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The following was taken from the Parish Magazine dated November 1921.:

WAR MEMORIAL. Perhaps the most compelling thought that came to the minds of those present at the unveiling of the Ewell War Memorial was the appropriateness of the form which the memorial took. We were there first as individuals, in the hope of feeling a little nearer to those we are so often tempted to think of as lost to us, and we were there as a community to remember with gratitude the gift to humanity made by all those whose names are inscribed on that Roll of Honour, and to leave to posterity a lasting symbol of the undying determination of this generation to right the wrong at whatever cost. How, then could we better express the beautiful simplicity of the spirit in which our men willingly gave up all and made the greatest of all sacrifices, than by such a beautiful and simple Garden of Remembrance? To what more fitting place can we come when we wish to hold silent communion with our own who are gone? How could we better have expressed our gratitude than by the uniting of all ranks, all parties, and all creeds, in one common act and service of thanksgiving; and what better symbol could we leave to future generations than this stone, hallowed by the blessing of God, to which we can lead them when we hand on to them the burden, imposed on all humanity, of suffering gladly for the right. Last thought of all is this, that of those to whom this memorial is raised it is most surely true that they have lighted a candle which by the grace of God shall never be put out.