Daniell, Taylor and Snashall -
How a Postcard Set Off Some Research

The Postcard in question - click image to enlarge
The Postcard in question - click image to enlarge

I bought this postcard and decided to try and discover where in Epsom it was - on the back, the name of the Printer was Snashall, Epsom Bazaar. The vendor had marked it c1880. At first I thought it maybe the market place where the pond used to be.

By enlarging it, I found the name DANIELL and the word TAILOR over one of the shops. Looking through census records, I discovered it is, in fact, South Street. The Daniell and Snashall families were traced via our website and online census records, but the record is not complete. Some of the writing is hard to read, but the census sometimes enables one to ascertain approximate dates of birth and to trace further back. From our website Baptism, Marriage and Death records I was able to trace the families in Epsom.

The following shows who was where and when. Whether these people are related would need more detailed research and possible obtaining certificates using the place, quarter (eg January, February and March events all in March quarter), volume and page numbers mentioned.

Census Records

These show relationship to head of household (H), wife(W), son(s), daughter(d) married (m) or unmarried (u), widow/er (w) age, occupation and where born and/or baptised (b), do means ditto - as above.

The 1841 census shows the least detail and ages of adults were rounded down to the nearest 5 years, exact for children under 15, and only whether born in the particular county that the census was taken in. Census records up to 1911 are available online, but I have not recorded them all. [My italics show people on the record but not part of or employed by the family.]

1841 EPSOM. HO107/1070/2 High Street
Name Age Occupation
DANIELL William 11  
DANIELL Mary 10  
DANIELL Charles 6  
DANIELL George 5  

Name Age Occupation Where Born
SNASHALL George 15 Ag Lab  
SNASHALL Mathilda 13    
SNASHALL Ann 11    
SNASHALL Allice 6    
SNASHALL John 3    

Ag Lab = Agricultural Labourer.

1851 EPSOM HO107/1592 High street
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
GEORGE SNASHALL H(ead) Mar 32 ...(unclear*) Warehouse Yalding Kent
ANN SNASHALL W(ife) Mar 30   St John's, Westminster
James Inglefield Father Wid 61 Retired stone mason Winchester Hants

* In C J Swete's book "Handbook of Epsom" - originally published in 1860 - on page 5 of the Advertisements, G Snashall is, among other things a Fancy Toy Warehouseman, so it is not unreasonable to suppose this is what the census shows. I have not researched George in depth, but if he was 16 - 19 in 1841, he would be recorded as 15 (rounded down), so it seems possible James is George's father - more research needed!

Births Marriages and Deaths

www.freebmd.org.uk is a free website with UK birth, marriage and death records from 1837.

BMD Marriages
George Snashall m Ann Inglefield Epsom 1847 September quarter, Vol 4 P109

BMD Deaths 1847-1858
Ann Snashall Epsom March Qtr 1858 Vol 2a P5.

Monumental Inscriptions

Bugby Chapel Monuments, Epsom.
In memory of Ann, wife of George Snashall
who departed this life Jan 13th 1858 aged 40yrs,
also two sons of the above who died in infancy,
and of James Inglefield, father of the above named
Ann Snashall, who died Jan 20th 1864 aged 76.

Although James' ages do not tally exactly - as recorded on census 1851 he is 61 = born c1790, and when he died in 1864 age 76 = born c1788, this may depend whether his exact date of birth was just before or just after the date of the census record.. To trace him more exactly it would be necessary to consult records for Hampshire.

1851 NEW INN LANE - now South Street.
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
DANIELL WILLIAM H m 47 Tailor Epsom
DANIELL MARY ANN W m 46   Ashtead
DANIELL William J s u 21 Tailor Ashtead
DANIELL Mary H d u 20   Ashtead
DANIELL Ann d u 18   Epsom
DANIELL George s u 15 Tailor Epsom
DANIELL Emma d u 12 Scholar Epsom
DANIELL Alfred E s u 11 Scholar Epsom
DANIELL Maria Frances d u 9 Scholar Epsom
DANIELL Francis A s u 2   b Epsom.

1851 This census also recorded at 34 Clayton St Liverpool
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
DANIELL WILLIAM H m 50 Tailor b Epsom
DANIELL MARTHA W m 28   b Upholland Lancashire
DANIELL Alfred s u 15 Tailor b Middlesex London

This record suggests this William was born about 1804 and St Martin Of Tours records have a William Daniells b 1st February 1804. Whether the William who is in New Inn Lane is related to this one would need more digging!

1861 EPSOM RG9/419 f(olio)40 p(age)15 South Street
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
WILLIAM DANIELL H m 57 Tailor Master Epsom
MARY A DANIELL W m 56   Ashtead
Mary H DANIELL d u 30 Dressmaker Ashtead
Ann DANIELL d u 28   Epsom
Emma A DANIELL d u 22   Epsom
Maria F DANIELL d u 19   Epsom
Francis A DANIELL s u 12 Scholar Epsom
HARRIET WALKDEN visitor u 5   Wallworth
HENRY BEARDS lodger m 40 Artist Daventry
KATE BEARDS wife m 29    

1871 EPSOM RG10 798 SCH (edule) 270 P56 SOUTH STREET
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
WILLIAM DANIELL Head m 67 Master Taylor
Employs son
MARY ANN DANIELL Wife m 66   Ashtead
Ann DANIELL d u 38 Dressmaker Epsom
Emma A DANIELL d u 33 Dressmaker Epsom
Francis A DANIELL s u 22 Tailor Epsom

1881 EPSOM South Street.
Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
FRANCIS A DANIELL Head u 32 Newsagent Epsom
MARY A DANIELL Mother wid 76   Ashtead
Ann DANIELL Sister u 47 Dressmaker Epsom
Emma A DANIELL Sister u 42 Dressmaker Epsom
Emily Bough Lodger u 52 Teacher of (sic) public school Worcester

Name Relationship Status Age Occupation Where Born
George SNASHALL Head m 59 Stationer, fancy goods dealer at home employer China dealer and furnisher Epsom
Emily SNASHALL Wife m 61 Assists in the business Ashtead
Rose Carling Visitor   52 Housekeeper to her father at home Pimlico
Lily Elizabeth Bowman Servant   29 Stationers Assistant  
Adelaide Felgate Servant   36 China & Glass Assistant  
Mary Ellen Edwards     29 General servant  
Sarah Williamson     52 General servant  

The 1911 census was the first census to record how many years a couple had been married - George and Emily had been married 38 years - can be useful for tracing back to approximate year of a marriage.


St Martin of Tours Baptisms. Showing parents names.
Date Name Relationship Parents Born Occupation
14/10/1883 Edith Louisa dau John & Louisa Elizabeth Epsom Stationer
20/9/1885 Arthur Rowland son John & Louisa Elizabeth Epsom Printer
4/5/1890 Gordon Leslie son John & Louisa Elizabeth    
4/3/1888 Victor Edmund son John & Louisa Elizabeth Epsom Printer
26/12/1860 William Twisden Esq. son George and Emma Epsom Stationer

St Martin of Tours Marriages - married by Banns 23/10/1858
George Snashall Full age Widower Stationer Father William Snashall Farmer
Emma Twisden Esq Full Age Spinster   Father William Twisden Esq  

St Martin of Tours Burials
Date Name Age
12/12/1890 Gordon Leslie 11 months
10/4/1884 Edith Louisa 8 months
22/3/1883 William Twisden 2 years

Epsom Cemetery Records
22/3/1922 George Snashall Age 80 Printer 88 High Street, Epsom
9/4/1844 Edith Louisa Age 1 d. of John High Street, Epsom
12/10/1928 Emily Age 79 Widow 88A High Street, Epsom
12/12/1890 Gordon Leslie Age 11 months s. of John High Street Epsom

Daniell Families. Epsom High St.
1895 Andrew's Directory of Epsom, Ewell & Leatherhead Francis Abert (sic) DANIELL   High Street
1895 Andrew's Directory of Epsom, Ewell & Leatherhead George Snashall China and furnishing warehouse  
1903 Kelly's Mrs Mary Jane Daniell Newsagent High Street Epsom


St Martin's Baptism Register
1/2/1804 William son of William and Henrietta  
22/2/1833 Alfred Eve son of William and Mary Ann Tailor
5/9/1834 Ann d of William and Mary Ann  
16/2/1835 George son of William and Mary Ann  
27/7/1838 Emma Amelia d of William and Mary Ann born 25/4/1838
3/5/1840 Alfred Eve son of William and Mary Ann  
28/8/1842 Maria Frances d of William and Mary Ann  
11/3/1849 Francis Albert son of William and Mary Ann born 28/1/1849

William and Henrietta Daniell's son William was baptised on 1st February 1804 at St Martin of Tours Church, Epsom.
William died 15th March 1873 age 69.
Mary Anne of High Street Epsom, widow of William, died 21 Jan 1892 age 86

South Street Epsom
South Street Epsom
Two photographs of South Street.
The two white chimneys in the lower image look identical
to the ones visible in the photograph I bought.
Images courtesy of Epsom and Ewell Local and Family History Centre.

This article is meant to show how information can be collected and that cross-checking names and dates is often necessary to ensure one has the right person/s. First-born sons were often named after their father and first-born daughters after their mother, this can lead to several generations with the same name and be totally confusing - but a great challenge.

Angela Clifford
January 2013

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