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The Memorial in 1924
The memorial in 1924.
1924 image courtesy of Surrey Libraries and is held in the
Epsom & Ewell Local And Family History Centre Collection (Links open in new windows)

Click on a name Ayling, W Baker, GE Benger, FJ (Brothers) Benger, WJ (Brothers) Blanchett, PT Bowman, ET Brook, FC Budd, GHW Butcher, HE Channell, W Childs, J Church JW Clark, E Clark, CS Clark, R Cook, RS Cook, H Cook, WC Cooper, E Elson, W Faber, CV Fenner, TW Garman, P Gaunt, G Gladman, J Glover, A Godden, EW Goodship, SW Goodship, CD Hampton, JL (Brothers) Hampton, W (Brothers) Harlow, WR Harman, WA Hemming, EG Higgins, M Hodgson, W Imber, AC Jones, GA Larby, CE Long, FC
Click on a name Mace, JM Mason, I Milnes, D Muspratt, AG Neville, E Newman, VH Oldridge, J Parker, AE Parker, F Pearce, EJ Pearson, FO Penson, HL Petchey, JW Peters, JE Poplett, WH Powell, E Powley, EG Reynard, HC Roote, WA Savage, GH Scott, JM Searle, GH Smith, W Snook, W Sparrow, H Stripp, WG Sutton, HM Sycamore, AE Tester, J Tinker, WT Tomsett, GH Tuppen, AJH Walker, PJ Ward, UW Warr,TE Whiskerd, G Williams, H Willis, E Willis, R Wimhurst, C Wood, RL YoungAG
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Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert 2007

The main memorial in Ewell is in St. Mary's Churchyard. However, before the memorial in the churchyard was built, a shrine to the fallen had already been erected as early as 15 April 1917. It was first attached to the Watch House and subsequently moved to the Dipping Well outside Bourne Hall. On 28 May 1919 the Parish Council discussed the question of a memorial for the village, when it was agreed that a meeting of the Parish be called. I have been unable to find any record of the meeting.

However, it was not until early in 1921 that the erection of a memorial in the Churchyard had been authorised by the Chancellor of the Diocese. By March 1921 work had been started by Messrs Goodship and Saunders, and was expected to be finished by the end of April. The total cost was about £ 700, and at that time £ 100 was still required. The Parish magazine asked those who had not yet donated to do so, payments to be made to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr Masters at Bank House.

The final payment for the memorial of £ 38 was not made until April 1923. Mr R.B. Jacomb, Chairman of the War Memorial Committee wrote to Mr Masters at The Bank House asking how much was still outstanding, in order that he might send a cheque for the shortfall. He also commented on the poor financial response from the inhabitants of Ewell with regard to funding the memorial.

Six men, Walter Hampton, William Abraham Harman, William Richard Harlow, William Hodgson, George Albert Jones and Alfred George Muspratt are buried in the Churchyard as well as being commemorated on the memorial.

The memorial bears the names of 82 men, and with the exception of Alfred George Muspratt and George Henry Gwilliam Tomsett all appear on the Bourne Hall Dipping Well Memorial. Also 44 appear on the Ewell School Old Boys Memorial, which now hangs in Bourne Hall Museum.

The numbers of men killed in each year of the war, shown below, reflects the National experience, each year of the war becoming deadlier, with the greatest loss of life in 1918.

1914=1;   1915=12;   1916=19;   1917=20;   1918=28;    1919=2.

  • The average age of the men was just over 27.
  • Most were 'other ranks', although seven were officers when they died. Interestingly all the officers except Ernest Willis started their military careers in the ranks.
  • The youngest were Isaac Newton Mason and Edward Clark both aged 17.
  • The oldest was George Henry Warner Budd aged 41.
  • There were five sets of brothers. Benger, Clark R & E, Cook RB & HJ, Hampton and Willis.
  • Four were awarded the Military Medal.
  • The majority 60 died in France and Flanders.
The population of Ewell in 1911 was 3,897, so 82 would represent just over 2% of the population, but was probably nearer 10% of the young male population.

The memorial makes reference to 1939-1945, and close inspection will reveal that alterations have been made to the stone to add 1939-1945. However there are NO names from the Second World War recorded on the memorial, these are kept in a Book of Remembrance at the Town Hall.

Panel showing alteration to include 1939-1945
Panel showing alteration to include 1939-1945

The Memorial in St Mary's Churchyard Ewell in 2006
The Memorial in St Mary's Churchyard Ewell in 2006

The memorial was unveiled on the afternoon of Wednesday 27th July 1921. A transcript of the unveiling and dedication printed in the Friday July 29th edition of the Epsom Advertiser can be read at Appendix 1.

The Parish Magazine of November 1921 also makes reference to the unveiling, the full text of which can be read at Appendix 2.

Appendix 3 has an extract from the Parish Magazine dated November 1922. A letter from the vicar W.O.W. Edwards inviting ex-servicemen to attend a "Day of Remembrance".

Appendix 4 has an extract from the Parish Magazine dated December 1922 referring to remembrance ceremony that took place on Sunday November 5th 1922.

Remembrance Day 11 November 2007
Remembrance Day 11 November 2007