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General Search Tips

  • Use double quotes around phrases to search, eg. "Stoneleigh Broadway" will match fewer terms than Stoneleigh Broadway which returns all pages with Stoneleigh in as well as all pages with Broadway in.
  • Add + in front of terms/phrases that must appear in results, eg. +Domesday +Ewell will match pages with Domesday AND Ewell
  • Add - in front of terms/phrases that must not appear in results,eg. +Domesday -Ewell will match pages with Domesday that DO NOT contain Ewell
  • The default search behavior is to consider all the words in a search. If you want to specifically allow either one of several words, you can add OR (in capitals) e.g. Derby 1914 OR 1915 OR 1925 will select pages with Derby and one or more of the three years
  • You can use the wild card * (an asterisk) to fill in the blanks e.g. Sir * Glyn will return Sir George Lewen Glyn, Sir George Glyn, Sir Lewen Powell Glyn etc. (Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.)

Please note: It is possible that new or revised pages have been added to the site since it was last indexed. Google automatically re-index the site every few days so it is always worth re-running your search in a couple of weeks or so. Google limits their free custom searches to the first 100 results, should you want more just to use the standard Google search page and enter after the search term e.g. smith Please also be aware that the Google search engine makes use of a 'stop list' of common words (for example 'the', that, and 'then') that are likely to appear in the majority of pages and would distort the results.