The Hyetts, Pates, and Baron de Roll


An article on this website about Chalk Lane Hotel attempted to identify sequences of owners and tenants respectively. The latter included successive members of the Pate family from William, who married the widowed Mrs Christian Hyett, through their son Robert to his sister Mary. Eventually Mary Pate became Baroness de Roll and left the district. Details of their connections are set out below.

The Hyetts

St Martin's christenings include: -
  • 14 November 1744 John Hyett
  • 19 February 1746 James Hyet (sic) &
  • 12 September 1748 Christian Hyet
  • sons and a daughter of John and Christian, also
  • 30 December 1750 Mary Hyett, daughter of Christian.
The inscription on an altar tomb in the churchyard of St Martin of Tours, Epsom, records that Mr John Hyett had departed this life June the 12th 1750 in the 34th year of his age. His widow, Christian, married secondly William Pate at St Clement Danes on 18 July 1754.

The Hyett and Pate Grave
The Hyett and Pate Grave:
Here Lyeth the Body
who departed this Life.
Iune the 12th 1750 in the
31st 34th year of his age.
As likewise the Bodies
of his two children JOHN
both died in their infancy.
Here Also lyeth the Body
died Feb. 23rd 1790
Aged 70 yr.

Miss Christian Hyett became the second wife of John Mount, nautical stationer, of Tower Hill, London, and Wasing Place, Berkshire, on 23 August 1773.

The Pates

Catherine Frances, daughter of William and Christian Pate, was brought to St Martin's, Epsom for baptism on 11 December 1754. A second daughter, Mary, arrived about 1759. There was also a son named Robert.

Notice of the death of Mr William Pate appeared in the Universal Magazine for January 1776: he was interred at Epsom on the 21 January. His Will executed 19 Nov 1775 with codicil 23 Dec 1775 was proved on 24 January 1776. His Executor was John Mount of Tower Hill and there were legacies for him, 'who married my Daughter in law, Christian Hyett', the relict Mrs Christian Pate, and Son in law John Hyett. The so-called 'in laws' were in fact William Pate's step-children.

On 20 December 1777 a marriage settlement was arranged between Edmund Shallett Lomax of Shere, Esq and Catherine Frances Pate of Epsom, spinster [SHC G120/4/31/1].

A deed of lease and release, 19-20 March 1781, held by Surrey History Centre under reference G120/4/32, mentions 'Robert Pate of St Marylebone, surgeon' as one of the parties.

The House at Woodcote End

In 1788, the Sun Fire Office is found to have been insuring 'Christian Pate, at Woodcote Green Epsom Surrey, widow'.

In Edwards' Companion from London to Brighthelmston, 1789, records: -
"0-1-23, Public House: On the right is a small public house, the Hare and Hounds, by Moorey. [Now Amato P.H. , Chalk Lane]

0-1-34, W. Northey, Esq: On the same side at an angle formed by a road, is a small brick house the property, and in possession of William Northey, Esq. [Now Maidstone House]

Cross-roads: Road on the left to the church, and on the right to Durdans. This part of the village is called Crockingham.

0-1-38 Mrs. Garland proprietor, Mr. Horsley, occupier: On the left at the angle formed by the road, is a large and elegant house, with good gardens and spacious tract of pleasure ground, consisting of a pleasant lawn, most delightfully situated and adorned with groves, shrubberies, and other plantations agreeable diversified, the property of Mrs. Garland, at present in the occupation of Mr. Horsley. [Mount Diston, or Garlands, now Woodcote Grove]

0-1-38, Mr. Pate, Opposite is situated, at the other angle formed by the roads, a genteel house, in the possessbrion of Mr. Pate. [Woodcote End, now Chalk Lane Hotel]

DURDANS, Mrs. Kenworthey..."
Mr. Pate was presumably William's son Robert at that date and, since there is no mention of the family in Lehmann's Residential Copyholds of Epsom, it may be assumed that the property was freehold. Woodcote End/Chalk Lane Hotel, Chalk Lane, is complex of buildings with at its core an early 18th century two storey five bay house with a dentil eaves cornice and a peg tiled roof - Grade II listed.

Extract from the Epsom Tithe Map
Extract from the Epsom Tithe Map

The widowed Mrs Christian Pate died on 23 February 1790 and was interred in the tomb at St Martin of Tours with her first husband, John Hyett, and two of their children who had not survived infancy.

Robert Pate of Epsom died in Boulton Street, London, and was buried in St Martin's churchyard on 7 May 1796.. His Will executed 30 April 1796, proved 6 July 1796, made his sister, Mary Pate spinster, sole Executrix and the only beneficiary of his estate.

The investments belonging to Mary as heiress of her father William Pate and brother Robert Pate, for her use, became party of a Marriage Settlement on 23 May 1810 [SHC 1217/6/5].

Baron de Roll

On 24 May 1810, by Special Licence at St. Marylebone, Baron De Roll, colonel of a Swiss regiment in the British service, married Miss Mary Pate, daughter of the late William Pate of Epsom.

The union has been described as
"avec une Anglaise de 40 ans (Miss Pate) dont la fortune suffit pour le rendre independent avec ou sans ce qu'il possede. Il se retire des affaires et du tourbillon du grand monde, va demeurer au village d' Epsom, comté de Surrey, 15 mille de Londres, y passera 3 mois de l'annee et 3 en ville"

"With a 40-year-old Englishwoman (Miss Pate) whose fortune is sufficient to make her independent with or without what he possesses. He retired from business and the whirlwind of the great world, went to live in the village of Epsom, Surrey County, 15 miles from London, where he spent three months of the year and three in the city "
. Certainly the bride was an heiress but aged over 50 and the bridegroom 60.

Baron de Roll was a native of the Canton of Soleure in Switzerland. At the early age of 15 he had entered the Swiss Guards of the King of France, and was a captain in that corps and Aide-de-Camp of the Compte d'Artois at the time of the French Revolution.

In 1794 he raised de Roll's Swiss Regiment of infantry which consisted predominantly of Swiss and German soldiers. It fought under Sir Ralph Abercrombie in the Egyptian Campaign of 1801 to be granted the Battle Honour Egypt and permitted to bear the Sphinx on its Colours. Placed on the British establishment during 1802, it served in Sicily and took part in the capture of the Ionian Islands, 1810. Lt. Col. Frederick Baron Eben appears to have taken over as Commanding Officer of de Roll's Regiment from 1811.


Following the death of John Mount in 1786, his relict Christian, nee Hyett, married secondly Robert Harris at Kingston upon Thames on 11 August 1794. She seems to have expired by 1821.

At the time of her marriage Mary Pate may not have been aware that Baron de Roll had fathered a child by Mary Thompson which had been born on 3 March 1810. Robert Jean/John Arthur Baron De Roll Rienberg, son of Louis Robert Baron De Roll Rienberg, was baptised at St Mary's Church, St Marylebone Road, London, 22 June 1811. Rienberg was a chateau owned by the de Roll family in Soleure.

In the church-yard of St Lawrence, Bidborough, Kent, is a sarcophagus to the memory of Baron de Roll, inscribed, at one end,
'Louis Robert, Baron de Roll, de Emmenholz in the Canton of Soleure, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Knight of the Military Order of St. Louis, Adjutant General to his Royal Highness Monsieur Count D'Artois, Major General and Colonel of De Roll's Swiss Regiment, in his Britannic Majesty's service, died at Great Bounds, in this parish, Aug. 27th, 1813, aged 64'.
De Roll's will provided for natural his son to be surrendered into the care of his relict, Mary, at the age of 4 but it is not known what happened to the child.

Baron & Baroness de Roll had resided in a town house in Upper Grosvenor Street, London, and Mary occupied number 48 from 1820-1822. Baroness de Roll subsequently held a 'Surrey seat' - Losterford House/Manor, Wonersh, Guildford, being enumerated there in 1841 with 5 servants.

Monument in Shere Church

'In Memory of Edmund Shallet Lomax, esq., of Netley, eldest son of Caleb Lomax, esq., of Childwick Bury in Herts. He was born Nov. 9th, 1754, and died February 17th, 1839; affectionately regretted by his family and friends, to whom his society was rendered delightful by his amiable temper, lively wit, and cultivated mind. Whilst a student at St. John's College, Oxford, he inherited the Estates of his grandfather, Edmund Shallet, esq., of Sutton Place, in this parish.

Sacred also to the memory of his Widow, Catherine Frances, (eldest daughter of William Pate, of Epsom, esq.), who, humbly relying on the merits of her Saviour, departed this life July 24th, 1841, in her 84th year'
Mary, Baroness de Roll from Netley Place, Shere, was also interred at Shere, 14 December 1843, aged 85 [Reg Guildford 12/1843]. Her Will dated 17 Aug 1841 of Losterford House, Wonersh, widow, was proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on 9 February 1844.

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