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We are grateful to the family of the late Derek Phillips for their permission to use much of the text and images from the website that was set up and run by him. Derek was very interested in local history and his community and a short biography can be viewed on the introductory page.

Unfortunately the most interesting part of the roof remained un-photographed. The inside of the roof void was a fascinating world of steelwork and walkways with dire consequences for anyone who stepped off these and onto the fragile plaster ceiling. This void had to be accessed to change lamps in the lighting troughs and to lower the Chandeliers over the rear circle by winch. In later years (post 1983 rewire) the cheap light fittings were lowered by nylon rope

View from the Roof
View from the Roof
Image courtesy of the Phillips family © 2007

Not so interesting, but with better views. From here the firework displays on the Hook Road Arena and at Sutton could be compared.

Another view from the Roof
Another view from the Roof
Image courtesy of the Phillips family © 2007

Just off picture to the right was the apex of the roof - and the lightning conductor. I always found work away from Box One (under the skylight) during electrical storms! Despite my concerns about being the highest point for some distance, the only local lightning strike I know of hit the pavement outside the shops 100 metres way.

Text written by the late Derek Phillips

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