1913 Map of West Ewell showing the location of some of the soldiers who died in the First World War

Click on the red text to get their background details, alternatively click on the name in the Key to Names section.

West Ewell map. For details click on the red text, or on the name in the Key to Names section. Hemming EG Scott JM Glover A Imber A Young AG Whiskerd G Cooper E Tuppen AJ Mace JM Oldridge JA Mason IN Neville E Milnes D Gaunt G Walker PJ Higgins M Childs J Reynard HC Cook H Cook K Parker A Hopkins E Smith W Butcher HE Harman WA

Key to Names

Butcher HE
Childs J
Cook H
Cook K
Cooper E
Gaunt G
Glover A
Harman WA
Hemming EG
Higgins M
Hopkins E
Imber A
Mace JM
Mason IN
Milnes D
Neville E
Oldridge JA
Parker A
Reynard HC
Scott JM
Smith W
Tuppen AJ
Walker PJ
Whiskerd G
Young AG