEERLESSMiss R Peerless, nDDKW_23256_Peerless
PEERMANC R Peerman, Esq, 7 Jan 1915DKW_35179_Peerman
PEETMiss Peet, 7 Jun 1912DKW_31930_Peet
PEET Miss E Peet, 7 Jun 1912DKW_31930B_Peet
PELLYPelly, R R, Esq, 10 Aug 1915DKW_35749_Pelly
PEMBERTONMiss Pemberton, nDDKW_31674D_Pemberton
PENNMrs Penn, Dec 1907DKW_24282_24282A_Penn
PERCIVALA S F Percival, Esq, 29 Jan 1915DKW_35327_Percival
PEREIRA Miss V Pereira, 9 Apr 1910DKW_30724B_Pereira
PEROWNEMaster Perowne, 26 Apr 1915DKW_32917_Perowne
PERRINMiss Perrin, 20 Oct [no year]DKW_22437A_Perrin
PERRINMrs Perrin, Jun 1907DKW_23811_Perrin
PERROTTMiss Perrott, 3 Dec 1906DKW_23489_Perrott
PERRYMiss A Perry, 11 Dec 1915DKW_36087_Perry
PERRYMiss Perry, 1 Mar 1917DKW_37000_Perry
PERRYMiss Perry, 11 Nov 1915DKW_36055_Perry
PERRYMiss Perry, 7 Dec 1912DKW_32420_Perry
PERRYMiss Rosa Perry, 1 Mar 1912DKW_31847_Perry
PESTELLMiss Pestell, 30 Nov 1910DKW_31121A_Pestell
PETERSMiss Peters, 20 Feb 1911DKW_31337C_Peters
PETERSMiss Peters, 7 Dec 1911DKW_31703B_Peters
PETERSS F Peters, Esq, 12 Dec 1914DKW_35080_Peters
PETHICKMiss L Pethick, date illegibleDKW_24034_Pethick
PETHICKPethick, 16 Dec 1907DKW_24310B_Pethick
PETHICKPethick, 18 Mar 1909DKW_29998B_Pethick
PETLEYPetley, [date illegible]DKW_33897_Petley
PHELPSPhelps, nDDKW_23731A_Phelps
PHILIPPhilip, 20 Dec 1915DKW_34299_Philip
PHIPPSPhipps, nDDKW_30450_Phipps
PHIPPSPhipps, nDDKW_24174A_Phipps
PHOENIXPhoenix, 7 Dec [no year]DKW_22585A_Phoenix
PICKERINGPickering, 24 Dec 1914DKW_35172_Pickering
PIDGEONPidgeon, Esq, 21 May 1915DKW_34163_34163A_Pidgeon
PIDGEONPidgeon, Esq, 31 May 1915DKW_34170_Pidgeon
PILLONB Pillon, Esq, 25 Mar 1915DKW_35438_Pillon
PISANIMiss Pisani, 7 Dec 1914DKW_34000_Pisani
PITTMANPittman, Esq, 5 Mar 1915DKW_35291B_Pittman
PITTMANPittman, nDDKW_35291_35291A_Pittman
PLACENurse Place, 29 Nov 1915DKW_36064X_Place
PLASSING Mrs Plassing, 16 Aug 1915DKW_32998_Plassing
PLATT Platt, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35405_Platt
PLATTSPlatts, 25 Feb 1915DKW_35294_Platts
PLUMSTEADPlumstead Children, Dec 2 1913DKW_33688B_33688C_Plumstead
POCOCKPocock, 6 Jan 1911DKW_31245A_Pocock
POCOCKPocock, 6 Jan 1911DKW_31245_Pocock
POOLEMiss Poole, 19 Jul 1915DKW_32973_Poole
POOLEPoole, 17 Jul 1915DKW_32972_Poole
POOLEPoole, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35552_Poole
POOLE_MOLYNEAXPoole & Molyneux, 20 Mar 1915DKW_35554_Poole_Molyneax
POPEPope, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23606A_Pope
POPEPope, 19 Dec 1906DKW_23605_Pope
PORTERPorter, 6 Jan 1915DKW_35224_35224A_Porter
POTHECARYMiss Pothecary's dog, 6 Sep 1911DKW_31525_Pothecary
POTTMiss Pott, 9 Apr 1908DKW_24214_Pott
POWELLPowell, 19 Mar 1915DKW_35531_Powell
POWERMiss Power, 7 Oct 1908DKW_29821_29821A_Power
POWERPower, 21 Jan 1915DKW_34095_Power
POWLESMiss Powles, 3 Nov 1915DKW_36044_Powles
POWLESSgt Powles, 22 Nov 1915DKW_35768_Powles
POWLEYMr Powley, 9 Dec 1915DKW_36053_Powley
PRAUSMITZMrs Prausmitz, 5 Dec 1908DKW_29984_29984A_Prausmitz
PRAUSMITZMrs Prausmitz, 5 Dec 1908DKW_29985_Prausmitz
PREECEPreece, 7 Dec 1914DKW_34032_Preece
PRENTISPrentis, 6 Apr 1915DKW_35534A_Prentis
PRENTIS Prentis, 6 Apr 1915DKW_35534_Prentis
PRESTONPreston, mother and child, 19 May 1917DKW_37090_Preston
PRICEJ S Price, 14 Aug 1915DKW_35348_35348A_Price
PRICEPrice, J S, 14 Aug 1915DKW_35748_Price
PriestMiss Priest, 15 Dec 1915DKW_36098_Priest
PriestMiss Priest, 8 Jan [year illegible]DKW_33742B_Priest
PriestLANDF E Priestland, Esq, 11 Mar 1915DKW_35445_Priestland
PriestLANDF E Priestland, Esq, 11 Mar 1915DKW_35445A_Priestland
PRINCEE M Prince, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35324_Prince
PRINCEMiss Prince, 7 Apr 1917DKW_37038_Prince
PRINCEMiss Prince, 7 Apr 1917DKW_37038A_Prince
PRINGLEMiss N Pringle, 20 Jan 1911DKW_30168D_Pringle
PRINGLEMr Pringle, 11 Jan 1907DKW_23645A_Pringle
PRINGLEPringle family, 11 Jan 1907DKW_23646_Pringle
PRINGLEPringle, 11 Jan 1907DKW_23643A_Pringle
PRINGLE Pringle family, 11 Jan 1907DKW_23646A_Pringle
PRONGERPronger, 19 Nov 1906DKW_23393A_Pronger
PRONGERPronger, 19 Nov 1906DKW_23393B_Pronger
PRONGERPronger, nDDKW_23393D_Pronger
PUGHPugh, 27 Mar 1915DKW_35572_Pugh
PUGHPugh, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35227_Pugh
PULLENMiss Pullen, 2 Sep [no year]DKW_36109A_Pullen
PULLENPullen, dog, 9 May 1911DKW_31427B_Pullen
QUANCEMiss Quance, 5 Dec 1907DKW_24300_24300A_Quance
RABJOHNSMiss Rabjohns, 21 Nov 1911DKW_32116_Rabjohns
RABYMiss Raby, 11 Dec 1914DKW_34034_34034A_Raby
RADCLIFFRadcliff, G, Esq, 31 Mar 1915DKW_35594_Radcliff
RADFORDK C K Radford, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35496A_Radford
RADFORDK C K Radford, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35496_Radford
RAINERA Rainer, Esq, 25 Nov 1914DKW_35023_Rainer
RANDELLMiss Randell, 22 Feb 1915DKW_32888_Randell
RANKINMiss Ranking, 19 Apr 1917DKW_37054A_Rankin
RANKINMiss Ranking, 19 April 1917DKW_37054_Rankin
RANSOMMiss Ransom, 11 Dec 1913DKW_32642_Ransom
READRead, 22 Dec 1907DKW_24284D_24284E_Read
READRead, E M, Esq, 29 Apr 1915DKW_35674_Read
READRead, nDDKW_24285D_24285E_Read
REDMANMrs L Redman, 10 Dec [year not legible]DKW_30005_Redman
REDPATHMiss Redpath, Nov 1912DKW_33202B_Redpath
REEVEMrs Reeve, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23496_Reeve
REEVE_SMITHReeve Smith, 15 Nov 1912DKW_32225_Reeve_Smith
REEVSMiss S Reevs, 8 Jul 1912DKW_32289_Reevs
REGALIAM Regalia, nDDKW_34113_Regalia
REGALIA M Regalia, nDDKW_34113A_Regalia
REIGERMiss Reiger, 27 Apr 1909DKW_30113A_Reiger
REIGERMiss Reiger, 27 Apr 1909DKW_30113_Reiger
REILLYMiss Reilly, 16 Mar 1917DKW_37015_Reilly
REMMINGTONMiss J Remmington, nDDKW_31482B_Remmington
REMMINGTONMiss Remmington, Aug 9 [no year]DKW_31481_Remmington
REYNOLDSMiss Reynolds, 24 Aug [no date]DKW_22363C_Reynolds
RHINDRhind, Esq,12 Feb 1915DKW_35360_Rhind
RHODESMiss Rhodes, Nov 1908DKW_29880B_29880C_Rhodes
RHODESMr Rhodes, nDDKW_23448_Rhodes
RHODESMrs Rhodes, 14 Nov 1913DKW_33184B_33184C_Rhodes
RICEMiss Rice, 27 Feb 1907DKW_23698A_Rice
RICERice, 30 Nov 1906DKW_23467_Rice
RICHARDSE O Richards, Esq, 18 Feb 1915DKW_35393_Richards
RICHARDSH Richards, Esq, 27 Feb 1915DKW_35441_Richards
RICHARDSMiss Richards, nDDKW_24166_Richards
RICHARDSRichards, E O, Esq, 16 Jun 1915DKW_35717_Richards
RIGBYMr Rigby, 9 Dec 1914DKW_34073_Rigby
RIGBYMr Rigby, nDDKW_34073A_Rigby
RILSONRilson, Esq, 26 May 1915DKW_35714B_Rilson
ROBBINSMiss Robbins, 26 Dec 1912DKW_32284_Robbins
ROBERTSMiss Alice Roberts, 7 Nov [no year]DKW_29946_29946A_Roberts
ROBERTSMiss Kath Roberts, 18 Jan 1913DKW_33317G_Roberts
ROBERTSMiss Roberts, 10 Dec 1908DKW_22528A_Roberts
ROBERTSMiss Roberts, 7 Nov 1908DKW_29945_29945A_Roberts
ROBERTSMrs Roberts, 15 Jan 1913DKW_33171_Roberts
ROBERTSONMiss Robertson, 10 Nov 1912DKW_33166_Robertson
ROBERTSONMr Robertson, 19 Nov [year illegible]DKW_23380A_Robertson
ROBERTSONMrs Roberton, 16 Nov [no year]DKW_23381A_Robertson
ROBERTSONNurse Robertson, 29 Nov 1915DKW_36069_Robertson
ROBERTSONRobertson, Esq, 1 May 1915DKW_35677A_Robertson
ROBINSONMrs Alex Robinson, 2 Jan 1914DKW_33751_Robinson
ROBINSONMrs Robinson, [2 Jan 1914]DKW_33751C_Robinson
ROEMiss Roe, nDDKW_24346B_Roe
ROGERSH H Rogers, nDDKW_32982A_Rogers
ROGERSH H Rogers, nDDKW_32982_Rogers
ROLLSMiss Rolls, 2 Dec 1912DKW_33228A_Rolls
ROOTSMiss Roots, 12 Nov 1906DKW_23412_Roots
ROSCOE[J U] Roscoe, 10 Aug 1912DKW_32298_Roscoe
ROSSC G Kemp, Esq, 3 Feb 1915DKW_35337_Ross
ROSSF G Ross, Esq, 4 Mar 1915DKW_35465_Ross
ROUNDMiss Round, 19 Nov 1912DKW_33199_33199A_Round
ROUNDMiss Round, 19 Nov 1912DKW_33199B_33199C_Round
ROUQUETTEMiss Rouquette, 12 Jan 1912DKW_32072_Rouquette
ROUQUETTE Miss Rouquette, 12 Jan 1912DKW_32072A_Rouquette
ROWANMiss Rowan, 14 Oct 1909DKW_30360A_Rowan
ROWLANDMiss Rowland, nDDKW_33177_Rowland
ROWLANDSMiss Rowlands, 10 May 1907DKW_22497H_Rowlands
ROWLANDSMiss Rowlands, 10 May 1907DKW_22497J_Rowlands
ROYNONMrs Roynon, 04 Dec 1907DKW_24105_Roynon
RUDDMr Rudd, 8 Dec 1906DKW_23487_Rudd
RUDOLPHMr L B Rudolph, 5 Feb 1917DKW_34969_Rudolph
RUNDELLL T Rundell, Esq, 6 Feb 1915DKW_35359_Rundell
RUSCOEBaby Ruscoe, 28 Sep 1908DKW_29754_29754A_Ruscoe
RUSCOEMiss Ruscoe, 28 Jan 1913DKW_32461A_Ruscoe
RUSCOEMiss Ruscoe, 28 Jan 1913DKW_32461_Ruscoe
RUSCOERuscoe children, 9 Nov [no year]DKW_24241_Ruscoe
RUSSELLP H Russell, [11 Feb 1916]DKW_34505A_Russell
RUSSELLP H Russell, 11 Feb 1916DKW_34505_Russell
SABINSabin, 29 Dec 1916DKW_34076_Sabin
SAMSONSamson, nDDKW_22391C_Samson
SAMSONSamson, nDDKW_22391A_Samson
SANDALLW Sandall, 10 Nov 1911DKW_31615_Sandall
SANDERSH W Sanders, Esq, 25 Mar 1915DKW_35579_Sanders
SANDERSMiss Sanders, 29 Mar 1912DKW_32215_Sanders
SANDERSONSanderson, R, Esq, 27 Apr 1915DKW_35634_Sanderson
SANTE M Sant, Esq, 19 Mar 1915DKW_35546_Sant
SANT E M Sant, Esq, 19 Mar 1915DKW_35546A_Sant
SAPOLINMrs Sapolin, 9 Sept 1911DKW_32064A_Sapolin
SAPOLINMrs Sapolin, 9 Sept 1911DKW_32064_Sapolin
SAPOLINMrs Sapolin, 9 Sept 1911DKW_32064B_Sapolin
SAUNDERSaunder, Mr, 10 Apr 1915DKW_35615_Saunder
SAUNDERSMiss Saunders, 27 Sep 1910DKW_30963_Saunders
SAUNDERSMiss Saunders, 27 Sep 1910DKW_30963B_Saunders
SAUNDERSMiss Saunders, 27 Sep 1910DKW_30963A_Saunders
SAUNDERSMr Saunders, 1 Mar 1915DKW_35448A_Saunders
SAUNDERSMr Saunders, 1 Mar 1915DKW_35448_Saunders
SAUNDERSMr Saunders, 6 Jan 1914DKW_33753A_Saunders
SAUNDERSMrs Saunders, 20 Nov 1907DKW_24192_24192A_Saunders
SCHAFERF S Schafer, Esq, 15 Sep 1915DKW_34245A_Schafer
SCHEPERSSchepers, 22 Nov 1915DKW_34329_Schepers
SCHMIDTMrs Schmidt, 5 Mar 1915DKW_34024_Schmidt
SCHNADHORSTCharles Schnadhorst, 1 Apr 1912DKW_31904_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORSTCharles Schnadhorst, 1 Apr 1912DKW_31904B_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORSTCharles Schnadhorst, 1 Apr 1912DKW_31904_Schnadhorst_Neg
SCHNADHORSTCyril Schnadhorst, 24 Apr 1912DKW_31905E_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORSTCyril Schnadhorst, 24 Apr 1912DKW_31905E_Schnadhorst_Neg
SCHNADHORST Lieut C E Schnadhorst, 5 Feb 01917DKW_34968B_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORST Lieut C E Schnadhorst, 5 Feb 1917DKW_34968C_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORST Lieut C E Schnadhorst, 5 Feb 1917DKW_34968A_Schnadhorst
SCHNADHORST Lieut C E Schnadhorst, 5 Feb 1917DKW_34968A_Schnadhorst_Neg
SCOTTD Scott, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35230_Scott
SCOTTMiss J Scott, 30 Dec 1907DKW_29390_Scott
SCOTTMiss Scott, 30 Oct [no year]DKW_22403J_Scott
SCOTTMiss Scott, 30 Oct [no year]DKW_22403L_Scott
SCOTTScott, Esq, 9 Dec 1914DKW_35045A_Scott
SCOTTScott, Esq, 9 Dec 1914DKW_35045_Scott
SCOTT D Scott, Esq, 9 Jan 1915DKW_35230A_Scott
SEARLEMiss Searle, 7 Oct 1911DKW_31574B_Searle
SELINGMANL Selingman, Esq, 17 Nov 1914DKW_35016_Selingman
SELINGMANL Selingman, Esq, 17 Nov 1914DKW_35016A_Selingman
SELLERSMiss Sellers, 3 Jan 1914DKW_33745A_Sellers
SELLERSMiss Sellers, 30 Sep 1914DKW_33962_Sellers
SELLERSMiss Sellers, 9 Dec 1910DKW_31145C_Sellers
SELVESSelves, 23 Nov [no year]DKW_22523_Selves
SIMPSONMr Simpson, 10 Mar 1915DKW_35510_Simpson
SIMPSONMr Simpson, 18 May 1915DKW_35692_Simpson
SIMPSONMrs Simpson, 25 Nov 1908DKW_29898A_Simpson
THORNBERThomber, Esq, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35527_Thornber
THORNTONThornton, Esq, 11 Dec 1915DKW_35174_Thornton
THORNTONThornton, Esq, 22 Feb 1915DKW_35408A_Thornton
THOROGOOD Nurse Thorogood, 18 Mar 1915DKW_34117_Thorogood
THOROGOOD Nurse Thorogood, 18 Mar 1915DKW_34117_Thorogood_Neg
THORPEMiss Thorpe, 4 Dec 1906DKW_23479_Thorpe
VERLINGBROWNBaby Verling-Brown, 16 Dec 1910DKW_31189B_31189C_VerlingBrown
VERLINGBROWNLittle girl Verling-Brown, 11 Dec 1911DKW_31706B_31706C_VerlingBrown
VERLINGBROWNMiss Verlington-Brown, 16 Dec 1914DKW_34063_VerlingBrown
VERLINGBROWNW Verling-Brown, 16 Dec 1912DKW_33278A_VerlingBrown
WAGENRIEDERMiss D Wagenrieder, 10 Dec 1911DKW_31736B_Wagenrieder
WAGENRIEDERMiss D Wagenrieder, 10 Dec 1911DKW_31736E_Wagenrieder
WAGENRIEDERMiss K Wagenrieder, 18 Oct 1911DKW_31587B_Wagenrieder
WAGENRIEDERMiss K Wagenrieder, 18 Oct 1911DKW_31587_Wagenrieder
WAGENRIEDERMiss Wagenrieder, 26 May 1911DKW_31423A_Wagenrieder
WALTERO R Walter, Esq, 12 Nov 1914DKW_35086_35086A_Walter
WALTERSMiss M Walters, 24 Nov 1911DKW_32113_Walters
WAYNEBROWNWayne-Brown, 7 Dec 1911DKW_31715_WayneBrown
WAYNEBROWNWayne-Brown, 7 Dec 1911DKW_31715A_WayneBrown
WILSONMaster Wilson, 21 Nov 1913DKW_32612_32612A_Wilson
WILSONMaster Wilson, 24 Feb 1911DKW_31349C_Wilson
WILSONMiss Wilson, 12 Dec 1908DKW_30014_30014A_Wilson
WILSONMiss Wilson, 20 Mar 1907DKW_23711A_Wilson
WILSONMiss Wilson, 27 Feb 1909DKW_30116A_Wilson
WILSONMiss Wilson, 27 Feb 1909DKW_30116_Wilson
WOODWARDNurse Woodward, nDDKW_24195_Woodward
WOOLATTWoolatt, F A, Esq, 29 April 1915DKW_35661A_Woolatt
WOOLCOMBEBOYCE K W Woolcombe-Boyce, 16 Mar 1915DKW_35598_35598A_WoolcombeBoyce

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David Knights-Whittome's Sutton Shop
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