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The following was taken from the Parish Magazine dated December 1922:

My dear people of Ewell,
     It will be a long while before we forget Sunday afternoon, Nov. 5th, when nearly all Ewell turned out to take part in the fine procession , the reverent Service in Church, and the impressive ceremonies at the War Memorials in memory of the dear lads from our village who fell in the Great War - it was thrilling! And I must say I was very proud of Ewell and its inhabitants, and I am sure you felt proud too. I intended to write a full account of the proceedings, but, thanks to the Reporter for The Epsom Herald, I need not do so, as the Herald of Nov. 10th very kindly gave such a vivid description of the proceedings, and verbatim reports of my address in the Church and the excellent speeches delivered at the memorials by Capt. Bowring, Fireman George Stone, Sir Arthur Glyn, Bart., Mr A.D. Henderson and Mr George Powley, all of whom spoke eloquently and gave some suitable words of comfort and good advice which we will do well to remember. If you have not read the account in the Epsom Herald try to get hold of a copy. The opening words of its two columns' report are as follows:--
     "Sunday, November 5th, 1922, will long be remembered as the day which saw the deep moving spirit of Ewell, saw the well-to-do of its inhabitants as well as the poorest, saw old and infirm as well as the quite young children, assemble to take part in proceedings which were a touching manifestation of the feeling of loving gratitude and remembrance entertained towards the Sons of the Parish, who even unto death gave all they had to give for the cause of righteousness during the great and memorable period in the world's history - 1914-1918. Never has Ewell Church been so crowded as it was on Sunday afternoon. Every part of the building including the gallery, so rarely used, was occupied, and many persons anxious to enter the Church were unable to do so."
     May I take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful way in which you responded to the call of duty. You all came and did what you could to show your gratitude to everyone who joined up. From the depths of your heart you said "Thank you" to the men who fell, and to the men who were spared. From your hearts you prayed for the living and the dead. Those prayers and thanks came from the Rich and Poor, from Old and young-----they came from the Ringers in the Belfry as they rang the muffled peal-----they came from the Band, the Organ and Choir as they lead the singing of the hymns-----they came in unison from the vast concourse, and the long procession representing every branch of work and thought and every useful organisation in our village life. We view the procession afresh. The Band, Parish Councillors, The Choir, The Vicar and The Rev. E.E. Cleal (Congregational) walking side by side, the Churchwardens, the Ex-service Men, Fire Brigade, Members of The Old Boys' Association and the Boy scouts! Thanksgiving and Prayer indeed sprang from hearts in tune, from Souls in Unison, That was the joy and beauty of it all-----UNITY! Never a thought about class distinction! Never a thought about differences in religious belief! "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity!" We shall, I know, look forward, year by year, to this united gathering; and pray, as we think of the Heroes in this world and the next, "God bless them all." Shall we also make it a kind of preparation for Christmas which proclaims its glad message to the World of "Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace, goodwill towards men." May every one of us in Ewell do what we can to make these angelic words a blessed reality. In conclusion, let me wish you all from the bottom of my heart a very happy Christmas.
     Your faithful friend and Vicar
          W.O.W. Edwards.


On Armistice Day (Nov. 11th), a short service was held in Church, and then the Vicar and Congregation assembled at the war Memorial for the two minutes' silence; after which a lovely wreath was placed at the foot of the memorial by Mrs Page. Just as Ewell did not forget its Fallen Heroes on Nov. 5th, neither did it forget on Armistice Day the Heroes who lived to suffer. Many Ladies were busy all day selling Poppies for earl Haig's Fund for Ex-Service Men; and other Ladies arranged various entertainments for the same worthy object. The result was that £102 0s. 1d. was collected for the Fund. Well done Organisers! The details of the amounts collected are as follows:--

By sale of Poppies:--
L. s. d.
Part of North Cheam and Worcester Park 2 0 6
              West Ewell
Mrs. Jones 2 19
Miss Keatch 12