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Are you interested in local or family history?

Do you enjoy working with historic documents?

Do you enjoy research?

Would you like to help make local history available to the public?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then why not become a volunteer with the Epsom & Ewell Local & Family History Centre. It is based in the Bourne Hall Library in Ewell. Volunteers are needed to help with various projects and to provide an enquiry service. Some projects are largely research based and can be done at home to fit in with your own schedule. Others are based at the Centre e.g. transcribing or indexing documents, or cataloguing and sorting items. Some projects are "hands on" and require a certain amount of mobility e.g. going round a cemetery recording details from gravestones, or photographing old buildings or objects of interest. Training and support will be given. If you would like to get involved there is a volunteer form on the Centre's website (Opens in a new window) or drop in to the Centre and have a chat with one of their volunteers.

Epsom and Ewell History Explorer (EEHE), the group that runs this website, is also looking for volunteers to research and write short articles on almost any local history topic from how a road got its name, to a local person of note, or an historic local building. You don't have to know anything about computers or the internet as Peter our Webmaster will turn your contribution into web pages and put them on the website. So contact Peter today if you would like to help us with this website.

Click here for a list of topics, or here for a list of people you could research.

Census Project
Census Project