Ewell Old Boys
Ewell Old Boys War Memorial
Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert 2011

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Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert 2011
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Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert 2011


All old scholars and teachers, past and present, of Ewell Boys' School were eligible for membership of the 'Ewell Old Boys' Association'. The stated object of the Association was to unite in a bond of friendship all who are, or have been at any time connected with Ewell Boys' School as teacher or scholar.

The memorial to the 'Old Boys' who fell in the war was unveiled on Wednesday 12 May 1920 by Mr. W. Melmoth Walters.

William Melmoth WALTERS

The Epsom Advertiser dated 14 May 1920 printed the following:

The day did not pass without a thought for the Ewell men who fell in the war, and in addition to a wreath being placed at the old watch house, where there is a stone tablet in their memory, a memorial tablet, containing the names of all the members of the association who made the supreme sacrifice, was unveiled by Mr. Melmoth Walters (the senior school manager) in the schoolroom before the concert was proceeded with.
   This memorial is a solid oak tablet with a raised centre piece containing the names and regiments of the men, at the head of the words 'These died that you might live'. At the top is a laurel wreath with the title of the association in the centre of it.
   A large Union Jack hung in front of the tablet, and the ceremony of unveiling was particularly sad and affecting. Widows and bereaved parents were present, and tears that brave hearts strove hard to restrain forced their way when a bugler sounded the 'Last Post'.
   Both Mr. Glyn and Mr. Walters, who, it is interesting to note, attended the opening of the school 59 years ago, spoke of the unselfishness of the men who laid down their lives for their country, and of the noble example they had set the rising generations.

Memorial Summary

Address of Memorial : Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell, EPSOM KT17 1UF
Location of Memorial : On wall in Bourne Hall Museum
OS Map Ref : TQ218627
Type : Wooden Tablet
Physical Description : Large rectangular wooden Tablet with painted names
Number of Names : 58
Access : Restricted to Museum Opening Hours
UKNIWM Reference : (not listed)