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The following was taken from the Parish Magazine dated November 1922. It is a letter from the vicar W.O.W. Edwards inviting ex-servicemen to attend a "Day of Remembrance" on Sunday November 5th 1922:

My Dear Comrades,
I am glad I can use the word "Comrades," because I shared your difficulties, hardships and danger for over two years in France and Italy during the terrible time of war. Doesn't it seem ages since our hearts bounded when the message came through that the Armistice was signed, and since we returned to our loved ones in "Blighty"? Yes! Time flies, and we are beginning to forget! There are some things we are only too glad to forget; but there are things we should remember, and there are comrades whose names and deeds should ever live in our memories, so I am arranging for a "Day of Remembrance" to be held in our Parish on Sunday, November 5th, and I trust such a day will be observed every year on the Sunday before the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice "lest we forget." Let us all, as one man, set apart that day for Remembrance, and for Prayer and Praise. Particularly for:--
(1) Remembering the dear brave lads who answered the Great Call and who didn't come back. Thanking god that they were counted worthy to pay the supreme sacrifice; and praying for those who still mourn and sigh as they gaze through their tears at the empty chairs.
(2) Uniting once more in gratitude to God that our lives were spared, and endeavouring by our sympathy and help to assist and encourage our Comrades who are maimed, and broken in health, for alas! There are still to be seen many Comrades on crutches and in chairs, and many in Hospital Blue.

Having these thoughts in our minds, I cordially invite all of you to come and line up outside the Boys' School at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, the 5th November; and wearing your medals or ribbons, to join in the procession, which will be drawn up in the following order:--

Ewell Brass Band.
Parish Councillors.
Choir and Clergy in robes.
Ex-Service men (led by Capt. F. Bowring).
Fire Brigade in uniform.
Members of Old Boys' Association.
Boy Scouts.
The route will be up Church Street to the Parish Church, in which there will be a short service with a brief address. After the service, wreaths will be placed on the War Memorial in the Church-yard the shrine in Church Street and The Old Boys' Memorial in the school. At each of these memorials, a hymn will be sung, led by the Band, and short addresses given at the War Memorial by two Service men; at the shrine by two Parish Councillors; and at the School by a representative of the Old Boys' association.      I feel confident you will appreciate this opportunity, and the idea of having an annual Day of Remembrance; and I know you will turn up in large numbers at 3 o'clock. Please bring your friends, and also wreaths, and your hymn books. I hope you will also make an effort to attend the other Services in Church on that day, especially the 8 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. The seats in the Centre Aisle of the Church will be reserved in the afternoon for those taking part in the procession.
     Wishing you God's blessing, and the best of health and happiness,
          Yours very sincerely W.O.W Edwards Hon. C.F.

*     *     *     *

It is hoped that a large congregation will attend the 3 o'clock Service on Remembrance Day (Nov. 5th) and follow the procession to the war Memorials. There will not be a collection in Church at this service, but an opportunity will be given us to contribute to Lord Haig's admirable fund for Ex-Service men by purchasing a poppy from one of our Lady Collectors on Armistice Day, November 11th.