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We are grateful to the family of the late Derek Phillips for their permission to use much of the text and images from the website that was set up and run by him. Derek was very interested in local history and his community and a short biography can be viewed on the introductory page.

Mrs Long, Manager, in her office
Mrs Long, Manager, in her office
Image Credit: Pearl Eggleton

The managers' office in 1943. The incumbent at that time was Mrs Long. Her chair seems to have been "borrowed" from the cafe!

The office was situated off the foyer to the left of the stalls entrance In later years this was to be the location of projection box 2

Ann, the manageress in 1988
Ann, the manageress in 1988
Image courtesy of the Phillips family © 2007

After the cinema was twinned, the office was located in a space created by blocking off a set of entrance doors on the left of the foyer. This shot was taken some years later, in the autumn of 1988, during the 50th anniversary celebrations. The "special edition" of the Epsom & Ewell Herald has arrived and Ann, the manageress, takes a break to read it though.

Note the cat sleeping in the in-tray, and the dough-nut and tea waiting to be devoured by the photographer (yours truly) .......and not a computer in sight!

Text written by the late Derek Phillips

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