Christ Church War Memorial
Christ Church War Memorial

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Christ Church Great War memorial was unveiled on Sunday 17 October 1920. The Epsom Advertiser dated 22 October 1920 printed the following:


   In honour of the members of the parish of Christ Church, Epsom, who fell in the war a memorial was dedicated by the Bishop of Guildford after the usual evening service on Sunday.    The memorial, costing 1,000, (approximately 38,000 in 2014) is a chapel into which the north transept formerly used by the congregation when necessary has been converted. An altar has been erected, and in the reredos at the back are three large panels. The work has not been completed but in the central panel a symbolic picture is to be set, while the panel on either side will contain the names of the fallen parishioners -- 57 in all. The whole is of oak, and above each of the outside panels is the inscription:--
THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918
   As the reredos hides the stone tablet provided by Lord Rosebery in memory of the Hon. Neil Primrose the tablet is to be removed, but it has not been decided in which part of the church it will be placed.
   There have been many memorial gifts to the chapel, including the altar, marble sanctuary flooring, reredos, panels, cross, candlesticks, credence table, service book, book rest, and sanctuary lamps, one being from Mr. G. Good, organist, in honour of members of his choir, and another from the Post Office staff as a tribute to one of their colleagues.
   At the service special seats were reserved for relatives and ex-service men, the latter having marched to the church behind the Comrades' band, and the congregation remained standing while Mr. Good played very impressively a requiem by Mackenzie.
   The Bishop, the Vicar (the Rev. H.A. Bowles), and the Rev. H.P. Metcalfe, accompanied by the churchwardens, went to the entrance of the chapel, and special prayers were said and sung, after which the Bishop entered the pulpit.
   His sermon was on the meaning of the memorial, not only from the present, but the future, when the story of the gallantry and noble sacrifice of their men would be retold to the young men and maidens who would worship there. He welcomed that opportunity of taking a humble part in that tribute of respect and gratitude to the men to whom they owed so much. Their first thought must be one of praise and thanksgiving for deliverance from the war. Their country was richly blessed, but that richness was not measured by the beauty of the landscape, nor in the history of prestige or the country, but in the human character. In the hour of the nation's gravest peril men gave themselves without stint. They came from all parts of the country, giving up everything and leaving all behind in answer to the call. To some extent they knew what was before them, but they met death oftimes with a smile on their face and a cheer on their lips. They were apt sometimes to despair of a country, but could not they ever despair of a country for which men had thought it worth while to pay such a price?
   That memorial would remind them of gallantry, heroism and supreme devotion, and they must remember the men in whose honour it had been erected not as they were but as they are.

Memorial Summary

Address of Memorial : Christ Church, Epsom Common, Christ Church Road, EPSOM KT19 8NE
Location of Memorial : Within the church, which is in Christ Church Road between Horton Lane and Stamford Green Road
OS Map Ref : TQ195608
Type : Wooden Panels
Physical Description : Names are carved in wooden panels on a piece of church furniture.
Number of Names : 57
Access : Restricted as subject to church opening hours and church services.
UKNIWM Reference : Not currently listed

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