Street List

An old local street sign.
Images courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

Centuries ago the manor and parish boundaries were closely aligned but over the years different parcels of land have been bought and sold, or otherwise change hands so the two sets of boundaries began to differ to a greater extent.As elected or civil administration took over from the Lords of the manor, the boundaries of Civil Parishes started to differ with the boundaries of the Church Parishes. In more recent times some manors/parishes may have been split between two (or more) local authority areas for example the old Cuddington Manor/Parish is split between Epsom & Ewell, London Borough of Sutton, and the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

Although a manor may be farmed as one entity it is also possible that the owner let out or sold off a number of fields or parcel of land to be managed as a sub manor. These sub manors might be sold on or may have been taken back, or bought back, by the original lord of the manor. Over the centuries some manorial records have be lost or destroyed and those that do exist do not always make clear were the boundaries are. (A boundary could well have been a ditch or a row of trees etc. which, with modern housing developments, have long gone.)From existing research we can reasonably define the main manors within the current day Epsom & Ewell Borough boundary and that of the Horton sub manor but not the other sub manors.

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According to their call centre Epsom and Ewell Borough Council are no longer providing printed maps of their area due to budget constraints. They say that that people should use mapping apps on their mobiles or web based services like Google or Bing Maps. We have scanned in the last known council issued, council wide map as a service to our users. It was produced in 2008 and much development has taken place so it is several years out of date and missing many new roads particularly on the Epsom Hospitals Cluster site.

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This article was researched and written by Peter Reed in 2006 and updated in 2016.